Queries on government subsidy schemes in animal husbandry sector

Dear all
You might have many queries, apprehensions in mind regarding government subsidy schemes in animal husbandry sector Like DEDS, PVCF (Subsidy) etc. Please feel free to ask questions .I shall try my best to give most relevant answer.


Thank you Dr. Kar, this is helpful initiative. I am marking the topic sticky.


i like to know subsidy schemes from different departments agriculture, animal husbandry etc, available to small scale farmers - as a service to our poor farmers not know much about the facilities in this field. we, a group of people in the name "Bhoomivathukkal Society " do all we can to uplift the present path-attic condition, so that they are all withdrawing from this field and scarcity is really felt for milk and meat here so all kind of help are welcome friends

Dear kunhabdulla
I am giving two important schemes of government of India in which small farmers can be benefited
1-Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme :- under the scheme small farmer can avail loan for Establishment of small dairy units with two to ten cows & female calf rearing unit etc… They can avail subsidy 25% of the outlay (33 .33 % for SC / ST farmers, ) as back ended capital subsidy. Two cows unit with project cost of one Lakh rupees is ideal for a small farmers .As per RBI guideline there is no margin money up to one lakh. Rupees. There are many more component under the schemes Please visit sites.google.com/site/odishavet/deds for details.
2-Poultry Venture Capital Fund Subsidy :-under this scheme a small farmer can establish a small poultry farm of 1000 capacity & can avail subsidy 25% of the outlay (33 .33 % for SC / ST farmers &of north eastern states including sikkim).There are many more components under this scheme please visit sites.google.com/site/odishavet/pvcf for details. DR.A.K.KAR

Thanks for your apt response dear. can i place one more request before you please. Here neither me nor the poor farmers know how the application can be made for the same, the agency we have to approach for the same. I would like to know is there any quota in allowing this scheme among a block panchayath. i hope u will help me by clearing my queries. regards

Dear Kunhabdulla
Farmer can apply through state animal husbandry department . You can contact concerned veterinary officer of your block for the purpose. The veterinary officer will sponsor the loan application of the farmer to a nationalized bank/regional rural bank/ co-operative bank along with a project report & photograph of the farmer, copy of voter ID & copy of land record . Free project reports are available in my website sites.google.com/site/odishavet .There is no quota in block panchayat. Both small & large farmer can apply. in case any difficulty you can post a message. I shall be glad to give reply DR.A.K.KAR

Can I avail loan both for dairy farm & milking machine?

Dear SKS539
You can avail loan & subsidy both for dairy farm & milking machine but once only for each component .

Dear Dr Kar,

I am doing feasibility study for starting a dairy farm, initially with 20 HF cows (around Rs 60,000 per cow with milk yield of 20-25ltrs/day) in uttar pradesh. Total project cost is 22-25 lacs.

Will I be eligible for any subsidy? If Yes, How much I can get and please provide the process of availing the same?

If No, what is the maximum project size to get the subsidy?



I just want to know whom to contact for subsidies from govt

You are from India and if you start knowing dairy and your land.Than the nearest Bank is the place where you need to get loan and through them NABARD can give you loan on your project if it is ok for them. No govt subsidy here.

Before going forward, please not dairy is like infant baby and you should take care it as mother to infant.
Now you can think of your role to win the game.

Dairy is an ancillary activity in sustainable Agriculture. Your role should not limit only for doing dairy and do the whole agriculture for more diversified returns for life. Please note it is not monthly job and it is the job for life time at 24X7X365 without any break.

Wishing you all the best.

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Dear Mr.Rakesh
You will not be eligible for government of India subsidy. Maximum limit of dairy animals under DEDS was ten. Again DEDS scheme was effective up to 31st March 2012. I hope it will be extended very soon. However you can contact your Block Animal Husbandry Officer/ Veterinary officer for state government scheme if any. DR.A.K.KAR

Thanks doc.

For my information can you please tell what is the farmer investment + subsidy breakup in case of 10 cow scheme.

Dear Rakesh
Maximum unit size under DEDS is 10 animals & project cost is Rs 500000/-. Margin money required is 10% of the project cost.(Maximum permissible capital subsidy is Rs1.25lakh for general category & Rs 1.67 lakh for SC/ST farmers). For detail project report you can visit. odishavet.com/dairy-farming/ten-cows Dr.A.K.KAR

Dr. Kar,

If I don’t take loan for 10 cows project, how do I then go for subsidy?


Dear Avinashh
You can not avail subsidy without taking bank loan.You will have to avail minimum 40% project cost as bank loan as per deds norm. Dr.A.K.KAR

Please ref. page 5 from attached PDF. It’s from nabard site. My question, if I want to go for 50 milck animals, can I avail subsidy for other components like cooling center etc?
EngCircularNo.186.pdf (156 KB)

Yes, you can avail subsidy for all other components under the scheme but you can not get subsidy for your dairy farm. Maximum animal limit is 10 for dairy farm under DEDS. DR.A.K.KAR

sir this is sundar from tamilnadu can you please send the application for goat farm nabard subsidy (33%) for 25,00,000/- it will be so helpful to you sir


Dear Sunsar
Centrally Sponsored Scheme –“ Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits”was effective up to 31st march 2012. The scheme is not in force now. I think implementation time will be extended. How ever you can follow the link for the old scheme. odishavet.com/small-ruminant … heme DR.A.K.KAR