Namma Farm - Quick Build Farm House



Thanks Mr. Chandra,

Since it was for my own, I did not exactly record it. Approx. I have spent it 3,50,000 for the entire house of 750 sq.ft with facilities like - Kitchen, Living area, Bed room, Attached Bath cum WC and one Cow shed to have 4 nor. Cows with storage and one Sump tank of nearly 7500 ltr. capacity.

We have used all the local materials like, Coconut stems, Areca nut stems, Used mangalore tiles, locally available mud for making bricks, boulders and aggregates.

one can customize based on their locality and availability. I am planning to have an extension to my farm house with thatched roof in straw bale soon.

Ph: 95917 34327


Some of the clicks of my farm house.



Amazing work Manjunatha. Hats off to you. I am sure many Forum members will learn from your experiences and replicate it.



Thanks for sharing, you were 100% environment friendly cost effective house. Please share if you have record of material and detail cost of construction along-with labour.


Hi Shankar
Request if you could share the land rates in krishnagiri. I have been looking for the same. Would be much obliged if you could call me on 9916148111. Thanks bro


Land rates anywhere depend on many factors… proximity to roads, proximity to towns and cities, development of land, EB Connection, Water Source, fencing, plants and trees, road access, etc etc…
In Krishnagiri Dist too, same is the case. Land costs more than Rs 1 Cr per acre if touching the NH. As you move deeper away from the NH, land is cheaper. So a rough broad statement would be that land would cost anywhere between Rs 12 lakhs to Rs 1Cr or more per acre depending on area, location, facilities, etc…


Thanks Shankar for the information.

Best of luck for your farming endeavours.



Sankarji, ur idea is good and the initiative is appreciable. After completing the work, plz. post another article informing the total cost of ur farm house and ur suggestions for those who have similar ideas in mind.


Sure, will do as requested.
Right now all my ideas and plans have come to a temp halt due to the death of a Parent and hospitalisation of a close relative within the past 20 day’s . So I am at least 1 month behind my schedule. Am praying that the rainy season lasts till mid Nov, othetwise my plans will take a serious beating…
Still pending are purchase of Manure, construction of water storage pond, setting up drip irrigation setup anew, installing the Solar Pump and Power setup…
I am a single man work force, and if there is a unplanned crisis such as this, every dream and plan are adversely affected.