Newbies in farming (Lets learn together)


Hi Sachin,
Which area are you from? Would North Karnataka be within your reach?
I stay in Bangalore but own land in North Karnataka.


Hi Sachin - Would you please share the books to & my mobile number is 9849766866


Hi Manasa …I am JC from Hyderabad - planning to start organic farming for family needs in 1 acre @ Shankarpally/Shamshabad - 9849766866 /


Am into zbnf now… There is an event happening on 21st oct about Subash Palekarji farming techniques … It’s cheaper n better than organic farming.


Thank u for information.
But I am not able to participate.

Kind Regards,




I am from Mumbai. I am interested to learn about organic farming.
But unfortunately no one from our family have professional agricultural education. I work in IT industry and was thinking that maybe working in an agricultural startup would be better way considering income and getting to know the field point of view. Any experiences?
We do have our ancestral land in some village in north karnataka and vidharbh region of Maharashtra, but they are not much profit making. Compared to Maharashtra, i think Karnataka has better conditions. We(me and my husband) are keen to take up farming as a full time profession and lead a life more closer to nature.

I have been doing some google research and reading various blogs, websites, Youtube videos etc., which has raised many questions listed below, it would be great if someone from this group share their personal opinion, experiences and reviews.

Can anyone lend me the book “The way to Health Wealth and Happiness” in mumbai? I could not find any source to buy this book online, is there a e book available with anyone?
Has anyone attended the 4 day workshop of Mr. Save’s Kalpavruksha? any reviews about it? I have planned to attend this workshop at Novemeber’18 end.
Any upcoming workshops of Mr. Palekar in Mumbai?
Are these small workshops enough to starting farming?
Can anyone from the group give me a rough idea of budget required apart from land to begin farming ?


If you are a complete newbie to farming, let me be upfront that you will have to shed the romantic view of farming and take up a practical one.

To be successful in farming, you need to be able to market your products directly. Producing for the market is not generally remunerative and will burn out anyone, especially the larger farmers who have a dependency on labour. The risks and issues in IT will pale to be trivial compared to those in agriculture.

There are a lot of experiences on the forum, so tread after you read. If you are strong enough to face all these, of course, there is success and satisfaction.


I have a few seniors from my current domain who took up farming in their second or third innings. It doesn’t work for everyone. It depends on three broad sets of factors according to my observations.

  1. What kind of a person are you?
    It’s not for the meek or weak willed people. You may have to be able to sustain a lot of stress and unexpected situations with a good state of mind. You need to have the physical health to complement it. You need very good people management skills to get anything beneficial out of those who see you as a cash-rich idiot. Are you a good learner? Can you make friends with a large number of people who may or may not like you? All your bookish or internet sourced knowledge falls flat in front of their practical experience at times. Can you get such vital information out if them without anything to offer from your end? Can you persevere through failures and debacles without letting it affect you? Can you tolerate corrupt government employees and get work done? How much patience do you have? Are you good as an employer?

  2. What kind of situational factors are you working with?
    Water supply, soil fertility, rainfall, electricity supply, distance from various amenities & processing facilities & markets, availability of agricultural equipment, raw materials like seeds, manure, fertilizers, pesticides, expertise and finally investment capital. The demand and supply of the produce in the region should be an important input in your decisions.

  3. Village eco-system and government support.
    You need a supportive and collaborative environment. The locals need to accept you as one of them. Understanding the various policies, processes, benefits, local laws, regulations and cooperative efforts is very important. I have seen people spending lakhs of rupees on certain equipments and facilities that the government subsidizes under a little known scheme. Applying for the scheme and actually getting the benefit is a very different game.

The seniors in this group may have more to add.


Hi JC. What is the average price of 1 acre land in the areas that you mentioned? Asking for a friend.


Hi. I am Balu Nagaraj. We have a 5acre garden near Kompally. I have started practicing zbnf from last year growing mangoes and other fruits. You are welcome to see and connect. My contact number is 9989924982. Thanks


Namaste. I am in the process of converting our 5 acre mango garden near Kompally into zbnf and would like to connect with you. My contact number is 9989924982. Thanks.


Kindly enlighten your Idea of going for Organic Harvesting of Mango. Kindly Provide the full details of your Mango Garden like

  1. Extent of Land.
  2. Spacing of Trees and Rows.
  3. Age of Plantation.
  4. Water availability in Inches / GPH
    5.Flood Irrigation or Drip Irrigation
  5. Soil Sample Reports if any
  6. You want Only Consultation or to do it by ourselves on Turn key basis.
  7. Distance of Land from your Residence.
  8. Where you are residing.


Why you are thinking that non is there in Advising Organic Faming.
Brother we are sincerely informing you that there is no other go except Organic Farming and Hydroponic Farming in Future, because of the Prevailing Drought Conditions and severer ailments of Mankind on going for Chemical farming since lat 50-60 Years. Concept is very simple but adoption and following is though simple people are fiding it is Harder. We will Advise/Adopt/Can do it on Turnkey basis as you wish.
With Best Wishes,
for Vasudha Green,


Hi bro
I’m from north Karnataka. I’m from Bagalkot.


Hi Farmer…it is 1 Cr in Shamshabad & 50 Laksh in Shankarpally - more details 9849766866


i’m a newbie here as well. having focus difficulties right now and would appreciate any help.


Hi Folks,

Me too very much novice in agricultural activities. I work into IT industry and recently has bought 2 Acers of farm land near Nagpur Region Maharashtra.
I will be looking in production of normal Rose here. I will be very much interested if any one of old members can shed some light on ground level realities, and actual problem one need to address.
I am available on