Organic farming enthusiasist in and around Hyderabad


I am planning for a Organic farming 40 KMs from hyderabad, need few more hands to join and work together, Interested people please contact.


I am interested to know more details about your proposal

Please leave your details I will get back to you

My mail id is

this is murthy
i am interested. iam from hyderabad.
what is the project? what sort of hands you are looking at?
my mail
my number 9000230536

Dear Jai,

Please call me on this number 9848265085, regarding your project. I am very much interested. I would like to join you.



Hi Jai,

Can you please give me your contact number, i will join with you and my contact number is 9966033317

HI Jai,

What is the plan like ?. Please call me on 7702208882 to discuss further.



Ya I’m interested and did my experiment my self in warangal .but it would be interesting in joining new farmers as it would be a mutual help reach me at 9573676054 or

I am also Interested.

My Contact # is 9133498366 and Mail ID is sir.

im a exporter of vegetables mainly capsicum which is yellow n red one . do let me know your plans we can start doing something.


We want to Grow Colour Capsicum in open land instead of Green House. Is it Possible. If so  how many Acres we need to Grow colour Capsocum to Market Tie-up with you sir.

Hi Deepak,

Where are you located. Please share your contact details.


im located in hyderabad. 09885932661


Hello all,

I am also interested. I did my pilot project on few vegetables and flowers. Planted about three acres of Moringa and Papaya with complete organic practices. I am working on converting existing 15 acres of Orange grove to complete organic grove.

So far things are very encouraging, we have couple of desi cows.


Thank you Sir Mr.BhaRatH  ,

I am located in Hyderabad. We have Planted BANANA under the Shade of Banana we want to Grow colour Capsicum. Kindly enlighten us whether it is Possible to Grow Colour Capsicum in the Open air under Shade.Because you are also from Hyderabad I am feeling that you Can guide me Properly.

My Mail ID is:
Ph:                  09133498366


first thing i dont think u can grow red n yellow capsicum in open land…that should be done only in green house farming. and about market requirement i need almost 20 tones per day.

Thank you Sir.!

Mahesh 9652169196, let me know the location and details , we can discuss

Thank you Sir,

We are in KPHB Colony,Hyderabad. The following are the Address of our Residence and Farm.

Before meeting kindly provide us your Details of Land Holding, Location,Soil structure, Services Required, etc. to have an Idea 
[color=green][size=180][font=times new roman]Address:[/font][/size][/color]:
H.No.LIG-83,Road # 2 ,KPHB Colony,Hyderabad-500085 Land Mark: Opp. Coffee Day in Road#2.

Farm: Chimaldari Village,Mominpet Mandal,Rangareddy Dist. Our Land is abetting to Chimaldari Village.