Leads For Buying a Farm

This is Balu a resident of Bangalore and Native of Andhra Pradesh, I am a farm enthusiast and would like to buy a small farm to start Organic farming either in OOTY, Kodia kanal or Coorg. What would be the best approach if anyone on the forum has any leads please let me know. Any communities active in these places to join with and could set up a farm is also helpful. Thanks in advance.


Buy land which is closest to your location or native, where u have trusted ppl to help n monitor. Good water table. Grow foodforest best thing

hi mam, i am ujwal from bangalore and my native is bangalore city. even i am on the look out to buy agricultural land in TN or AP bordering bangalore as i am ineligible to buy in karnataka.
as i do not have any native there, how to go about buying land ? should i visit individual villages and enquire for lands for sale or how ?

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What kind of farming are you planning ?

A Bro of mine lives in blore, bought agri land in AP border anantapur n started zbnf farming… We have zbnf network groups that post land availability for lease n sale.

Try connect with one such

hi, can you please add me to the group which lists lands for sale. my number is 9916315817

i plan to do natural farming or permaculture and have a farm house. i also have plans for farm tourism.

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Even am planning to develop my 5 acre land in vikarabad for zbnf 5 layer farming with gaushala n farm stay with zbnf workshops. :slight_smile:

Will pass on info to my zbnf bros near blore. They should b able to help u … may i know how many acres you looking for ?

Hi, could you please add me to group of natural farmers, i recently bought land in karnataka and i would like to follow zbnf 5 layer farming. My number is 8904470710.

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5 acres to start with

ok thanks, i am looking for 15-25 acres about max 130 km from bangalore.

Sure will pass on to zbnf back 2 nature whatsapp group admin

Hi can you please post the number here or PM me I am also interested in it my farm is based 100km from bangalore


Send me your number I’ll call you.

Pls call me on 9900213739

plz call me too in pm

Hi Guys,

I am planning to buy land near to water source like pond, lake or river. If any one have idea how to find out please share. I am planning to start ornamental fish (Betta fish) breeding farm.

location either in Hyderabad, Guntur or Bangalore



The zbnf groups are full it seems. They discuss only zbnf practises and not on land transactions… couldn’t get admin response for adding your contact info. Sorry.

Guess will try create a zbnf farmer group for buyers n sellers n lease may b

Ujwal, the other day we were speaking about farm lands @ Dankanikottai, do you have any leads there or have to explored that part, if so how to approach.

We are also staying in Bangalore. We have our farm lands in TN and Karnataka border. If interested to join

May I know where is your farm?

Hi Ujwal, let me know if you are interested towrdsa hyd route 125 km from blore, I can help as I have farm