Rain gun irrigation


Rain guns cover more area than sprinklers. Generally each sprinkler covers 4 to 5 cents of area. In case of rain guns it varies from 20 cents to 30 cents also. It depends on the size of the raingun we are using.
Main advantage of using rain guns over sprinklers is less time and less labour required for shifting sprinkler/rain gun one area to another area of our irrigation plot.


hi friendsā€¦

i am new for this ā€¦

i haveĀ  1 acrea land in coconut plantation already have in this landĀ  i was inter plantation doneĀ  CO4 Grass for cows ā€¦

so i need to rain run for water supply to CO4 Plantsā€¦

kindly suggest to which one is suitable for my landā€¦Ā 


Sir i own 10 acres of land. I want to construct farmpond . What size pond should be to irrigate 10 acres of land for crops like groundnut,bengal gram with rain guns


what is the water quantity required for 1 acre


it depends on the crop you cultivate