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Dear Chandra,
Very Good Initiative:
I’m very new to farming except for doing it for 2-3yrs on my rooftop with different veggies.

Now I have identified a plain land of one acre (leased out land) and want to do vegetable cultivation (intercrop along with banana plaintains. I’m only interested in chemical free farming and want to depend on cow dung, cow unrine and other naturally available items for fertiliser and pesticides.

Can you please advice how should I start preparing the land and plan the crop planting, distances between each crop etc. Also please provide your advice if you have come across tips like planting marigold plants, thulasi etc to keep pests away to some extend…looking for some more natural tips like these…



Fellow Farmnesters,

Welcoming fellow Farmnesters who don’t have much to invest in infrastructure and resources but have lot of energy to work in sheep farming, here is the opportunity, i have the farm with all the facilities but need people to take it to next level. Please come and join and get the experience in agriculture and animal farming.

These are the facilities i have.

  1. Solar fenced Sheep farm
  2. 500 sheep
  3. 2 Labor Quarters
  4. Hydropoinc Fodder
  5. Genset
  6. 400 Nati chickens and shed
  7. 5000 litre water tank
  8. High raise platform to raise 500 sheep



hi I am basically planning to shift down to mumbai…all this while I was working in ICAR but now I want to do something of my own like having a horticulture hub(nurseries starting with flowers and expanding it later but for this I require some prior knowledge like land area, capital involved and importantly how to start.


Dear All,
I am basically an IT professional and want to get into farming. For quite sometime i had been reading about employing modern farming methods which results in faster and higher yields. That is when my attention stuck on hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics. Out of the three aeroponics is what i am trying to focus on.

My idea is to start up aeroponics cultivation (vertical / horizontal) in a small scale on a test basis and then if proven successful take it higher.

Can anyone guide me more on this  please.

Appreciate your help.

Best Regards



I need to do the drumstick plantation at tamil nadu. Soil ph value is 8.5

Please give your suggestion


Iam from chennai and i am interested in Green house farming
but new to it .I have an acre of land in tiruvallur dist.
Can anyone help me for initial setup cost and subsidy.
Thank u


Dear All,

I am a newbie to farming. I have some agricultural land where we grow wheat and rice by contract farming but I dont have any hands on experience.

I have 2 plots of land that I want to do farming on myself. They are medium sized plots of around 8 and 12 acres.

Both are close to each other in border of Odisha and Jharkhand and other farmers in the region grow banana, turmeric, ginger, garlic, paddy, wheat, vegetables and newly pomegranate

I am thinking of growing pomegranate on one plot of land (12 acres) and put garlic as intercrop to make some cash while the plants take about 3 years to yield fruits.

I thought of ginger as well but someone told me that ginger is notorious for using up micronutrients and depleting quality of land ( Is this true )

The other 8 acres, I want to grow TC Banana sourced from Cadila (G-9 variety) … Initially 4 acres and rest 4 acres vegetables to see how easily I can sell the banana before growing on whole land.

I am also planning a half acre polyhouse where I want to grow vegetables on most but also experiment on hydroponics to grow flowers, capsicum and chillies along with a bit of Bok Choi and Lettuce for variety.

I just want to write down my plans for the community here to give me feedbacks on what I should be careful about or what I could do differently. I am currently getting some little work done and will start plantation this year over next 3-6 months depending on the crop.



Dear All

i am looking out for some good ideas to start Horticulture Farming in Central UP near Lucknow.

Please share some necessary information for beginners, I am have my own land or around 5 acres


i have been planning this for some time. I am an NRI and i plan to return to india and start a farm. I hail from kerala so I will buying arounf 20 to 40 acres of land.

I am planning to cultivate cardamom and have an integrated farm. I need all the help i can get.

Do let me know if any experts and consultants would like to chip in and help setup a profitable farm.



Dear Member

I Have a Land in Tiruvallur(chennai) about 4 acres of land. can u please suggest what type of vegatable can be cultivation

Anyone can suggest or near this place consultancy in chennai




I am planning to start 1  acre poly house cultivation of Lillium and Gerbera near Indore MP. Please suggest the pros and cons of this cultivation.


Hello everyone,

I am a engineering graduate. I have always wanted to be a farmer. Now, I am considering farming as a profession on a serious note. My plan to start with is to keep it part-time on weekends and once i get a hang of it and i am confident about it I would want to completely shift into it. I know it is a very tough job and needs a lot of hard work, time and energy. I don’t have any experience in the field, but i want to pursue it. I don’t even have a land of my own to start. So I know first of all i need to get a 7/12 and other related documents that one needs to buy an agricultural land. So I will start working on that first. Also are there any events or programs encouraging people to take up farming and giving them knowledge about the same?

I am looking forward to your opinions. It would be great if someone can guide me through the entire process and make me aware of all the challenges to come. I really want to do this seriously.

Looking forward to some encouraging replies…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Dear Sir

The 7/12 of agriculture land, is given to farming community in M.S. You can get it, if any of your cousins,uncles,maternal uncles have any agriculture land in other words it should be from your father side or mother side. This is land record with Patwari / Revenue Department.

With best wishes and regards

G C Jagwani


Dear Sir,

I want to start agriculture of Vegetable , Mango and some Tree farming like Gamhar, what would be better for me and what is the market value, also suggest which type of Agriculture give better return with low cost.

I am very new in agriculture. please guide me.

Ritesh Bhardwaj


First where do  u wnt to start this project. Get information  about there soil and weather. After that come investment and other materials manpower and seeds how to u get from.  Visit any other farm ask old farmer about th3ir crops.


Dear Sir
Rates of the Crops are very volatile depends upon demand and supply.They can not be predicated, in one Harvest you get good rates in other you may not get even half of earlier rates.It is you who has to decide.Cultivation  depends upon Soil quality ,whether conditions etc. Local community can help you for selection.
with regards,

g c jagwani


Dear Sir,

I want to start agriculture of Vegetable , Mango and some Tree farming like Gamhar, what would be better for me and what is the market value, also suggest which type of Agriculture give better return with low cost.

I am very new in agriculture. please guide me.


              Dear sir, first, pl inform ,where is your land, extent of land, what is the soil, what are the weather conditions,  whether you are a fulltime dedicated farmer or side track farmer, so that any one of our forum members will try to answer you.

              Quality and quantity of water, if source is available, in your land, also inform us.

              g.p.rao, farmer







I have 11 acres agriculture land in Jalore Rajasthan and i want to invest in a agriculture sector. Land is fertile 7ph level and good water facility is available. what kind of cultivation i should start so i can get good return in future. is their any kind of government support or subsidy  on fencing. if any one can help please mail me at

With regard
Hemaant Aggarwal