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Hi All,

I am looking for the poultry shed for long term lease in and near to hyderabad. Any one interested please contact me
Awaiting for your reply


Dear Sri Ronygon,

There are so many back yard desi cross poultry birds, both egg laying and meat production varieties are released by central poultry development organisation(CPDO), Aarey milk colony, Goregaon, mumbai-42 . you can contact them and on cost they supply you  hatchable eggs and also one day chicks, both parental and commercial.

You can contact  the Maharashtra state university authorities of  poultry . they will also have so many good variety poultry birds of country type cross breads of egg and meat type poultry birds.

In your neighbouring state Telangana, two varieties named by Rajashri and Gramapriya poultry birds are doing well with around 200 eggs laying per anum and also they reach 1,500 GMs in 12 to 18 weeks time(dual purpose). You can contact concerned officials of pvnr veterinary and animal husbandry university, Hyderabad for poultry birds.
With best wishes ,  g.p.Rao,    farmer


Gramapriya chicks can be got from Farmer Training Institute, Enathur, in Kanchipuram on ordering. they get the supply from Hosur unit. Office # is 044-27264019. We have bought 60 chicks - 1 day old for Rs. 10/- on 01/03/2016. The results are really good.
Antony Raj



Hi? Nothing is moving from long time. Country chicken have got very good demand now.


After trying all breeds of chicken i have finally chosen “Aseel”. it is being accepted as country chicken @ 230 /Kg widely. Today i have given DD for Rs. 20,000/- for my order of 500 Aseel chicks, to Madhavaram Poultry research Station. it will take 5 to 8 mts to sell them.


Hello Sir,

What was the cost of each hen. I was also looking for Aseel variety, but dropped due to high cost locally. Can you let me know further details.

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I have given it in my letter—Rs 20,000 DD for 500 1 day old chicks =
Rs 40/- each !

With regards
Antony Raj
India Engineering Exports and Imports


thank you so so much guys for all the information that i found here. i really appreciate it a lot. i see that you know these things much better than i do. could you answer some questions if i am going to have for you a bit later? should i ask them here or make a new thread? thanks!


Thanks for the reply. Do we need to go and take from them or they will send us if we pay them by DD.

Can you send me the full details of the institute selling Aseel chicks.
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Kindly go physically once to–Madhavaram poultry research
station—located in madhavaram milk colony (it is a 100 acre land). Any
on eon the road will show you the way. As usual in all Govt.
organisation it is a LONG procedure, but WORTH it.

With regards
Antony Raj
India Engineering Exports and Imports


what will be the price of month old chicks as they are quoting a bomb.


All chicks are given as 1 day olds. Aseel Rs 40, Kadaknath Rs. 50, Turkey Rs 80 etc.
First you have to tell the variety and quantity, then as per their schedule they tell the mont of delivery.


Hai, enthusiasts… Iam looking for Country chicks in Telangana region. Kindly anyone help me in this…

contact : 9573442111
mail : ram3sh.akula@gmail.com