Leads For Buying a Farm

plz message me the details

call me on 7019666706

call me on 7019666706 i have land 70 kms from Bangalore

I am also interested could you tell us which place it is, I mean it’s in Tamilnadu/Karnataka/Adhra?


Our farm is situated near Huliyar. It’s 150 km from Bangalore.

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If anyone looking for any farms surrounding Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh please call me 9494404206, I can help you get leads.

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near Kanakapur - Sathanur

Hi Balu,

You may try here https://sfarmsindia.com India’s First Agri Land Marketplace. Select category as an Agri Land and state Karnataka. You will get the search results.

I bought land near Tandur recently. I need to connect with near by farmers & like minded people.

How much it costed and are there any more bits known to you, please?

I purchased for 10lakh per acre