Planning an agriculture project? - get the community opinion


I have a utility land of 2 Acre ,Where i want to used it for a profitable cultivation. But here there is some problems on the land
1.This is near a hilly and jungle area.
2.There are monkey and some others animals frequently coming.
3.There is no electrification near this land.
4.There is no water reservoir near this land.
5.The soil have some red soil and some sand in it.
Now What types of plantation is successful and make huge profit in a few years?   


Resp Khirod sir, I hope you are fresher in agri. Your land extent is 2 acres and it is in a lonely,jungle place with many diadvantages. If the extent is more you can over come them with good investment.Since the land is small,not advisable to spend more money.

I advise you to start at  a nearby land and after gaining good knowledgeand grip on agri, you can start in said land. If you are an experienced farmer, i need not not tell you all.

All the best to you ,  g.p.rao,…farmer


Thank you Bhayya,
The things essentially required for Farming are not avilable in your Land. It is better to Plant Malabar Neem on Rainfed whenever rain is there. This is only be the alternative and you can get a GOOD income after 6 Years and is MAINTENANCE  FREE.

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I am having 15 acres of land in Meerut ( UP ), Climate is humid sub tropical. In winters it gows till 5 degree and in summers ut goes till 45. The place is very near to delhi ( 65 km ). My father is doing sugare cane farming allready. We have a electricity connection and we also have conectivity of tar road.

My plan is to start a polyhouse project and grow vegitables or flowers.

Guys please suggest me what shall i do, shall i start the polyhouse project or shall i do open cultivation for the 1 or 2 year. And what all crops can i grow here fir best results.

Any farmer near my place who is allready doing please contact me so that i can get in touch.

I am also interested in organic farming. So please suggest how and what to do, because i am confused how and where to start.



Have you started farming?
What is the progress?