Essentials of moringa farming in india

To clarify doubts of many hundred drumstick farmers from Odhisa and MP who keep calling me over phone , I write this post .

  1. Avoid sowing moringa seeds in clay soil , during heavy rain , excessively wet soil .
    2.Ensure drainage , choose any well drained soil , weed free cultivation in early stage
    3.Pinch off growing point of central stem in about 60 days after sowing seeds when plants are about 75 cms height .
    4.In case of drip irrigation 4 lit water per tree per day is enough
    5.Always sow 2-3 treated seeds per hill in problem area and retain 1 or 2 strong plants and remove weak or poorly germinated plants in one month after sowing .
    6.Spray panchagavya @3% or GA3 hormone@20 ppm in about 90 days after sowing to induce heavy flowering in moringa .
  2. Spray neem oil @ 5 ml in one lit water or emamectin benzoate @0.5 ml in one lit water as preventive spray against pod fly or leaf caterpillar
  3. Where rainfed cultivation is followed ,use only ODC 3 moringa variety
    9.Direct seeding is always better preferred to transplanting of germinated potted seedlings
  4. Use more seed rate in problem soil and optimum seed rate in normal soil
    11.where soil is cleyey , irrigation at wide frequency is advisable
  5. Avoid urea after 90 days .