Lemon Farming - Recommended Variety


I am a new farmer and in the process of setting up a farm land from scratch in Sira, Karnataka. This region is known as Balayu Seeme which means much dryer than Malnad regions of Karnataka. I have identified lemon as one of the main commercial crops (approx. 1,000 trees) I should be growing. Can fellow farmers in this forum please comment on the following:

  1. Which variety of lemons is recommended to grow at scale?
  2. How does one go about marketing produce when the trees start yielding fruits? I want to understand the market before I commit to growing at such a scale.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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As per your briefing, you area is the most dry part of Karnataka.
If it is the case, what is the ground water position

Since Citrus varieties require irrigation, do you have the irrigation source?
If irrigation is a constraint, better not to grow Citrus (any variety).
More drought tolerant economic fruit trees like jamun, fig, tamarind, wood apple, may be considered by planting grafted plants of these varieties.
Pot watering for 2 dry seasons along with all drought management practices will make the plants survive and yield better from 3rd year.
Think about these alternatives

Dr Pamidi
Retd Scientist & Freelance Agriculture Advisor



Thank you Sir for your note.

I have 2 borewell on the land with sufficient water in both. I will install drip to irrigate the plants.


Yes, if you have enough water then consider for planting lemon. Check whether the soil suits for lemon. I have 100 lemon plants (yielding). You can plan to plant “Balaji” variety plants. You can procure from Rajamundri at cheaper prices. Plant with 18 feet gap. You may contact me at sdfarmsvellore@gmail.com for further information. Thank you.


Hello Dr. Am from Udupi, Karnataka. Is coastal region suitable for lemon farming? we get rains for around 5 to 6 months in a year. Can you suggest some crops for coastal Malnad regions.

Thanks & Regards


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pl see this
I have 1 acre land(not culitivated) in Thimmanahalli,Chikkanayakanahalli

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Thank you. I have visited this nursery to investigate. The nursery is very good and Mr. Udaysimha is great too. This is a hybrid variety from memory is known as Persian lemon. The fruit looks great too.

I need recommendations from other farmers on this forum on the popular variety that should be grown in Karnataka and how does a farmer go about selling this produce when the yield is significant year 3 onwards.


I, once had a person reach to me to sell Lemon plants and he calculated to showcase Rs 1 lakh per month in three acar

The person was fake and wanted to have a money deposit and all… but the point is

  1. Lemon if done correctly can yield a good return

  2. Don’t let anyone sell you on your field rather go out in nurseries and find the best variety as per your area

  3. Towards North India we have PUSA a govt institution that provides plants as per soil n environment, I would trust an agency in this rather than a private

( One guy sold me two plants which yielded in 10 years and that too a strange variety which has no commercial and domestic value/need )

Sorry, I can’t answer your question directly but I believe my experience can help you a bit

Best of luck with you venture



It is also worth checking with farmers on this thread if they have found avenues to market their lemons - different locations but similar situations:

Hello All, Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to market or sell my produce. Before deciding the variety, we need to do our research on selling the produce. Things like you can send the produce to Hyderabad, here and there wont work out as when harvest comes out, the prices would be so low that you can just cover the transport costs.

The best way is to find lemon farm nearby and asking them how they sell it, whether the are selling to local dealers for local price or sending anywhere in bulk, when the fruits would be ready to harvest and when exactly they sell it… etc… talking with nearby lemon farmer may help little, hoping they wont enourage you to plant it even when they are facing losses, some people do!

I sown Balaji Lemon from Nellore in Nizambad, Bought 400 plants, in every harvest only half plants harvest in one season and the other half harvests in another season. People say that the 7th, 8th and 9th year produces the most and low before and after that. I waited till 7 years and the plant health was not good nor the full harvest in all trees. I tried to contact various government institutions to help and understand whats going on, none showed up.

Without clarify on Marketing or selling the produce, things about other things would be noth worth at all.

All the best! It didn’t worked me, but may work well for you if you are in the right place!

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Rangapur Lime is the Best Verity for all the Areas in South India

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Thank you all for inputs.

Summary of local lemon recommendations for South India:

  1. Balaji
  2. Rangapur Lime
  3. Kagji

As Mr @Ramakrishna_Ch suggested, I will focus my attention on ensuring I have a market for the lemons and decide on the number of trees.