Seedling/ Sapling care & transplanting for Moringa Oliefera


  1. What is the best soil mix to germinate seeds and grow the saplings of Moringa.
  2. I read online that coco peat shouldn’t be used to germinate as it hinders root growth is this true?? if so any particular reason?
  3. Any bio fertilizer or homemade nutrient solution to feed saplings.
  4. Why do people wait for 30 days to transplant moringa, Cant it be done at 10-15 cm height?? because i did the transplant at 10-15 cms and all my moringa plants on my terrace are above 35 inches for sure and 2 trees have crossed 2 ft height in just 28 days. So my question is why nursery people give you seeds after 30 days or suggest to transplant after 30 days.

Much appreciated for your time and response. This is my first time cultivating moringa on land so just curious about all the information and process to grow naturally.


Hi, There is a superb writeup by Ramu on this forum and a lof of other folks have also shared their best practices. I would recommend a quick search and read of the recommendations.

Hello, You seem to be referring to this link on the forum here: Essentials of moringa farming in india