Rain gun irrigation



I have 3HP pump bore pump and my output is 200L in 2.5min means  80L per minute.

How should I calculate  pressure KGS?

In this article, its mentioned to have minimum 2.5 KGS pressure to operate raingun and repeatedly mentioed min 5HP motor.

I am wondering if I can use the rain gun mentioned in this article.

I have 2 acre land with flood based irrigation. Currently its labour intensive and insuffucient water

I am thinking whether I should use sprinkler/micro sprinkler/rain gun?



Dear Mr Rajashekar
I too not measured the pressure, but I am sure the minimum 2.5 kg per square pressure is available in 5HP pump with 2inch dia delivery pipe. Best is 7HP pump. It is not achievable in 3HP pump. If you have borewell, then the pump shall be multistage type.


Dear Vasudevan,

Thanks for sharing this info. I think it would be most useful if you can provide more details on how you installed it, the field coverage, cost etc. Some pictures will be great too.

[/quote] Sir Can U use hose pipe(usually use for fire extingisher) for Rain Gun to connect from main pipe line…?




sir can we use  hose pipe (normally used for fire extingisher ) for connecting rain gun to main pipe line.
because it is flexible and easy to handle…



Dear Mr RDP
I am sorry for my delayed mail. Hose pipes can not withstand such a high pressure (here it is 2kg/sqcm minimum).
HDPE pipes are the best .



Can someone let me know which among following Rain Guns to purchase and why?

  1. Italian RainGun : Skipper/Hidra by Vedanta Agro
  2. Varsh by Severals
  3. 140 Plus by Jain Irrigation
  4. Penguin by Thumba Agro

I need a Rain Gun to run on lower pressure as I intend to run it on a Diesel Engine.



Dear All,

Kindly let me know,to grow maize crop is this raingun sprinkler system would help?if so kidly let me know the best dealers with best price.
HDPE pipes are more costly than the PVC pipe.Is this can be made with PVC pipes?


Dear Shesha

HDPE or PVC the water carrier should be rated for pressure enough to withstand the expected flow of water at a high velocity.

So the selection would be based on;

A) Volume of the flow
B) Pressure rating of the rainguns nozzle

There are great quality brass rain gun mfrs around. Discussing in detail would clear all your doubts.



dear Kumar,

I want to know in detail since i did not get you.
What would be the cost involved if I am using 1/12" pipe? raingun can it be linked to PVC pipes?


Every rain gun will need to be supplied with water at a particular pressure “X”, in order for the water to be sprayed over the rated coverage area.

This X, would be based on various parameters and any pipe, HDPE or PVC should be rated to withstand any pressure above or equal to X. In high pressure applications, PVC since not durable is not preferred over HDPE (rated for higher KG).

Mostly sprinklers are connected to PVC pipes and not rain guns.

But if you are having a rain gun for which input pressure is less than the PVC pipe’s rated pressure, yes only in this case you can use PVC pipes with rain guns.



We have a bore at a depth of 850ft and good output.
Which will be cost effective to grow maize.sprinkler with PVC or raingun with HDPE.
I found HDPE is double rate than PVC pipe


There is more than one issue here.

@ 850ft, you would need a min or 20hp pump, that will put out the required operating pressure for a direct rain gun or a 12.5hp for sprinkler system feed.

Do you have a tank or a pond? If yes put a lower capacity motor say 7.5hp, pump the water from borewell to the tank and using a 7.5hp tank motor you can rain gun feed or using a 5hp tank motor you can sprinkler feed.

I advise you to talk with the service provider, as there are lot of variables involved.

But having said that, PVC is sufficient for sprinkler irrigation system as operating pressure required is much lower.


I am installing 2 big storage tanks 5000Ltrs. From there I have planned to take the pipe connections. If I use PVC pipe and sprinkler system,then also pupm is requd? how many sprinkelers are to be used for 5 ahres?


Yes. You do need a pump to generate the flow at required operating pressure as gravity based system would not be sufficient to generate such high pressure. A Typical 25m dia sprinkler requires around 4 kg/cm2 i.e 57 psi. To generate a flow @ 57 psi you need a vertical head of 40m meaning the tank should be this high + pressure loss along the distribution to generate the required pressure.

Selection of sprinklers and no of them would depend on

A)Diameter of the coverage area ; typically a srpinkler should be able to cover a diameter of 20 m to 25 m.
B)As the diamater of the coverage area increases the pressure required also increases, meaning the pressure required for a 20m dia sprinkler would be less than that of 25 m
C)Spacing of the sprinklers ; most mfrs offer sprinklers supporting upto 14m lateral spacing

I, again recommend you to seek professional help.




I have the below status right now.
Water uis coming at a depth of 790FT.
Its getting lifted from 7.5HP motor,output is 2".
Now first i will store the water to 2 big tanks.
from there I will take a new connection through PVC pipe,and spread by sprinkler or rain gun system. For this to run I need a motor to support the sprinkler or rain gun pressure to distribute the area right? For this what should be the capacity?
If I am using 2" as a main pipe and from there 11/2" bypass to sprinkler in between the land,is this ok.
Please let me know


Unless your tanks are roughly 40 or 50m high the pressure would not be sufficient for the sprinklers.

Considering the imperative need for having the motor;Here’s my recommendation

Go for a sprinkler setup (Jain’s Setup attached & Modified as per your requirements.Image Courtesy: www.jains.com)

Connect a booster pump  to the tanks that can generate 4 Kg/cm2 atleast as this is required for 427G AG / 427B AG model sprinkler head units.

Each sprinkler shown in the drawing can cover a dia of 26m so plan your spacing accordingly.

And also, again, PVC or HDPE, as long as the pipe can handle this 4 kg/cm2 pressure you can use either of them.FYI, Jains 50mm i.e 2" PVC 25mm thick pipe can only handle 4 kg/cm2 or > pressure, as is common with other mfrs. A 10kg HDPE will be way more than sufficient and this is why we recommend HDPE as 50mm PVC of 25mm thickness is very very costly when compared to HDPE 10Kg. Hope this clarifies.



Dear Saravana,

I got your point.
Thank you so much.


Dear Vasudevan Sir,

My humble request. Please post the picture of the custom made rain gun stand. Is it adjustable to suit the varying height of different crops with minimum vibration?

Thanks & Regards
Guru Prasad


Dear Vasudevan Sir,

My humble request. Please post the picture of the custom made rain gun stand. Is it adjustable to suit the varying height of different crops with minimum vibration?

Thanks & Regards
Guru Prasad


Please find Vedant SIME Raingun stand picture attached.

Portable trolley stand having 1.5 inch riser pipe and poly wheels –
For mounting Rain-gun at one meter height and providing flexibility in moving Rain Guns

  Quick-fit accessories – To install Rain Guns setup quickly and smoothly
Stand to RainGun Male/Female quick fit connector assembly - for quick positioning of RainGun on the trolley stand. It helps in preventing the wear and tear of rainguns joints caused by frequent installation / dismantling
Stand to Lateral line pipe quick fit connector- for connecting stand to HDPE sprinkler supply pipes
HDPE pipe fittings- like PCN, Portable Bend, End plugs etc are used to join the HDPE pipes to the outlet of main pipeline.

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Mobile: +91 9823042260 |  vedantirrigation@gmail.com