Moringa Pkm1 vs ODC

Which variety of drumsticks is better PKM1 or ODC??

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Dear Sri Vaishak,

PKM-1 variety Drum stick is released by Tamilnadu Agricultural University , Periyakulam, Coimbattore, Tamilnadu and it is very good and popular Annual variety of Drumstick, not only in Tamilnadu, but also in all moringa oleifera growing states both in qulaity wise, taste wise and quantity/highest yield wise also.

No much information, I have, on ODC variety drumstick.

with best wishes,      g.p.rao,      farmer

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We have tried both the varieties in our farm  It has been absorbed that the ODC variety is better than PKM 1.  Yield is higher than PKM 1 and the market acceptance is also good… ODC pods are green in color and having long self life which gives good price in the export mamket.  ODC pods can be easily marketable in metro cities like chennai, Banagelore or Mumbai  …  Now we have 20 acres of ODC and  PKM-1 and PKM-2 in 1 acre each …


Thank you for your response… where can u but seeds of ODC variety… I contacted sunshine in Maharashtra but he is demanding 3500 rs for one kg of seeds… also can u elaborate regarding the yield, flowering, etc…

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Sir… We have selected  50 high performance tree from our 2000 trees and prepared seeds…  We have 50 kg of graded seed for our further use… If your are a direct farmer then I can give your in lesser  price… 

For More details Please contact us Mo. no. 9619091811


Thank you Sir, What is the Veriety of Moringa PKM 1 or PKM 2 ? What is the Price Sir,?

for Vasudha Green farms, 9133498366, [nofollow]

PKM-1 and PKM 2 , we have in very lesser area…  Here PKM -2 variety plants, we keep for some R& D work as the variety is good for by products of morunga… As far as PKM -1 is concerned , the yield , pod color and sizer all not satisfied us so we have not selected any tree for taking germination purpose seeds…  We have seeds of PKM - 1 which are not graded and kept only for oil grinding , if your want you can get it for 300-400 INR…    We are the only farmer in TamilNadu doing ODC-3 … we started in 3 acres now we reached around 20 acres…   

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Thank you Sir,
What is the Price of Graded Verity . Pl… Mail

9133498366 Hyderabad.

Hello Sir,

I have mango farm of 1 acre . I want to do intercropping . The plants are 4 years old . Can I go for moringa cultivation . My water is only rainfed irrigation. 

I need odc variety of moringa. 


Dear narendr_06,

Morunga is a sun loving plant which required clean sun light…  so I would not recommend you to go inside 4 years old manga orchid as a inter crop…  You can go with mango but your manga tree must have below 2 years old… 


Which variety of seed you want , ODC or PKM-1 ? We have very limited kilo grms of graded  ODC …  As  per as PMK-1 is concerned we have very less no of trees because that variety performance was not good so we have not graded the trees , we have only oil purpose seed of PKM-1 … We will not sell oil purpose seed to farmers in the name of germination…

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My spacing is very good . I am sending you pics . Can you let me know further .

Thanks and Regards

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if you can generate 100 to 150  square feet free space in between the two adjust ant mango trees easily can go… The images show that you have decent space in between mango trees… 

Yes sir ,

I have ample space between each tree . As you suggested odc variety is good .

Wat abt the irrigation .

Thank you Sir,

You always referring ODC or PKM -1. We know PKM-1. But kindly enlighten us the Full Farm or meaning of ODC

ODC means OttDanChatra , a place near madurai , the drumstick  hub of tamilnadu… 

Can you tell  in which State this comparison of ODC and PKM 1 was done? Also details of ODC and source to get seed will be appreciated.


Dear Sunagri,

The comparative analysis is done at our farm which is located in Tamil Nadu…     

Dear narendra…

I would not recommend ODC as an inter crop , for inter cropping you can plant some local(county) varieties or Bhakiya annual variety…

Is it possible to cultivate Moringa PKM1 in Meerut Uttar pradesh