Newbies in farming (Lets learn together)


Fertilisers are nothing but poisonous chemical substances , which are majorly by-products of petroleum industries. Normally in case of urea, it contains 46% of nitrogen and the remaining 64% is chemical filler materials. So, this chemical material has deleterious effect on inordinate useful micro-organisms in the soil. Excessive fertiliser application also make soil compact and hinders the uptake of nutrients by plants. This will have serious harmful effects on fertility of soil as well as plant growth. But the sad part of the story is all the agri input companies are using ruse tricks to make billion dollar business.


Hi everyone,
I am an agriculture graduate from University of agriculture sciences Dharwad. My interests lie in sustainable, organic farming and traditional foods. During my work I was fortunate to achieve personal contacts with some resourceful farmers and krishi pandit awardees. Some of the facts which I gathered from them struck a chord in me. Then onwards I started gathering knowledge regarding these topics and started interacting with the people to understand some hidden facts behind hijacking our traditional agriculture and food system. So, I have got a good collection of books on topics like organic agriculture, violence of green revolution and traditional farming. I want to share these books with interested people. Please mail me, I am happy to share because sharing is caring
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contact- 8884232607


Hi Sachin
I live in Bangalore and I am preparing to take the first step towards organic agriculture a reality.letme know if you want to join me and couple of similarly minded people.


Dear newbies,

There is a ZBNF meet on September 8th and 9th in Bangalore. Are you all coming? That will give us an opportunity to meet.

Prashant, 8553556820


Hi jits,
Please share your contact details.


Hi Jitender,

Happy to meet and understand you better. I am reachable at 8553556820.

Let me know your contact details to connect with you.




The ZBNF workshop is being hosted by Subhash Palekar ji himself. We have been writing on this forum. The workshop would be a good place for all of us to meet and see each other face to face.

I will there at the meet. Let me know if any of you are planning to come that day.


Awesome !!! I was looking for thisā€¦

Am from Hyderabad and would like to attend these sessions.

May I know the location n registration details plz.

Thank you.



Am Manasa from Hyderabadā€¦ I am passionate about organic farming n herbal plants, with zero background in Farming education, but Keen to learn.

Shall be glad to know n attend beginnerā€™s training in English, Telugu ā€¦

Mobile : 9985441482
Email :


Dear Manasa,

Check the Facebook group with this title - [Official] ZBNF - Zero Budget Natural Farming Movement - Subhash Palekar.

In that group, you will get the updates of frequent trainings that Palekar ji conducts.

This particular training is in Bangalore. Itā€™s for 2 days and only in English. If you wish to attend this, you can get these details also in There is an option to register online also.

There are books that he has written. If you google ZBNF, you will find his site and the contact details for ordering his books. For beginners with zero knowledge, itā€™s a good read. There are numerous YouTube videos of past trainings that Palekar ji has conducted.

Having said that ZBNF is a method that you should be aware. With time, you will be exposed to more things before you decide your farming journey.




Thatā€™s awesome informativeā€¦ Thanx for guidance Prashant ji. :slight_smile:

I will check on fb n the website.


Thru registering for the event on 8th n 9th September at Blore

Thanx a lot Prashant ji.

Tried to sign up in the website to join ZBNF movementā€¦ Itā€™s asking referral id to register.


I have registered for this eveent. its a 2 day weekend seminar at New BEL Road Bangalore near MS Ramiah college. A very good opprtunity to meet face to face to team up.
Hope to see you at the event.


I am Interested in attending the ZBNF.


Dear Friends,

I am also new to farming just an year old, currently growing drumsticks and vegetables on 3 acres each. Its good that we all can connect and can share what to do and what not in farming.


Thank you Very Much Brother Schin for your Sincere and Dedicated

efforts in gathering knowledge Organic and Sustainable Agriculture.

We Vasudha Green Farms are also on the same line and struggling hard in motivating

the small and Marginal Farmers having very less extent of lands, I am struggling Hard ,

since then when I was an Estate Officer in Rythu Bazaar.

These People are mostly in Vegetable Cultivation taking advantage of the Hyderabad Market.

The Farmers are not Coming Forward in Organic Farming because there was no

supporting Price from Govt. Sideā€¦ On my own discretion I have Provided a supporting

price to Organic Farmers from Rs. 2 -5 depending upn the Quality.

Then I faced several; Problems fron Consumers side and made Complaints to the Authorities.

On an enquiry I made an elaborated presentation explaining the struggle in less yield initially

and benefit to the health of the Consumers. Finally my higher authorities and Residents welfare

Association Members have Convinced my proposal. While appreciated my stand supported my action .

But even then the. Authorities could not issued a n official order. After my retirement

there was no supporting Price and the Farmers have backed to Chemical Farming.

These are the things now happening.

The Govts .are yielding on the Pressure of Big shots manufacturing Chemical Manures.

Then who will safeguard this Organic Farming except like you and me.

Now I am attaching the Images of my Plantain Banana Under Organic Farming for which I have

tried for the Certification for my TWO Acres. Then the authorities informed that they will give

the Certification only there is a compact cluster of 15 Acres. In such be the case who will

safe Guard this initiation on Organic Farming. The encouragement of Govts. in this Regard is very meger.

Any way kindly provide your good collection of books on topics like organic agriculture,

violence of green revolution and traditional farming etc. I will be in touch with you

for your dedicated endeavour.!

Thank you With regards,


for Vasudha Green Farms,

A Reliable Farm Consultant in Hyderabad



Hoping to catch you all newbies on September 8th and 9th. I know that Jitender and Sachin are attending apart from me. Who else is attending?



Me n my bro in the eventā€¦


Hello Fellow Farmers,

Did you guys get a chance to attended the program ? can you please share your experiences here. It would help people like me who could not attended it due to prior commitments.



Hi Arun,

You can go thru the two days workshop learning on this YouTube link. It has all the happeningsā€¦ It was live streamed