Queries on government subsidy schemes in animal husbandry sector


sir i m going to bank for loan but they reply that this time no loan quota from nabard…sir i want to know about the next quota detail from nabard…


Hi All,

I’m planning to set up a dairy farm in Kancheepuram,Tamil Nadu where the temperature is between 25-32 degree celsius.
We have visited few dairy farms in and around Kancheepuram which are running by Jersey cows which are brought Karur,Tamil
Nadu.The temparature in Karur varies from 24-31 degree celsius.This is for second lactation cow.My queries are…

1.The dairy farm owner said the milk yield has dropped by 5 litres/day when they were brought to Kancheepuram.(33% drop)
Does temparture affect milk yield in cows?The feed he was giving was 25 Kg green fodder and concnetrate feed 5 kg for a 10 litre cow.

2.He has witnessed the peak milk yield during first four months and the peak yield was 10 litres.From fifth month onwards it has started declining by 15%.
5 month yield was 8.5 litres,6th month was 7 litres,8 month yield was  4 litres and 10th month yield was 1.5 litres.
If i add up the yields it is coming to 2000 litres during second lactation.I heard a normal jersey cow yields 4000-4500 litres in a lacation.

Experts please share your thoughts on this.

Thanks All.



even now also there is subsidy for cattle and poultry.


Dear Sir,
            My name is Shivaraj Patil,residing at Hubli,Karnataka. Currently i am working with a pharma company as a sales representative.
I am very much interested to start Dairy farming. But i dont have my own land to start up the farming. Can i take land for lease  over a period of around 5 years, and bank will provide loan for the same or not… Please assist…

Thanks & Regards,
Shivaraj Patil


Dear All
Suffix EDEG has been added to some animal husbandry schemes of Government of India  such as  Poultry Venture Capital Fund (PVCF), Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits (IDSRR), and Pig Development Scheme. Since these schemes were popular during XI Plan, the names of these credit linked activity has  not be changed to avoid confusion among beneficiaries and bankers. However, the suffix EDEG has been added to indicate that these are part of the XII pan. For example PVCF will now be called as PVCF-EDEG. New names of the old schemes are given bellow
a.Poultry Venture Capital Fund (PVCF-EDEG)
b. Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits (IDSRR-EDEG)
c. Pig Development (PigD-EDEG)
d. Salvaging of Male Buffalo Calves (SMBC-EDEG)


.Loan under scheme Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits (IDSRR-EDEG)
Dear Mr.Anand
I have received your message sent via farmnest.com. State animal husbandry department is the facilitator for  Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits (IDSRR-EDEG). You can contact local veterinary officer of your block/ Municipality for the purpose. Concerned Officer will forward your loan application to your local bank.


Hi Sir,

I Lokesh,working as software engineer . i have plane to start dairy form in my village.

my villages near to Chittoor, my plane is to setup dairy with 50 cows(Indian braid ).

for grass cultivation am looking for hydroponic  methods.

kindly help me out project details and govt subsides.

note: i have 5 acres land with  BORE-WELL/TRACTOR.



Dear Mr.Lokesh
Government of India subsidy is available only for small dairy farm up to ten animal capacity  under scheme DEDS. You can  contact your local animal husbandry officer to know about state government subsidy if any for large dairy farms. Project cost for 50 animal capacity dairy farm would be about 55 lakh rupees. Cost of production is very high in hydroponic fodder cultivation. It is preferred in water scarcity areas and if  land is not available  for fodder cultivation. Since you have your own bore well, land and tractor I would advise to go for  intensive fodder cultivation instead of hydroponic.


Dear Sir,

Is it compulsory to avail loan to get subsidy ?


Dear Mr.Akthar
Far all Government of India animal husbandry subsidy schemes bank loan is essential.  “The beneficiary will have to avail bank loan to a tune of minimum 50% of project cost minus subsidy and prescribed beneficiary share”.


Is there any rule for registration of poultry farm with government?


Dear Pradhan
Commercial Poultry farms handling more than 5000 birds at a given time in a single location need to register with local bodies.
Poultry farms handling 100000 birds or more at a given time in a single location need to approach state pollution control board to obtain necessary consent for operation under  water act 1976.


Is there any detailed information about  4 New dairy sector scheme announced in budget speech of FM in 2016 budget…


There is  budget allocation of  Rs 850 crore for the below mentioned schemes
’1-Pashudhan Sanjivani’, an animal wellness programme and provision of Animal Health Cards (‘Nakul Swasthya Patra’)
2-Advanced breeding technology
3-Creation of ‘E-Pashudhan Haat’, an e market portal for connecting breeders and farmers
4- National Genomic Centre for indigenous breeds.


You would be spending more time running around banks and trying to get the scheme done . Rather my suggestion is to go in for a few cows to start with build the farm for over a year , do documentation like purchase of feed , sale of milk etc and then approach a bank . A banker might find some value in what is being done and he might be willing to listen …