Melia Dubia plantation


I am planning to grow Melia Dubia/Hebbevu plantation in 2 acre farm land I have in Shimoga.

Could anyone suggest what is the scope for Melia Dubia plantation as of today.

My place receives heavy rainfall ( around 6000 mm/year ). Will this plant survive in heavy rain ?

Should I drop this idea or continue. Experts, Please suggest.


Your area almost all coffee estates have Silver oak, it grows very tall, In my opinion you have the proven option. Monetary benifitwise Silveroak is also good contributor.

Neem tree dont grow in your area, Melia dubia also same family.

In addition to what Sri mentioned, beware of the hassles one has to go through while time comes to cutting and selling the grown up trees. Not easy with Forest Dept, Revenue Dept, Environment related clearances etc.

It would be good to plan for intercrops, multiple cropping pattern. Think twice before making a decision.

Hi Sri,

My place is Agumbe.
We have no coffee estates in our area. Areca (arecanut) is the major crop. I have rarely seen silver oak trees in my area.
Acacia tree is the one which is grown in many numbers.

There is no water logging in my farm. But the place receives heavy rain (6000mm/year).

No one in my area has tried this plant. I wanted to experiment. I am in confusion now.

Ok leave, can you suggest any fast growing (yield not more than 10 years) timber tree for this heavy rain fall region.

I have 2 acres land, I want to make use of it.

For gunda: Reason behind growing tree in that 2 acres is, they require less maintenance. I am a software engineer, I am planning my future in agriculture.


Hi Amr Gowda,

My place has an annual rainfall of 3000 mm / yr.
This year when I went to forest nursery there were lot of people asking for melia dubia (Hebbevu) as the ones they took last year was growing faster than silver !!
But This year I couldn’t source it. Also Forest Department is promoting Melia dubia so harvest should not be a problem.

About Acacia, I feel that was a disaster done by Forest department in Agumbe, The didn’t care for Biodiversity.

Being a s/w engineer Please don’t go by just timber value. Have a good mix of variety of trees which will preserve the soil fertility and increase biodiversity.

On the other hand you can try

  1. Shivane or Kooli. This also grows fast and gives good yeild of timber, they also attracts Birds.
  2. If you have flowing water try planting Terminilia Arjuna (Hole matti)
  3. Taare (Terminilia Bellarica) can also be planted

My suggestion Please check with local people usually they will know the best Or Yellapur Forest nursery has almost all variety of plants.
They will help you identify the trees which grows in your zone.


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For raising this Crop water should be Made available . One Bore well of 3" Yield can Irrigate 10 to 15 Acres through Drip by rotating the Irrigation once in 10-15 Days depending upon the soil Conditions.Being it is Social Forestry Plantation any Soil is suitable Provide there should not be Water logging.This is Most suitable for Absentee Farmers.

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1)what is the initial expenses per acre?

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  1. what will be the gestation period for maturity?

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  1. what are the minimum requirement for planting these trees?;

If Planted 8’ X 8’ 600 Plants /Acre and if Planted 10’ X 10’ 450 plants are required

  1. what is the water requirement for 10 acre plot? :

A Water Yield of 2" to 2.50" is enough under Drip Irrigation.
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MELIA DUBIA Updted.pdf (1.73 MB)

First of all,I thank you for your valuable info and service motto.

Can you clarify us on the following
1.Is it required any permission from Forest department/agriculture departs or any other government bodies for planting this Melia Dubia?!.
2.Is it required to pay any tax on the each plant,planted in the land?
3.Is it required any permission ,while going for cutting this tree.
4.Are there any COMPANY/BOARD gives any buy-back contact on this plants?
Looking forward to hear from you.
With best wishes,
Prakruthi Srinivas

Thank You Sir Mr.Srinivas Mullapudi Garu for your interest on our Services and bring out the missing points to our Notice. We will incorporate these Points to our Notice. We are explaining the Points raised in seriatum based on our little Knowledge .

Q-1.Is it required any permission from Forest department/agriculture departs or any other government bodies for planting this Melia Dubia?!.

Ans:As far as the Present Regulations are Concerned Melia Dubia (Malabar Neem) has not been covered by Forest Regulations. However it is better to intimate the Forest department at your area.

Q-2.Is it required to pay any tax on the each plant,planted in the land?

Ans: There is no need on Paying Tax on the Plants, being it comes under Agro Forestry.

3.Is it required any permission ,while going for cutting this tree. But however one needs to Pay tax on the Income gained at the time of selling this Product.

Q-4.: Are there any COMPANY/BOARD gives any buy-back contact on this plants?

Ans: We are arrnging Buy back for the Plantations made through us combaining with the Plywood, Paper,Particle Board,Mach Industries etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further details sir.

Thank you very much for your time and reply.
Question no.3 Is it required any permission ,while going for cutting this tree ?.
Has not been answered clearly.Can you please clarify on this.

You have quoted that
But however one needs to Pay tax on the Income gained at the time of selling this Product.

How dose they calculate the tax part?. Ia it not coming under the agriculture income bracket?.

Thanking once again and looking forward.

Hi Mr.Manne,

I want to plant Melia Dubia in my One Acre land in thiruthani, in the boundry only. The total boundry run length will be 700 feet. Please advice me how many plants can be planted in that 700 feet @ what spacing and related cost. Also, where can I get the saplings near Thiruthani (100+ km from Chennai).

Tnks & Rgds

Thank you sir,
You Can Plant 100 to 120 Plants in your Plot at a Distance of 6’ or 7’ because it for Border.
We will supply the Seedlings(Plants) at Rs.16 Plus Packing&Transportation from Hyderabad.
It is better you go for seed because your Requirement is meager. The main features of the seed is that it will Germination is at Maximum of 20% and will take 3 Months to 1 Year for Germination. In view of the above Character of the Seed you may require 5 Kgs. We will send it by Transport at your Cost.

for Vasudha Green Farms,

Dear Maane Ji,
I have few queries on Melia Dubia, please help to clarify few queries .

We have almost 7 acres of a triangular gulley land with deep slopes which is not used as of now.
Since we will be concentrating only on developing flat piece of land for next few years would like to know feasibility of melia dubia plantation.

Our land is in Northern maharshtra and wild animals like neelgay are usual visitors (especially in summer), no fencing as of now and lot of thorny bushes grown up .

Does wild animals like Neelgaay, dears, pigs, cattle can damage/eat melia dubia in initial months .
If land is having slopes, is it practical to cut those trees and transport it .
If we decide to cut these trees say after 4-5 years, how do we clean the land ?

Long term Idea is to create a small farm pond(can be used for fish)/farm house on this piece of land later .

Thanks & Regards,

Dear all
Melia dubia is a fast growing plant.After going through many threads it came to light that members lack in depth knowledge about this tree.I will endeavour to submit following for each prospective farmer’s knowledge:
1.Melia Dubia is neem variety(azadrachata indica)bitter in taste hence least liked by pigs,cow group animals,elephants etc.
2.It is a hardy variety plant and can survive even during drought like conditions.
3.No permission etc is required from any one to cultivate this plant,not even forest department.
4.No tax is liable to be paid to any one per plant, as it is pure agricultural income and free choice of farmer to grow any crop without payment of any money to any one.Once you sell its logs even forest or police etc have no role there.Forest Department publishes a small booklet like small publication on yearly basis,where they publicize the trees which can be cut without their permission.In almost all states melia dubia(malai vembu) needs no permission from forest department or any other department.You can cut the tree without any body’s permission.
5.This tree can be cut after 6-7 years as fully mature tree and sold to any body.No forest department has got any role in it.It is pure agricultural income of a farmer which can not be taxed and no one can order it to be sold to any specific department.
6.The inter se distance from plant to plant is 10 feet and row to row is 12 feet.Any reduction in this distance will convert the trees in to very thin weak trees.
7.The ideal time to grow it is rainy season.Best products have been those plants whose seeds were sowed in soil as per given distances.The nursery prepared plants lack the strength and may die due to shock effect of shifting,less irrigation facility, like that which exists in nursery.
8.No clearance etc is required from any (environment etc) department when this tree is cut and as brought out by one member.To rid the members from all worries you can contact me on my e mail; or phone me up(9956201856) if some corrupt department person tries to hoodwink or extract any money etc from any farmnest member.I give you my solemn assurance that you will get my immediate help as law is existing to safeguard us- farmers .

Thank you Sir,

Being it is a Border Plantation you can Plant at a Distance of 6’= Hence you require 700 /6 =116 Plants .We are selling Quality Plants at Es.20 each at our Farm Sir.

Excellent Manne
Pl keep guiding as advised by me previously.Do not reduce the distance.

Thank you Sir,
Kindly Permit me to Visit your Place for Mosquito Repellent Plants and Other Medicinal Plants Sir.

Informative post.

Have a few clarifications;

Scenario: Have a client, who wants a turnkey project done . Scope is : Solar water pumping, 1/4 acre polyhouse for melia dubia nursery with fogging system & drip irrigation system for melia dubia plants in 4 open acres.

Few things am seeking answers for are;

A)What is the avg water required for melia dubia plant growth stage wise? This would give us the total water requirement per day so that we can size the motor & irrigation system accordingly.
B)Can the spacing be more than 10ft?I understand its not advised for anything less than 10’. Thank you Dixit sir for the word of caution.
C)Current market price of the seeds and saplings?
D)What is the growth in height ideal for transplanting?
E)Can the seeds be germinated in seed trays or does the seedling itself grow high? We need to size the height of the polyhouse and drop down foggers accordingly.

Hope to get some guidance…

Thank you in advance,


Melia dubia and neem are different species and belongs to different families.

Be cautious. Dont expect millions by planting melia dubia. There is no track about the exact yields. Dont carry by the promises. M/s. Hans Ply Industires , Mysore and many more industries worked a lot on melia dubia. But no one is recommending more than 100 plants if it is for ply industry. You can visit the website for more information. Be cautions. It is posted for the welfare of farming community. Kindly support us. We stand for whatever we posted. Sampada Farms & Consultants

Farm Nest is doing a excellent job since its inception. It become a hub for all agri entrepreneurs. We appreciate their spirit. We wish them in advance HAPPY NEW YEAR. We wish prosperous and vibrant present and future to the entire FARMNEST TEAM.

1. Melia_Dubia_ Konda vepa.pdf (1.66 MB)
Why Melia Dubia.pdf (1.97 MB)