My Hydroponic Turnkey Project



Hydroponics is a very specialized way of growing, requiring very precise monitoring and  fertigation which is generally not possibe for amateurs and small time growers. Further, it is not easy to adapt the existing structures to different crop types. I have been into supply of inputs for hi-tech agriculture for over 27 years and would not recommend hydroponics on small scale, specially to first time growers. 

I also agree with the fact that  hydroponics can also be a hazard in the hands of the inexperienced as it  is based entirely on chemical inputs.

An easier way out is growing in open top bags.  More experienced can opt or soil less cultivation ( cocopeat/other ediums) in open top bags.



Where is your project located and let me know the pricing of nft gullies


Thank you sir for your input on Hydroponic. Kindly Mail your Address and Contact details .
we want to meet you sir for Advise as well as to get your Help on Hydroponic.

Vasudha Green Farms,,


Hi Vertical,
Can you please guide me to some hydroponics tutorial .




Can you please share the cost information for 1 acre as you mentioned.  I am waiting for your response at  7905820 at gmail dot com


Dear all

I am planning to start hydroponics system near sringeri (Karnataka) on black pepper corn if any body started hydroponics system in Bangalore Please let me know I need get good knowledge on the system and your experience and plan for investment cost

Please send me your contact no. to my mobile so that I can contact you over phone (my phone 9845465062)

expecting your support for my future business
Thanks and regards
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Hello Mr. Goutham

Where to get the plastic materials for Hydroponics? What will be the estimated cost now for the White tubes you have used. if you are running water mixed with turitient continuously, what sort of motor you are using? I was told the motor will breakdown or spoiled frequently.



Hi Viks,

Can you please let me know the suppliers in India for gullies to be used in NFT hydroponics.

Nitin 09391669411


Hi Gautham

I’m Pratik from Belgaum. Took  a while, but Inspiring threads. your doing a great job in here.  I have just started with terrace hydroponic project with a A frame for lettuce. Now expanding on 2000sq feet terrace. Can you please give me recipe for preparing nutrient mix as its very expensive to buy it in the market and can you guide me from where you got NFT gully.

Kindly give me your contact details.



Hello everyone!

I came across this thread a little too late, when all the action seems already over. However, I am really looking to seek some guidance in starting my own turnkey hydroponic project on my 900 sqft rooftop.

I am based in New Delhi, so I understand the temperatures might be a little different here than in the south. I am looking to begin with growing a lot of leafy greens and a few tomato plants. If all goes well, can even look into expanding portfolio to other plants.

@vertical: You are truly an inspiration. If you still check this thread often, would love to get your response and connect with you to learn more. Thanks in advance!



hyi boss,

i have gone through your entire posts and i would like to setup something like this on my 1200 sqft terrace.
i am from allahabad, UP and i am comming to bangalore in first week of july 2017. please let me know the date and time when i can visit your farms and learn the complete setup from you.

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very sorry for late reply just back … tell me how can i help u.


Thank you for your reply! Would like to have a chat with you. Possible to
share your contact details?


Hi Vertical,

Wonderful posts… congratulations for nice setup and results.

Could you please share few details about fertilization schedules like frequency , duration of on / off cycle and dripper capacity like 2lph etc , that will be beneficial.




Hello Vertical

We highly appreciate your effort on timely update. I am following this discussion closely. Could you please provide more information on

  1. Source of Seed and Nutrition
  2. EC and pH control of Water
  3. Crop wise nutrition recipe
  4. Irrigation schedule during summer and winter

Thanks in advance.


Hi, pls send me your mail id to further coordinate with you. Could not find a link to directly msg you. My email id or you can text me at 9915333494

Please do so. Awaiting your revert.
Amit Sehgal



Hi all,

How is farming ? hope all well, not been in the forum for long and also farming , Back to basics, lets start again…


Ho my God what a thread… Went through each one of them and so inspiring… Started when I went to bed and it’s 3:18 AM !!! Was so interesting just to read can’t imagine how it will be to practically do it…

@Goutam please PM your contract number


Dear Vertical,
Very nice to see the excellent setup that you have done on the terrace.
how are you handling the nutrients part.
Even am interested in making a hoop house of 12 x 32 and try with color capsicum and tomatoes to start with.
I want to start with lettuce, but need to understand how do you germinate them? Can you please through some light on that.
How about NFT tubes? can i know the source as i want to buy for my hoop house.
Am from Mumbai and as far as space goes, it is the same or worse than Bangalore.

i have taken an acre of land nearby and would like to start there.

Thanks for your help i advance.
All the best and please do keep posting your developments.

Thanks again,
Jagannath K