Natural organic weedicide

In farming ,weeds are the main deterrent causing great yield loss upto 45 % besides reduction in quality and taste of the produce .
Controlling weeds during early stage of crop growth is a real challenge for most of the farmers and under the circumstances when rain continues the weeds grow very fast ,most of time overtaking and surpassing growth the of main crops cultivated .
More specifically the organic farmers / natural farming practicioner face the challenges of checking weeds as they are not allowed to use synthetic weedicides …
Let us see how does weed affect crops …
The weeds grow simultaneously when irrigation is given to main crops sown in the field .
It competes and shares the soil moisture/ water available for crops
The weeds always grow faster and in more numbers and remove the nutrients meant for main crop that is left deprived of enough nutrients …
Likewise it shares and competes for sunlight …
It also acts as host for many insect pest and diseases that may infect and damage crops ,causing loss in yield and quality of the produce …
Weeds secretes some photochemical that causes allelopathic effect on main crop ,thus stunting and sickening the main crops cultivated…
So the weeds are serious menace and farmers need to bestow their best attention if at all they want to harvest quality crops for consumer markets …
How to prepare natural organic WEEDICIDE
materisl required

  1. 10 lit cow urine ( rich in nitrogen )
    2.2 kgs of calotropis leaves ( rich in boron - essential plant micro nutrients )
    3.2 Kgs of sodium salt ( abounds in chlorine ,a plant micro nutrient )
    5.1/2 kg of limestone ( calcium oxide stone piece , certainly not powder )
  2. 1 or 2 pieces of lemon fruits

Grind calotropis leaves well and mix it in cow urine , then add calcium oxide , sodium salt and leave it for a week .Get one or two lemon fruits squeezed into the main preparation .
Now your natural organic WEEDICIDE is ready .You can add one lit of this to 9 lit water and spray well over the weeds


Dear Ramu brother,
Thank you for your weedicide recommendation.

On Sat, 23 May 2020 15:37:32 +0530 RAMU THAMPALAYAGOWDER via FarmNest

Dear Dr Ramu sir,
Great and good sir. Weedicide, i am affraid and never used in my long years of horticulture cropping experience and never advised any farmer about using it. Throughout my horticulture practice, i used mulching ( natural and/or Poly flm ), planting on soil beds, periodical earthing up around plants canopy, etc.
Is the Natural Organic Weedicide, said by you, is in use, at your farmers fields, and/or by other farmers also, ( where and when ),and any side effects with this use, we want to learn from you sir. Thank you Dr Ramu sir. Please help our farming community, about the experiences of Natural Organic weedicide.
thank you for the valuable services of yours, g.p.rao, farmer

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My intention is , i am affraid of Synthetic weedicides, and i never used synthetic weedicide and it has horrible saide effects on not only crop, but also on the soil structure of the land, where in Synthetic weedicide is used. Please add this to my above .
g.p.rao, farmer

Thanks a lot Mr Ramu for sharing your valuable knowledge with us…

Dear Ramu ji,
Excellent information for weeds problem.
Thank you very much for sharing :pray:
Let me try and share the feedback.


Thanks @RAMU
Any views on efficacy and Impacts to soil?

Dear Sri.chandra .
Of course this natural organic WEEDICIDE is a tested product of team of Agricultural graduates who prepared and tried this with extreme care …
Kindly take a look at the ingredients used in the preparation of this NOW ( Natural organic WEEDICIDE )
Every component parts of this preparation add plant nutrients and aid in the growth of main crops cultivated while suppressing / checking weeds . NOW works well in same level of efficacy as that of synthetic weedicides .
Farmers need to undertake spraying just
by following effective operational guideline say use hood …

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Thank you. Weed control is among the most expensive parts of organic farming and an organic solution would be most useful.
I will try it at the next opportunity.

Thank for the organic weedicide liquid
How long can we store this preparation?

Can be kept for a week or at the maximum of 10 days …but can be prepared as and when required .

Hi Ramu,
Can you please suggest solution for image of pomegranate.

Currently we spray jeevamruth and (3G) which is garlic, ginger and green chilly along with cow urine and neem leaves boiled.

Thanks in advance

Dear Mr Nagesh .
This is kind of a fungal disease called Anthrocnose in pomegranate . It is an advanced stage of infection as I also see yellowing of leaves .
As for the control of this disease through organic means ,you need to spray biocontrol agent called Aspergillus flavus that is marketed in various trade names .kindly check it up with nearest pessticide seller.
Chemical fungicide : Thiophanannate methyl @1 g in 1 lit water or combination fungicide of mancozeb and triclozole …
Or simply you prepare your own fungicide as follows
Take 1 lit panchagavya in 25 lit water and dissolve 1 kg Pseudomonas and 0.5 kg Trichoderma viride in it .Keep it for a week until the microbes multiply too well. Then mix this biopreparation @ 2.5 lit in 10 lit water and spray over the plants as well as young fruits .
For effective management of this disease , you need to practice clean cultivation … No weeds ,. no debris .Field should be kept clean .The spray of this biopreparation should be started well before flowering and continued @ 15 days interval irrespective of whether your orchard is infected or not .
If you feel this tedious and impracticable , then just mix Pseudomonas and T.Viridde blindly @ 10 -. 20 grams and 5 grams respectively in one lit water and spray over the plants and if possible cover all the fruits with paper bags .
Bcoz in case of organic cultivation, integrated approach only will save your crop .Just one method or blind approach will never help you and it will risk the crop …

Dear Ramu,
Thanks for explanation. Sure will try to do and let you know the feedback.

another idea without forethought. weed is not a problem. the way in which a weed iss looked is wrong. most weeds are useful products. just because one doe not know its utility it becomes a waste to be killed. the thought itself is unnatural. such unthoughtful ideas have spsoiled agriculture in the past and this idea will spoil organic farming also.

Hope you know so much about organic farming and weed science …I yearn to learn the specifics of your points about utility of weeds more than the generalisation …kindly teach us how to grow weeds and make money out of it …May be this is the chance for me to learn about concept of organic farming and use of weeds as natural support of farmers ’ income …please oblige

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We know keshavapuri by now! :slight_smile:
He only makes such statements but will never back up what he says.

For controlling pest and disease both has to be done seperately. Use neem based pesticide and use pure garlic mixed in well filtred JEEVAMRUTAM.

27 మే, 2020, బుధ 11:40 AMకి, keshavapuri via FarmNest <> ఇలా వ్రాసారు:

We have done these yrials and result is failure

Dear Mr Keshavpuri
Seems you failed in all trials …best thing for you is to correct your mistake .
For example
Acid can be poured into water and water can be poured into acid as vice versa …you just pour water into acid and see what happens …
And do replace two alphabets in GOD by each other and see how the deity bless you …
If you again fail in your trial then you are the real Newton of 21 st century …