Proper way to trim existing trees and start a Paddy farm

Hello Community, Greetings!

We have approximate 8 year old lemon trees, want to remove and start Paddy farm.

What’s the best way to trim down the trees? Don’t want to make financial mistakes by using wrong machinaries.

Should we use JCB to pluck out the trees, push them out and then level it using leveller?

Or should we cut down trees and then use a JCB and a leveller?

Some persons suggested a leveller can push the trees out from ground without the need of JCB

Any existing farmers who had done this kind of work earlier? Any approachable step by step methods and any mistakes to avoid while doing this?

Your understanding In this regard and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you.

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hi, I am interested to know why you want a paddy. Whats wrong with the present lemon orchard?
Some details about the land topology, area and its surroundings might help.

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Wonder why you want to remove the 8 yr. old lemon trees which might be yielding in full at this age. To my understanding, lemon plantations are a high value crops and fetch maximum lease/rent amount.
Best regards, Ratna Kumar

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My suggestion is to use JCB and all plants push to one places and burning the all waste materials and soil also good nutrition development

Already I am doing that over 100 acres - it is best to use JCB


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It would be better to share the reasons to remove the 8 years’ old Lemon trees.
If the reasons are beneficial to you then according to your idea, you should use JCB to pluck out the trees, push them out and then level it using leveler.
Wish you all the best

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