Need a help on Medicinal plant cultivation and marketing

[color=green]Dear Sir,

          I am  Kumar Guptha from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. I have been part of NGO since 2002. to support NGO activities and my aspiration I wish to make a money through farming. Out of my first level research. i found that medicinal plant cultivation will give more profit among cultivating many things. As of the research out come i wish to make an farm which will produce the medicinal plants and i want to sell it as well.I am New to this Idea,i request you  provide me guidance about this.

1.Which Plant can  give me nice profits and how much.
2.Which are the companies who are procuring the plants from farmers.
3.What kind of knowlwdge,information,technology,machinery Etc. are required

I request you to contact your contact number, I required I’ll call you.

Thanks and Regards,
Kumar Guptha.
+91 9346009002.[/color]

Hi Mr.Kumar,
coincidently today only i was also thinking about some fruits/vegetables with medicinal properties.
i guess the ones you are talking about are the natural properties, where as the ones i am talking about have infused or genetically modified or dono what process to fuse medicinal properties into fruits and/or vegetables.
i have seen bananas which are slowly replacing polio drops/vaccine. also for cold and fever.

i have huge interest in similar products / technology.

this was about me, let me know which medicinal plants you have in mind and a few of their medicinal characteristics.
as you have been associated with NGO’s for a very long time and you have the nature to help others by doing your bit, funding and marketing support can be worked upon.

technological part or the supporting part for the crops/plants i am not aware of, but if you finalise a product, plz keep me updated. meanwhile if i get something useful, i will do the same.


Dear Friend Pharmaceutical industries require several herbs in bulk quantities.
I have listed some herbs based on their growth time. you can grow any of this and run your business.
6 months- 1 year: Kalmeg, Bhumiamla, Tulsi, Makoy(Kakamachi), Kounch, Indigo, Ashwaganda
2 yeras: Shatavari root,  Lemon grass, Palmarosa grass
5 yeras - 10 yeras: Vasaka, Gymnema, Salacia, varun, Gmelina arborea, Acacia catechu, Pterocarpus marsupium
If you want any further information kindly mail me, 9620389349, 09444813474

Dear Durva,

                  Thanks for  you information. I’ll call you soon.

Kumar Guptha.

Dear friend,
I am a manager of Radha Krishna Medicinal Nature Park Raigad.
I have more than 230 varieties of medicinal plant planted in my farm.
Few plant are to be planted on yearly basis which req. great care.
Many plants once planted start giving income from 3 to 8 years.
It all depends upon the type of land you have, how much gestation period you can afford to wait.
income varies from rs. 500/ plant to rs.12,000/plantafter 3 yeats with very less maintenance.

Dear Kumar Guptha
I am glad that you have approached me on farmnest site.I am sorry to write that few crooks try to directly enter in my private mail & resort to most wicked spam mails.I do not want to name those third rated persons who, happen to be members of farmnest site.Life’s big failures, - those wicked people try to vitiate atomosphere exhibiting their low family upbringing.Leaving aside those wicked persons, now I will ask you about your soil type i.e. does the water get percolated or remains static for long durations on the land.The pH factor of soil ,temperature range(minimum/maximum temperature).Based on your reply I shall decide & let you know the most beneficial plants.I will let you know the seed sellers and the firms which may purchase the product from you.I may provide seeds if no seed supplier is available and also purchase if need be.We shall also plant sample trial plants in your land.In case trial plants give good results,they may be planted in the next year.Please remember we provide free advise to all, but in case you require close step by step guidance you may call us on payment basis consultancy services.
Director,Medicinal Plants Research & Propagation Society 

Dear Sri RC Dixit,

Could you email me the details of the spamming either by personal message or site email, thanks.


Dear Mr Chandra
With my maturity I neglect those wicked farmnest members.They do not know as to how much harm they may cause to many other who may be in need of real learning.Their wickedness may make any one get detached  from the farmnest and make them cut off themselves from any more communications; but not me.I have seen many such rascals in my life.

Dear Friends,
Yestarday i had mailed about Radha krishna medicinal nature park. which is in existence for last 12 years reaping profits with out any Govt. Aid and is based on self experience.
We have also written a book by name Nature’s Medicinal Treasure on practical age old traditional remedies using all natural herbs.
Many people just give consultancy without having a practical running knowledge based on a survey .
as such seldomely they make profits.

Dear sir,
at prasant give high retern in your area Palmarosa,Patchouli.
SP Singh

Dear Sir
Nothing is clear in the message of mr girishkhambete & agronomy.Could both of you please be  clear regarding your messages.

Dear All thanks for your information.

Dear RC Dixit ji,

I dont’have my won land, I’ll take the land for the lease for cultivation. Our region soil samples given for testing, I’ll share it you soon. our land, water will not percolated for long time.

Pl suggest me the medicinal plants names & their cultivation period and their farm economics a acre.

I would like to take technical consultants help for the step by step guidance and close monitoring of the plant, How much charge for the consultants and their terms and conditions.

Dear Girish Khabete ji,

How can I get that book? Pl share the form economics for the 6 months corp cultivation duration plats per acres.

Dear Agronomy,

Pl share the form economics for the said crops.

Kumar Guptha.

Dear Mr KumarGuptha
Thanks for your message.Pl get the soil tested for said parameters as stated previously.You need not go for any book as I will guide you at every step.With my 30 years plus of practical on the field experience &  in depth knowledge you can smoothly sail through and get good results from your land.My charges are very normal.First of all you shall be required to arrange for my transportation in AC-II(to and fro) from my location up to your location.You shall use vermicompost or any other organic manure for the entire crops from your own source.You shall purchase seeds or saplings either yourself or from other sources as advised by me. Once the crop is successfully ready,You shall be required to pay me just 20% share of the entire proceeds.Success is assured or I get nothing.

Now let me tell you Mr Chandra(Administrator) may call it an advertisement.I do not know how to draw a line between farmnest members and honest heart to heart communication amongst them?May be he can guide better but this much communication is basic  right of every farmnest member to know for his/her upliftment towards financial gains.

Hello Mr. RC Dixit,

You are ahead of me - this borders an advertisement indeed!

Communication is easy:
Option 1: send an email or PM direct - you see the icons below the member name
Option 2: Create and Ad at FarmNest Ads in the consultants section and ask the members to go look the commercial details on the ad. Or just link it in your signature.

We are not against open communication; we just want the forum to discuss subject matter.


Dear RC Dixit ji,

            Pl share your personnel contact details to talk detailed terms and conditions.

            Reg book, I interested to read more books on which I am working.

Kumar Guptha,
+91 9346009002.

Dear Chandra Sir
Many many thanks for your guidance.So far I was ignorant about the use of these icons.However lot many members like me who are ignorant about the icons & their use shall remain in the dark about this vital information as communicated by me previously.After all we all are agriculturists-commercial persons and should be free to communicate with each other and put forward our working conditions.Any way that is a food for thought for you as to how to help members in the farmnest.
with regards

Dear sir
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