Obituary: Murali

I am very Sorry to hear the sad News of Demise of MURALI. Definitely it will be a Great Loss to Our FORUM in loosing his Valuable articles/suggestions.He is a Knowledgeable and shows Dedication in his Works.Let his Soul be in PEACE and Let their Family and Parivar  get Peace of Mind.

This is really a shocking news. As I am not much aware about him but after reading the message I feel very sarrow about his intension in Farming. Let me pray God to complete his vision by his family members,

[font=courier]Shocked and saddened to hear about the sudden demise of Murali. Never had the chance of meeting and knowing him personally, have only interacted with him through discussions on the forum. So imprinted are his images in my mind that I can’t help feeling he was someone I’d known well. His enthusiasm, openness and matter-of-fact ways enlivened the forum.[/font]

[font=courier]Pranams Brother. You will be missed.

May Almighty give his family enough strength to overcome this great loss.

I believe in Karma and re-incarnation; also believe that all of us coming to know him through farmnest was no of coincidence. Dear Murali, we hope you’ll be back amongst us soon.[/font]

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« on: Today at 05:57:07 AM » [quote]I try my level best to fulfill his 1st wish if situation permits me & plan to have such a crops which can take care of his family’s present & next generations also.

[font=courier]Dear Swamy Ji,
Great intiative. This is the true spirit of farmers brotherhood.

It is hard to believe but I had this hunch something was wrong since he was not seen for a while. I certainly don’t/can’t notice if any member is not around for a while, but I contacted Murali by email somewhere early October asking if all was well and later on asked Hegde if he can check too since he was in Bangalore. Hegde could reach Murali’s family after trying over several days only to get this news.

Here is what Murali wrote to me just 2 days before the goodbye; I responded the next day of receiving this, offering to create a wiki login for him to pool some agri resources.

I have been one of the silent members of the groups who has been reading all of Murali’s mails and was inspired by his enthusiasm towards farming. Will miss his presence on the board. May your soul rest in peace! Yours posts will be cherished forever!


Shocking and I am still absolutely numb on hearing this news

Please can someone let me know if we can do anything for the family?

life is so fragile

goodbye my single malt brother and rest in peace

I still cannot believe this, I have been busy with personal challenges myself however I read all the forum responses that come to me by mail and last week I was thinking that I havent seen anything from murali in a while

please can we share our mobile numbers or perhaps facebook ids?

I still cannot believe this


It is really unfortunate that my first post on FarmNest is to respond to such a shocking and sad news. For the past few days, I had been going through old posts ,since I visited the forum after a long gap. There were so many posts by Murali filled with lots of smileys. He had an open and acceptable style of communicating and a good knowledge of things. I just started to admire him for his posts and the man he is, even though I do not know much about his farming endeavors (as I have not gone through all old posts yet).

It is really a sad news for me, that such young people who want to change their life for the better and opt out of the rat race, are taken away from us. I think this calls for youth to really start on such wonderful paths quite early, since time is too short. As some other member pointed out, after 40 life is so uncertain in the present living conditions and stressful life.

I sincerely pray to the almighty to liberate Sri Murali’s soul. May his family get all the strength to tide over this extremely difficult period and come to terms with reality. I sincerely wish that his unfulfilled dreams of leading a simple farming life may come true in one form or the other. 

Deeply saddened. Please let me know if I can be of any help in this difficult period of our beloved farmer brother’s family.


Please convey my heartfelt condolences to muralis family.

MN Upadhyaya

that is such a sad news, feeling too numb to even write this mail. chandra had sent a post one month regarding murali not being active on the forum, I thought maybe he is busy or something - but this - god life is so unpredictable - had two deaths of close relatives and one 47 year old with a cardiac arrest (family history) still does not justify.
god give peace to his family - will miss his candid replies to most questions. I was hoping to meet him sometime - maybe ????

It is very sad and we missed a active member and enthusiastic realistic farmer.

Life is a unknown  endless journey…stops suddenly…without reaching the destination…!!!

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This is tragic and untimely, Murali shall be sorely missed. I have interacted briefly with Murali and he was forthright and helpful.

My heartfelt condolences to his family, may they find the strength and courage to overcome this loss.

Naveen S


Sorry to hear this, God don’t look for the hard working people.

Dear Member’s,

I was very touched by the condolence messages in this forum.  I too join in expressing my sympathies  to his family. Though i didn’t know him personally, i searched for his posts today and found him to be a good agriculturist. May his soul rest in peace.

Murali Krishnan

shocking news,
i dont know about mr.murali,
May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

sijish nambiar

Really sad!!! May his soul rest in peace.

Its real y very sad news, though I don’t know Murali personally but I had some conversation with him regarding old practices of agriculture, really so sad, I and farm nest members miss you Murali :-[

Very very sad and shocking news :frowning:
Though I am newbie here, I and others here will for sure miss him :frowning:
His post on 1lakh per acre motivated me to quit my job and get in to farming.
May his soul rest in peace.

I am realy shocked to know the demise of Mr. Murali. He was a great enthusiasist. his positive attitude towards life,his encouraging words were all probably god’s gift. may god give all streangth to his family to bear the immense loss. my deepest condolences.

Dear Farmnest Fraternity,

Really saddened by the sudden loss of Mr. Murali.  Had actually sent him a personal email and was wondering why there was no response, now I understand why he could not reply back.

As the saying goes “ it’s not how long you lived but how well you lived ” I must say he has touched so many people’s hearts on the forum with his usefull, inquisitive, witty and sometimes amusing post. He shall surely be missed and is irreplaceable on the Forum.

When the time comes in  one’s life  has to get off at his designated station and move on into the next life. Would like to quote for a Sufi Poem written by a renowned mystic which summarizes life in 3 short sentences.

“Char din ke musafir hai yaro… Koyi kisa ka nahi hai yaro…Sirf Kudha hai yaro.”

Please convey my (our) heartfelt belated condolences to his family members.

PS-- If there is any way we can fulfill his dream of getting his farm up and running then we all need to chip in and get in going.