Namma Farm - Quick Build Farm House



Hi Harsh, The costing is mentioned in one of the replies above.


Thanks I’ll look for it.


Kudos to your energy and determination. Hope you have a pleasant stay. All the best for the total Project.:+1:
Why dont you power it with Solar Power. A KW unit would cost about 120K.


Thank you for your appreciation and wishes Parami.
Yes, I am going for Solar Solution not only for the house, but also the Irrigation (bore well to storage tank and storage tank to Drop lines).
Thankfully, my Solution Provider has agreed to connect all three (house/Storage Tank/Bore well) to the same Solar Panel. This well save me valuable money of getting separate PV Panels for each.
Let’s see, the implementation is about a month away.


very nice alternative to electricity… plz share detailed list of components used & expenses. if you are from Bangalore then i know a supplier who has used solar panels from australia. i can connect you to him. he does all kinds of ups & battery things too.


Farm house looks good as said. Hope you have considered the wind force in your open area, i am a bit doubtful.
My suggestion will be a standard house with Column and Beam construction. It will be stable, will not sink in clay soil, upper floors can be constructed–can have a long range visibility when the trees are 20’ high…etc. Start with ground floor and build the upper floors as and when the trees grow high say 2 years etc.
Do not worry of the cost. You can start room by room as we had done.
Shall attach pics of our farm house on request.
Wish you all the best.


Do post, it is always good to have different perspectives.


Thanks for sharing practical experience. I think if we want to fast structure use Pipe Structure, which is durable, dimensionally accurate and resistant to corrosion and longer life.
In Andaman during Tsunami rehabilitation program I built houses with piped structure where my contractor weld the pipe structure off site and provided a provision of nut bolt fixing. He bought the parts of structure at site and then fixed it by nut bolt. Thus he used to raise the Pipe structure of house in just 6 hours and then up to 3.5 feet have given cement hollow block wall and then above that we have given bamboo mat and zink/ tin roofing. Thus we delivered the 300 sq feet house house in just 2 days of time period. We used to say it Long Lasting shelters.
For toilet you can use soak pit technique in place of safety tank. You can built your toilet in just 6 or 7K with prefab or even with local bricks. All the best.


Shankar One word of advice. Since you are going for Perennials, Ensure you do not plant any tall varieties like coconut, palms, Teak, etc , around the Solar panels, for a radius of 50m. They will give you problems later on with the Solar charging.


Please do post pictures. Would be very interested in knowing more.


Thanks for your perspective Anthonyraj. I do not think the winds in this area pose any problem or risks.
I did not wish to follow the crowd and build a conventional structure. Hence this effort.:grinning:


Thanks Ujjwal. I am already in touch with a local solar installer based in Bangalore
Hope it works out.


:pray: Thanks, I shall consider your inputs …


Yes Sir, I agree and have factored it in …


are you availing any subsidy for this solar unit. ?


Unfortunately No.
The process seems to be taking too long, and I am in a rush.
TN Govt is offering a very generous 90% Subsidy. But the catch is that one has to surrender the normal connection forever. Then the cancellation will be verified along with the Application for Solar power. After that the Application will be considered as as per waiting list queue. It seems all this will take quite a while…may be the around 6 months. That’s why I gave it a pass for now.


Dear Shankar,

A nice initiative. Thanks for sharing your story.
My farm is nearly 90 kms from Bangalore. I had chosen to go earthen for to build my farm house.
Unburnt mud bricks used for the walls, which doesn’t require any plastering or painting. Coconut stems & areca nut stems for the roof purlins and reapers. Mangalore tiles for roof. It had worked out to be fully cheap and affordable farm house. With no maintenance and eco friendly. Which is cool in summers and warm in winters.

Manjunatha T L
PH 95917 34327


Thank you Manjunatha.
Your farm house is more spectacular and praiseworthy. My dream was to build something simple and inexpensive like yours, but I did not have the knowledge or support to implement it. Congrats for a good job well done.


Lovely house.
Would you be able to provide a breakup of costs, and some details on where to procure the materials you used?


Thanks Shankar.

Keep going your good work.