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Hello, this topic is intended to be a compilation of practical knowledge, experiences and resources on Poultry and other bird farming so we have it all as a sticky ready reference at one place. Please feel free to add any information, links and resources that you may have.

NABARD model bankable project reports (also have some details on poultry management, pests, diseases):
Broiler: nabard.org/modelbankprojects … roiler.asp
Layer: nabard.org/modelbankprojects … _layer.asp
(also attached as pdfs just in case)
NABARD-Poultry-Broiler.pdf (331 KB)
NABARD-Poultry-Layer.pdf (373 KB)

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we are interested in design & execution of Poultry ( Layers + Broilers ) Shed only in A.P.

if any one is interested please call us at 9391012836 or email at under signed email address.

Dear all,
where can i get Giriraja variety or Rooster variety of chicken in Thane/Pune. as i want to explore my bussiness with these variety. I need 100 chicken.

i read your enquiry and i would like to know the details received from the forum.i believe that directorate of poultry of ap do supply these girija birds.pl coordinate with them.wish you luck.

Directorate of Poultry is hyderabad can supply Vanraja, Coloured Broilers and Egg laying layers only

Here are some valuable knowledge resources on Poultry farming completely free which is generally sold by professionals at 1% of the project cost

  1. Broiler 1000/batch project reports sites.google.com/site/odishavet/broiler
  2. Broiler 2000/batchproject reports sites.google.com/site/odishavet … o-thousand
  3. Broiler 3000/batch project reports sites.google.com/site/odishavet … e-thousand
  4. Broiler 4000/batch project reports sites.google.com/site/odishavet … r-thousand
  5. Broiler 5000/batch project reports sites.google.com/site/odishavet … e-thousand
  6. Broiler 10000/batch project reports sites.google.com/site/odishavet … n-thousand
  7. PVCF Subsidy sites.google.com/site/odishavet/pvcf
  8. EMU FARMING PROJECT REPORT sites.google.com/site/odishavet/emu

I have 1 acre paddy field near kalyan and I stay in Thane. I want to start either small goat farming or small poultry as I am retired now. What is contract poultry farming and its terms conditions? My knowledge in this business is zero.
Pls guide me in this regard. Mobile 9920571226

Dear Mr.Milind
I would suggest you to start a poultry farm. Government of India subsidy in form poultry venture capital fund is available for poultry farming. Free project reports are available in my website www.odishavet.com

Thanks for your reply.
Is there any poultry farm owner near Thane , mumbai who can allow me to see his poultry farm and guide for this type of farm. ( I think big farm companies will not entertain me even to enter there)

Dear Mr.Milind
Please contact local animal husbandry officers of your locality & undergo a training on poultry farming. The departmental officers will take you to poultry farms during exposure visit. Practical experience is highly essential for poultry farming. Dr.A.K.Kar www.odishavet.com

I have a simple question? Why backyard poultry is not popular for commercial production of chicken meat?

As per livestock census of 2007, there are around 26.54 crore chicks… what proportion of those were probably used for production with aim of selling in market?

Which local breeds are good to start a backyard poultry farm?

Thanks in advance

Dear Mr.Rajesh
Backyard poultry birds are not efficient converter of feed to meet that means more feed is required for production of kg of meat in comparison to broiler chicken. This is the major cause for which it is not popular for commercial meat production. Backyard poultry birds are used for dual purpose (both meat & egg). Cocks are used for meat & hens are used for egg production . These birds collect most of their food by scavenging. They are disease resistant & hardy birds .Only about 30 -50 gm of feed per bird is given per day during laying period. I would recommend vanaraja for backyard rearing.


i wanted to startup layer farming at Ranchi (Jharkhand), i have been to service industry for 8 years and finally have decided to quit and start my own venture , i would request if any one can help me out in providing a detailed project report for 50 k birds initially, i have land space of almost 3.4 acre

Nowadays, new entrants interesting in to different activities in Agriculture with their own ideas like our Rahul.
First of all full knowledge in poultry farming concept has to know to start any kind of poultry either broiler or layer, parents.
Poultry farming is more dangerous than Dairy farming in terms of production i.e feed cost and day old chicks delicate & short life which attracts so many deceases.

Feed Cost
All small farmers must depend on factory made feed for their chiks as they cannot invest heavy amounts for own production of feed and hence feed has to purchase from factories and spend towards transportation of the same to farm cost is higher rates.

Own production of poultry feed
Only rich farmers who can invest at least 2 to 5 lakhs towards feed mill and infrastructure are able to have own feed production hence small investments in poultry is ruled out.
Ingredients i.e maize rates are around Rs.1800/- in open market now and concentrate is another main ingredient for which again farmer needs to depend on factories.
If at all a farmer can try with all skills to produce their own feed for poultry, they can reduce more or of Rs.2/- for one kg feed cost. It is my own experience for broilers in the recent past.

Health management of Chicks/Birds.
Since day old chicks birds are very delicate, management of their health is more crucial and critical as the broilers required 3 rounds of medication is must starting from 7 day old.
Medication cost per bird would be around 5 Rs.5 to 10 depending on their health status.

Labour cost for poultry production.
Monthly labour charges per person would be around 10000/- per month and it can be more or less in different location.
Onther method is to give contract for care taking of chicks. Rs.1/- to 1.50 will be labour cost for chick for 40 to 45 days fro broilers.

Total production cost fro growing one bird in 40 to 45 days.
ill be around 60 Rupees fro bird.

Present market rates per kg live bird @ farm.
Poultry prices are more dangerous as they can change withing hours in a day.
In the recent past during concluded Eid festival was about 60 to 70 in Kolar District of Karnataka.
Then fluctuated rates were from Rs.35 to 55.

Construction of shed for poultry.
A chick to bird requires about 1.2 sq. ft of space, construction of shed will be around Rs.200/- for sq. meter.
Cost of construction depends on the materials using for construction of shed. Only smart farmer can utilize his best knowledge to use local freely available construction materials like stone slabs, poles, tiles, coconut leafs ets to reduce construction cost.

Considering on above facts gaining profit will be luck and only poultry manure will be the benefit at some times.

Please note that above facts are my personal experiences as I left my home and I made my 24 hour my life time in poultry shed itself to manage teh above mentioned and other activities only for poultry.

Without your personal presence the production of poultry will be very dangerous please note.

Now I challenge any farmer who is the winner in the poultry farms can come up with their economics to inform more on poultry to the members of this forum (Internet Farmers, Please do not come with web sites economical information)

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Dear Swami,

hats of dear on your knowledge in various subjects, seems you have tried and still experiencing different type of farm activities like broiler farms, diary farms…etc

your willings to share whether it is failure or success really worth to hats of. from the bottom of heart thanking you for your kindness to through light in various farm activities

from your own experience which is less risky and profitable, diary farm, broiler chicken, goat farm, agriculture farming or mix of all with an integrated farming

rajan mathew

Dear Swamy,
Very truly said. Thanks a lot for your frank opinion, based on practical and personal experience. Nothing can beat this. Dairy, poultry and similar activities demand personal and close supervision and monitoring. These activities can not be done through remote control. Better not venture into these activities if personal involvement is not possible.
Best wishes,

hi sir,ths is naveed. i need oyster shells for my chicks… im from chennai. i kno ths s nt the right place… but still… after long n tired days of searching for oyster shells ,i post it here as i hope some1 helps me… i need oyster shells as my hens lay thin shelled egg n they are not free range birds… please help…

Dear Sir,

I want to setup a broiler farm of 4000 bird at Loisingha,Balangir,Odisha.Kindly advice me the requirement of this project and pls send me the project report and financial details of the project.


I had four acre agriculture farm & I’ve started broiler farm of 7500 birds yet on 1 acre, i had taken loan from bank of Rs 1200000/- , I would like to know is their any subsidy for poultry and what is the procedure for same after establish a farm. should i take any crop remaining space of between two farm? if yes then which?