How to sell Lemons?

Its typical situation.

First, they are planted because of some elders suggestion to my family, where the elders live in lemon cultivation favourable market and where majority grow the same. Where they can sell their whole produce in one go by private vendors from the farmers farm itself. Even the plants are bought from there which are very well known lemon variety developed favourable to that state environment and soil it seems.

Here, in our native, which Is actually another state.

Everyone grows Paddy here and the whole village day by day job is to take care of Paddy farms.

When we got our first major harvest, it was Corona and the whole market and transport were closed. Tried selling in mandi where they bid. The whole people who bid in Mandi seems a group of their own and we can only sell for their price. As we couldn’t sell in mandi and the whole transport was closed. We sold them to local dealers, where they pluck when they need.

I tried posting in various forums, groups, export, import for finding a buyer but 8 out of 10 people were predicting as dealers and doing scams. They made me send produce as a sample to a random address, fake id’s, photos and then trying cheating by sending their UPI qr code to send money. The transport and labour costs were a loss and efforts were burden.

Tried finding a buyer in Hyderabad by visiting various lemon buying and selling warehouses. Plucking from a farm using wagers, packing, transporting to nearby bus station and from there transporting to hyderabad by paying parcel fee was not fetching any noticeable savings.

A local dealer, seeing the produce took it for a lease earlier but he didn’t continue this year and he just takes whatever amount of lemons he needs now and no other dealers are also interested to lease but pluck whatver the amount they need on day to day basis from nearby towns.

It’s been almost 7 years, there was only expense until now without any profits. The whole village is noticing this and whenever we go out, the only word of mouth is our lemon farm and putting in more misery.

This has become a burden for the family and can’t take wait 4-5 months more for next major harvest and then again finding a buyer, putting wagers… Etc. They seem to think every person is busy taking care of their paddy farms but we waiting for harvest, buyers and doing nothing.

After a lot of discussion, the family wants to get rid of lemon plantation and just grow Paddy just like everyone else without much burden efforts and sell them directly here for whatver MSP is offered. If it’s loss, they may look for hopes next season incase of Paddy but can’t wait years in the hopes of finding a direct buyer or dealers who wants to lease.

I tried every way for finding a right buyer or manufacturer who wants lemon or even trying to make a product from them. There is 0% help from Government too. With all the expenses, couldn’t take insurance nor any schemes except the dripping system at start. I was putting hopes to my family that everything goes well but I can’t make them live anymore with this burden hearing all the village people who just wants to talk about other people problems.

So removing them and stating a Paddy farm is very quick turnaround time. So that’s it.

I hope my experience maybe a guide for someone else and will be aware of the problems when there is no market or buyers for a farming crop.

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I can understand your frustration, having seen how the traders in mandis collude against the grower.

I don’t know your location or farm extent, so am not sure of what quantities you are trying to sell. A good crop from an acre of paddy would fetch a net in the range of 15,000 - hopefully you have considered this in working out your economics.

Before you take the big step to uproot the effort of many years, why don’t you post a topic to ask how everyone sells lemons. We can all try forwarding it to farmer whatsapp/facebook groups we are part of to see if there are any more ideas anyone can offer. I see you already tried most avenues but hope you find luck in some unexplored thread.

Also saw your earlier thread:

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I am from Guntur and I work with Lemon farmers so I know the ground reality.
There are indeed challenges but not sure if it is wise to go with the crowd.
All around going the Paddy way should be the reason for you to stick to Lemon plantation/cultivation.
Here the yearly lease is upwards of INR 75,000/- going upto INR 1,25,000 per acre: also means the inherent value the produce has!!


Good info @ramsai :clap:
Worthy to check if the guys who take these on lease operate across the Telugu states or can pick up from HYD too?

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Tenali, Eluru & Guduru are few wholesale markets in A.P.

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There is no direct transport to the places mentioned above from Bodhan, Telangana. It would be lot helpful, if someone’s connects from Hyderabad so It would be possible to transport when harvest comes.

Connectivity is the key to transporting the produce and more so for Agri produce, it being perishable.
The Wholesale markets have formed so they can support the growing areas in the viscinity.
Will need to look, brother. Cant say right away where and how to transport/sell but agree that is the key aspect to handle for realizing the real value of the produce.

Hyderabad should be a great market too!! May need to check there: Dilsukhnagar market (& Mozamjahi?) and I have no much insight.