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o I’m omkar from nasik Maharashtra I’m planning to start a poltry layer farm of 10000 eggs per day. Iwant to know the cost and also is this a profitable buissness. Many of them said that its not a profitable buissness but I have interest in this. So please any having a layer farm please let me know weather its a profitable buissness or not.


I am in Odisha, India, I want to start a 10000 boiler farm. I want to Rs. 3 lakhs money and 1.42 ares land good location. But 100 meter out side the population. Please send me knowledge


I want to breed Fighter Chicken aka Aseel in Assam. Can anyone please share some tips for breeding Aseel Chickens?
Would anyone have any inputs on the Aseel Breed and the different sub breeds within the Aseel breed?

Thanks in advance

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I’m assuming you are looking at breeding this chicken as hobby and not commercial. I’ve heard the best breeds can be found in Tamil Nadu (few listings can be found on olx). Hopefully someone from that region can provide more info. Good luck with your breeding effort :slight_smile:



Thanks JV sir


Hi Everyone

I wanted to start a layer farm with White Leghorn and Rhode Island Red chicks in Maharashtra and Assam! Can anyone please guide me as to where I can get these chicks from? Are they easily available for sale in India? what kind of precautions do we need to take for these breeds?

Please do guide me and hope to hear from you all

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Atanu P Sarma


Dear atanu,
How did you zeroed in on those particular breeds, when you don’t know anything about those.
Pls don’t get offended … what I mean to say is, a little home work from your side is essential and you can depend on the forum for the rest of the things.
B t w I would like to answer some of the questions above to the best of my knowledge.
The best thing to get a basic project report on poultry, is to getting in to the office of M/s venkateshwara hatcheries p ltd. They are the pioneers of poultry industry in india and you can easily find them in every part of india. This report can be modified according to the local conditions with the help of civil eng’ or contractor.
One more thing about the institute is they run short term and long term courses on poultry from their Pune establishment.(you can search the web for full address.)
Usually shell gritt is used for the supplementation of calcium, because it is a Cheaper source.but small quantities of shell gritt is hard to get.instead, you can go for direct calcium.
Thanks and regards__ prathap.


Dear Sir
these are some of the most productiove breeds across the world. Their egg laying rates are by far the highest!
I have an existing farm of layers and hence I am not looking at inputs around feed and management. I am more interested in procurement of these breeds

Atanu Sarma


Well i am interested  to start business of Layer farms.Actually i am having 10 Acre land near Siddipet Road.well i want to start with 3 shades.In each sahde 20000 birds can accomadate easily.

i want to know the area required for 20000 birds and cost for all Automatiic Equipment.





I am interested in starting up a layer farm in UP. Could anybody help me out with details.


i need to help for layer farming how can start this any course about related.


    I am Yumnam Koklenba residing in Manipur, an MBA graduate enthusiast in poultry farming. I want to start up a poultry farm(egg laying layer), I have sufficient land to start up but I need some financial assistance. Can you please help me on formulating a project report so that I can get a loan from NABARD or any other banks.

                                                                                                Thanking You


Hi sir can any one Help I want to start poultry Layers farm in ap Kurnool I want to start intially for 5000 Birds I want construction planning engineer who can plan for shed and cages,drinkers,medicine and which breed give more Eggs compared in market and How to market my Eggs in market which chicks are good can any one provide me Project plan for layers of 5000Birds can any plz Help Me waiting for reply
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I am Hemaant Aggarwal want to start poultry farming with 3000 birds in the region of Jalore, Rajasthan can anyone help me with it. Is their any kind of subsidy or loan on poultry farming.
kindly help me out. mail id- hemaantaggarwaal@gmail.com

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Hemaant Aggarwal


Hi-Tech wall mounting chicken coop.It is a portable unit and can be easily mounted on walls. This unit can accommodate 10 chickens. The chicken coop is powder coated and has a long life . Feed and water supplying mechanism to chickens along with egg collection facility is provided in the unit. Waste collection facility is also available which ensures that the waste does not directly falls to the ground and gets scattered.
This is ideal for those who are interested in having organic and natural eggs. It will be yet another sustainable way of having ones own food at his or her own house.

Wall mounting chicken coop
Portable unit
Can accommodate 10 chickens
Powder coated- assembly structure
Egg collection facility
Water and food management options
Waste collection facilities

for details contact


Hi Sir,

Myself Manikandan. I am having 4 acre of land near sea shore ( nearly 500 metre). I want to know this place is suitable for broiler farm or not.
And please suggest which farm I can make it here.
Thank you…


Hello i also want to open  broiler farm with my friend… But i want practical knowledge… As i am from Raipur Chhattisgarh…can any one tell me where i can learn about basic things near my city or state… And want to know… Is this good to do work… With reasonable profit… And what are the problems i can face while doing my farm practice…


I have got 2 2 acre pond in Tangi, Cuttack Odisha. We have been practicing fish farming in it for over 4 years now. I want to add duckery to this unit. Can you advice me on setting up duck houses on the ponds.What breeds of duck are best suited in Odisha? Above all is there a market for ducks meat and eggs in odisha or elsewhere in the country? Is this feasible? Who to approach for5 funding and how to start?


I want to give my 2000 broiler birds for contract basis for 6 months in maharashtra then can u guid me how to do that?


I am Interested in starting a Country chicken farm for eggs near Mumbai.Please suggest the best breed giving more eggs and male can be grown for meat.