Need a help on Medicinal plant cultivation and marketing

Dear Experts, research members, buyers, Experienced farmers,

            We(me & my friends) would like to cultivate medicinal plants in Visakhapatnam rural District. Once I prove it this is the profitable and scalable business we will convert this enterprise as a Social Enterprise, by which we will motivate our neighboring farmers to cultivate medicinal plants and make them empower & increase their PPP. To convince our friends, I wish to go ahead in practical sense with technical support.

    To convince my friends, I would like to present them technical and economics matters in this business(like, crop cycle, seed cost, maintenance charges,product yield per acre(quantity of product per acre) and buyback amount per Kg of product(each variety)). So, to get the technical matters soil given for testing and Soil testing is in progress to decide which plants are to be cultivated, in the mean while I wish to get the data on each variety of crop economics. Pl provide me the crop economics for the "Kalmegh, Makay(Kakamachi), Kounch, Indego, Ashwaganda, Bhumiamla, Ban Tulasi,Kerala, Vetiver,Patchouli, citroneela, coleus,palmarosa,Mapia foetida, Artimisa annua, sweet mint, shatvari roots, lemon grass, and Jamarosa.

Pl kindly provide me the economics info on the above stated medicinal plats

Kumar Guptha,
+91 9346009002.

Dear Kumarguptha
My details are with you still i am forwarding my mobile No and other e mail details as follows:
In addition please get your soil etc report so that you can be advised the most suitable crops for cultivation in your hired land.As of now nothing can be grown so please take land on lease in June-July next year.I will also send crop and its broad details on e mail.That disposes off you other details as asked by you in private mail.