My Hydroponic Turnkey Project



Hi vertical

Please send your email address and contact number . I have started similar to your project on my terrace i require your help and guidance


I would love to discuss your project. I focus on optimizing controlled farms. Please contact me at


Hi Goutham,
I am from gujarat and I have started a pilot project for hydrophonics.
I am also currently surveying the scale of hydrophonics in gujarat.
I met a farmers who were doing hydrophonics in 1 acre of land , I noticed they used to water 3 times a day with different nutrients at different times.
Like in morning they give Calcium nitrate to plants in 1 lit , in afternoon magnesium sulphate and evening potassium sulphate.
Next day morning manganese , afternoon zinc and evening MAP.
3rd day morning mono potassium phosphate, afternoon copper sulphate and evening sodium
I also saw major flower dropping in Cucumber. The farmer produced 66000kg of cucumbers from 1acre greenhouse in 6 months that counts around 5.5kg per plant, is this a good production?
The farmer suffered from major flower dropping issue.

My questions are,

Is this a good practice…?
3lit of water per day is it good for plants?
Why do more flower dropping occur in side greenhouse?
Please guide me on this issue.


Hi Mr. Kulkarni. I read your post regarding starting a hoop house for hydroponics in Mumbai. I think it’s a fantastic idea. I am working with Physiz which specializes in implementing data analytics to farming. We provide hardware (sensors) and our proprietary software for monitoring, automating and optimizing your farm. A basic overview of our product can be found in this video: Currently we are looking to enter the rooftop farm market where we can aid the setup process and install our products. We are based in Andheri(East), Mumbai. I would love to meet you and discuss the prospects of this project. You can contact me on or +919768257443


Hi all,
Planning for an agri startup, mail me if any one interested
an platform for farmers and home buyers



Mr Goutham ur email Id please.



Hi Goutham. Read all at my office in one shot. You seem to have had a wonderful adventure there. Really loved it. Am running an agri start-up here in Tamilnadu. Saw your last update regarding an agri start up. Below are our details. jus go through our website and lets know what you are into and in what way we could associate or even if not how we could benefit each other from what little we have learnt. Wish you the best in all your ventures.

Thanks and warm regards,
Gopi Nath.


So mr Goutham, what’s up what are you upto nowadays and what are your future plans.
Motivate us by sharing some new pics.:slightly_smiling_face:


I am very much interested in commercial hydroponics
This is my mail id awaiting for your reply thanks!


Hi Gautham,
It’s really fascinating to see the developments. Could you please share the details as how to prepare nutrient solution and how much nutrient is required for different crop and at different stages ? Pl mail details to