Newbies in farming (Lets learn together)


There are many folks who have written about their desire to get into agriculture. It would be good to know how they have progressed so far and how many are 4 years, 3 years, 2 years and 1 year old, in farming. Also, how many have graduated to the next level by increasing their area under cultivation and how many are still struggling.

I am also one of those contemplating the steps required to get into farming. Like everybody else from a non-farming background, I have been following the path of reading ZBNF books, watching Youtube videos, enrolling myself into a few workshops and arming myself with some amount of theoretical knowledge and planning internships before the next phase of trying out experiments on a small piece of land.

Lot of people start solo and it is quite a daunting journey. It may be good to start with a few partners so that the cash burn is minimised and all the learnings are absorbed. At the end of a certain period, each of the partners may be ready to go their separate ways, after having learnt the tricks of the trade without burning too much cash.

I am based out of Bangalore and looking for like-minded people to learn, share and grow together as budding farmers. Looking forward to a positive response.



We started our work 1 year before.My family owned 11 Acer land in raipur cg.Soil was not very fertile.Initially we planted eucalyptus tree with the help of forest department to just use that plot .We faced rain problem and irrigation problem as irrigation was not planned well.Also termite attacked the plants.When tried to solve these problems we get interested in farming.
We thought of drip irrigation which we installed 2 months back.Also thought about organic farming in space left between trees.
We also watched many videos but problem was that we were not able to know where to start ,how to proceed and how to market etc.Then we received a 2 month online free training on wats app by saket organic farming group of farmers.This made us know about many things and in proper order.Now we are starting this week without some vegetables .


Hi Guys,
I think this is a great idea and would help out a lot of us. I’m from Bangalore and a newbie to farming. I’m working on it from last two years with mixed success. In the last two years I have grown papaya and Drumsticks. I have also been growing vegetables and flowers as intercrops. It would be good if we can organize a meet some time and get to know each other.


Online training on whatsapp and that too from a group of farmers. That is very interesting. Would like to know more about that. Will try connecting with you.


Hi Arundeep,

Good to hear from you. So you are a 1 year old farmer.

Catching up through a meet is definitely something that can happen in future. Newbies tend to be the most shy when it comes to posting in a group where you have veterans .

As a newbie, I dont have any land. I found a friend who was also interested in farming. Both of us dont own any land. We could buy a small piece of land or rent a piece of land to start farming. But everybody who is new cannot own or rent land easily.

That is when we thought that if the intention is only to learn before we scale up either on our own or by increasing the land under farming, why dont we figure out ways to come together and go through the entire cycle from growing to selling.

I will try connecting with you.



I wanted to add you on facebook if you dont mind…waiting for you 2 reply with your email address so that i can search your profile easily…i am too from raipur cg. I am pursuing Bsc horticulture. I love gardening and extracting seeds…


Anyone who wants to contact can mail me.My Id -


Hi lokesh,
Do u have any idea about mushroom farming??


No but u get training from near KVK


Hi I am a 1 year old farmer and we are growing Lemon Grass in 5 acres. Before starting the farm we realised the concerns in marketing and training etc.

After 8 months of curious study into aromatic plants realized to go with lemongrass farming. We are also helping new / large / small farmers increase the income thru farming by creating a JV with them. We offer slips to the farmers to start the project and do a buy back for 5 years as the life of the plant is 5 years. In our calculation farmers can make almost 5 lacs in 5 years per acre.

I think if new farmers can show these numbers they can expand to more and more. If this interests new farmers here please do connect with me for more information.

Sumit Dhawan


hi ,
Could you text me your contact details at We are also trying to get into farming in a similar route and are looking to buy some land outside of Bangalore soon to start off. Let us connect to learn from each other and others.



Hi Arundeep,

Could not connect with you earlier as I was out of the city. I am returning to Bangalore tomorrow. I would definitely like to meet you.


Prashant, 8553556820,



for Vasudha Green Farms,
(A Reliable Farming Consultants in india),
9133498366 & 7416446789,


Hi, I am also a newbie in farming, I started 2 years ago, currently I am following what other villagers do. I want to get proper knowledge about agriculture like what are fertilizers, what is crop development, etc. When I ask some basic queries about this on whatsapp or Facebook the others either don’t know much about it or they laugh at me.
So is there any web link, or such forums or online lectures where I can get ABCD of farming?
Please do comment if anyone knows such.


search on youtube. you will get practical videos.


I am also a new comer to the field. I have started with millet, green gram and peanuts on 6 acres. I am looking for good quality bamboo for the water inundated areas. I will also plant teak on the borders in the coming years. The saplings being given by the forest dept (Karnataka) are not so good. BTW, I am also from Bangalore.


Hi Prashant
I am also a newbie, hoping to venture into farming. I am looking for like minded people in Bangalore to team up with,


why do you say saplings from forest dept is not good. what are the issues ?


I had seen a video comparing the growth of dept given saplings and grafted(after scientific selection of mother tree) saplings side by side. The dept ones don’t grow as big as the ones from the lab and have weak disease resistance also. White flies are common but the lab grafted ones seem to fight against them better. The rate of growth is affected.


Hi Jitendra,

               I am an agriculture sciences graduate from University of agriculture sciences Dharwad. My interests lie in sustainable agriculture and organic farming. I came across your post in Farmnest and I appreciate your interest in venturing into agriculture. As a part of my work I have done extensive agriculture market research of Karnataka and I do have fair knowledge about organic farming and traditional foods. I also have good network with farmers of my area and some of the Krishi pandit awardees in the state. Although I am having bookish knowledge but I lack hands-on experience in farming. So, I was in search of like-minded people to huddle together and explore practical farming experience. Your aspirations and my interests are of  the same wavelength, which will help us to work and grow synergistically.