NaturePinks Farm Diary

Here is a diary of activities at our NaturePinks Farms in Telangana. Comments and discussion welcome.

We have sown yellow cucumber, musk melon and onion nursery today.


Where is it located in Telangana?

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Vegetable sowing in field and Onion is sowing in nursery bed.

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We have a farm in Medak district and two in Wanaparthy district.

Yes, correct.

Today, we have sown ridge gourd, bottle gourd, snake gourd, ash gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin and keera. We typically sow small plots at each sowing.

Also soaked potato Kufri Pukhraj in biofertilizers and bioprotectants, ready to sow tomorrow.

We completed preparation of land and planted potato & a number of vegetables in the last few days. It finally looks like the rains have receded. Our potato is intercropped with papaya in part and we avoid use of sprinklers on vegetables, especially for potato, to avoid spread of blights. Here are some pics. Welcome your comments.



Awesome work. Kindly share the land location details as well.


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Very Nice
From where do you get your water supply?
what is your location?

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Thanks, it is nice to hear from you after many years. Please check out the thread - I have provided details of the farm location.

Borewells and an open well. Location details are in the posts above. Thank you.

Very good work. What manure / compost do you use?
Varkey Thomas

Welcome back! We use manure from goshalas, farm yard manure & concoctions from our own cattle, green manures and a variety of biofertilizers.

Spoke too soon, we had another bout of rain today! :flushed:

Meanwhile, veggies from our last planting are beginning to emerge.

Our sowings continue - we have completed sowing of bengalgram/chickpea.

Vegetables sown have germinated and are coming up well.

Redgram sown in the rainy season is in flowering and pod formation stage.

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Do you have any experience or knowledge of pruning back old papaya plants?
We have some PRSV tolerant IPB9 variety plants that are 3-4 years old. These plants have grown tall but have been giving out side shoots that produce a few flowers and fruits. While traditional knowledge needs us to remove these plants, we are looking to cut back the tops just above the side shoots and manuring well to rejuvenate them. Thoughts welcome.

I am not sure if variety affects pruning but I grow solo papayas and Mexican large papayas in Hawaii and try as much as possible to prune after a big yield to keep trees approx 6 ft and wait for side shoots to produce. Whilst there is a bit of delay after for new production, it makes picoane harvesting a lot easier and more efficient…

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Cut the main stem at 2 feet height from the ground, and apply CoC at the tip of the stem to cure the injury and avoid fungal infection. Please cut the stem with a very slight slope of 5%. You can also wrap the upper tip of the stem with a plastic paper/bag. It will take some 18-20 days to flush out with fresh vegetation/leaves. Make this for a few plants. Then after noticing the new flush do it for all remaining plants. Just do it carefully and make it error-free the second time if you made any mistakes first time.

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Thanks @Bim_Meetarbhan @sampadafarms
Your experience gives a lot of confidence to proceed with the idea.

According to the agricultural sciences, While Pruning it should be noted of the nutrients in soil and applying more nutrient for satisfied growth of fruits.

Ratilal Sudani

Yes I agree with the last person. However I have never tried to cut it this low at two feet. I have seen trees broken down low and sometimes they die before they throw any side shoots. I will try and upload pictures when I go back to my farm mid December in Hawaii …

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It has been lots of activity for our team the last few days - early weeding for the emerging vegetable plants, sowing of wheat, bengalgram, peas, melons, leafies, sweet corn, safflower and some more vegetables.

We have done a preventive spray of bioprotectants to our redgram and vegetables and are readying additional land for some more wheat and safflower.

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I am a farmer based in raichur karnataka
I grow vegetables at present I have 14 varieties of vegetables at our farm I will upload pics shortly.

Edit: The farm of @rajajn is now on this thread:


Look really good :+1:
Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

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