Is Organic Farming / Natural Farming practical?



@ Chandra & Cowherd:
Both of Your correspondence, i have gone through.  I have recently bought a small piece of land measuring 5 acres with coconut plants. During the month of Dec 2015, i have attended the 8 day workshop on Zero Budget Natural farming by “Padma Shree” Subhash Palekar. I was impressed by his knowledge and teaching. Have mingled with many farmers who are doing the ZBNF in their farms. Around 1400 farmers across South India, 2 persons from outside the country, one researcher from USA attended the workshop.  I have not came across a single person, with negative feed back regarding effectiveness of the ZBNF methodology or techniques and the result. I have started in a small way to implement step by step the ZBNF methodology applicable to my farm.
I definitely endorse the points made by Cowherd even though  i am not an agriculturalist by profession (mechanical  Engineer turned Professor of Engineering after retirement  from the industry), but still virtue of my understanding. 

Prof Soundar, cbe


Good luck cbesound, keep us posted on how things progress.


Dear Administrators,
Thank you so much, for this excellent site. I had no idea, that people with formal college education are into farming, and are discussing about it online.

I am a Chemical Engineer who was engaged in Petrochemicals since more than a decade. Circumstances in life have lead me to own a 7 acre farm, quit my job (well paying) and go and get my hands dirty. I can’t tell you how nervous, excited, anxious I am to become a farmer. And I can’t thank the Almighty enough, for getting me to this website.

Dear Cowherd,
I read all your posts in this thread. It has really opened an all new perception towards farming for me.

April 10th 2016 I will be on my farm. Alhamdullillah, I already have 1400 pomegranate trees planted on 5 acres (Bhagwa) which are 9 months old now, and work in going on to plant around 1200 Papaya trees in the remaining area.

As for ZBNF, the truth of the taste, shall be in the pudding. And I am willing to find it out for myself. I have already bought a pair of bulls and two indigenous cows for getting into it. I am going to make sure I meet Shri. Subhash Palekar, and learn more about this.

Inshallah, I will keep all of you posted with my progress, as my farm is in infant stage(I believe).

Thanks again all of you,
Madhya Pradesh


Dear Tawakkul,
I was some years ago looking to get into farming and was about buy a land in a location where polyhouse farming is happening in a large manner. But after reading this ‘natural farming’ topic did i changed my mind and bought a land in the belt of Dahanu, Maharashtra. This topic and specifically Mr.Cowherd post were a major impact on me and the reason i promised myself not to go ahead with a chemical based farming concept and stick to only natural farming. I really thank Mr.Cowherd for showing me such a beautiful way of living.


Hi, this is Krishna Gokhale from Pune. 50 years ago chemical fertilizers did not exist. But still our farming community was happy because of traditional methods of cultivation followed by our earlier generations. So called modern methods of cultivation have taugt our farmers rampant use of Urea, resulting in Nitrogenous growth. Higher % of Nitrogen intake by plants has invited many diseases. So use of Chemical pesticides bacame rule of the game and now 80% of human ailements are emanating from unutilized pesticides residues entering in to human body. Yields also lowered phenomenally making farming an unviable profession. Many farmers have realized this mistake and have resorted to natural farming without the use of synthetic chemicals and their yield are increasing year after year.


Dear All,

Reading through all posts in this thread, I remember a few members who were a bit doubtful if Organic/Natural farming can actually work on larger areas and provide sufficient yields to satisfy major populations.

Well, while trying to study more on the agriculture, I came across a video collection on Youtube by the United States Agriculture Department - Exactly on this topic. Some of the farmers are working on similar concepts on as large as 10000 acres.

This is the link to the collection

Really goes to prove that Organic/Natural farming is really practical.

With Regards,


Thank you Sir,

Natural farming is Most suitable for Large Farms.It is sustainable farming without any expenditure. Kindly go through my post on Natural Farming Umargaon Gujarat in Bhaskar Save’s Farm where you will get lot of information with practical approach.



Dear forum farmer friends, 

Natural farming is nothing but Nature. In nature, say in forests,  suitable for that area, fruit and flower plants will exist, live, fruiting/flowering in seasons, and  All, including humans, birds, animals eat/suck and the plants do their job, in routine, every year/season, repeatedly. Nature is Great.

We too can do well with Natural farming, of any extent of land, without any problem successfully, by following our elder farmers guide lines and natural farming experts suggestions etc,  provided The said farmer had no liabilities, no over expectations.

Any extent can be managed with very less labour, by using natural remedies, without any inorganic pesticides/fertilisers,  with so many intercrops ( basing on shade loving ).

Let it be 1 acre, let it be 10, 20, 100,  200 acres, it can be managed in natural farming, with very less expenditure and less man power.

It can not be in case of  Organic farming, can not be in case of inorganic farming.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer


Well, as an organic farmer for the last several years, I do want to qualify that organic/natural farming requires time and effort to succeed.

I have encountered a number of folks who have never done any farming but lecture away on how to grow organic, merely based on a video they watched or a website article they read. Some of them are even willing to visit your farm to enlighten you and certify you are doing it right - I think everyone feels comfortable to teach farmers, who apparently are supposed be completely ignorant!  :wink:

I wish we have more organic farmers who can share their success stories here!


Dear Dr Chandra,

I am a farmer and doing organic fertilisers usage from past 12 years under the guidance of Sri Ramesh Shivanapura of Devanahalli, Bengaluru.

In the years 2006 to 2009, I was an organic certified farmer of IMO through Sahaja Samrudda of Karnataka, for banana crop. Under their periodical inspections, I have planted G9 banana and Tiptur tall Arekanut plants in 2006. Unfortunately that time there was not much organic awareness and we sold our products in regular markets. We got reasonable price and got good and healthy  yields.

It may not be out of place, to mention that my above said farm is in Dadagattu madugu village, ( if I am right, sy no is 54/1 ) Sasalu hobli, Doddaballapura taluk, Bengaluru rural dist, Karnataka, which is 65 kms from bengaluru. Of course, I have sold away that land in 2009_10.

If time permits, pl have a look of this land in which, Arekanut plants are good and worth seing, I believe.

Till now, I am following organic farming methods, to the soil by using required organic fertilisers, bio pesticides and also water soluble inorganic fertilisers and pesticidal sprays only on the plants, for making money.( not taken any organic certification).

In my opinion, organic farming is like live and let live policy. Dangerous/harmful bacteria,fungus which is living in the soil and for killing them we introduce useful/isolated bacteria/fungas, like trichoderma viride/horizanum, pseudomonas, paceilomisus, metarzium, bt, etc which will attack, kill and safe guard our plants.

I suggest farmers, though you are doing inorganic farming, use as much as bio fertilisers, natural fertilisers, bio pesticides, to get rid of soil born diseases. I , welcomes for discussions on organic farming and I can share my little knowledge.


thank you Sir,
Thank you Very Much Mr. Rao Garu for your elaborated information on Organic Farming. Initially  NEW entrants who are entering into Organic Farming are get back because of the adverse results.In this Regard I am advising the NEW Entrants to the Organic farming, to go ahead 2-3 years.Then only can get the results. The reason behind it is that the Land has to be accustomed to the Organic ingredients.So far earlier the  land is accustomed to the Chemical Manures. When we are applying Organic Fertiliser to the Land, the bacteria embedded in the it will be destroyed because of the reschedules  of the Chemical Fertilisers/Pesticides/Weedcides etc.  Hence the Land has to get prepared to consumes the Bacteria of the Organic Fertilisers. After lad get prepared to accustomed in using of Organic Bacteria it will give abundant yield one cannot expect . As has already been stated in my earlier postings COW DUNG &COW URINE are embedded 1000 Crores of Useful Bacteria to the Plants, Mankind, Environment too. This has been proved on the experiments made by several scientists Globally. It was also proved that the Bacteria  DESI COW DUNG & URINE are more powerful than that of Jersey/Holes-tine Cows.
Without using any thing one can get a better crop by applying Jeevamrutham  regularly at 15 Days intervals. In addition to that Apply “PANCHAGAVYA” Spraying once in a Month to get resistivity Power from pests and diseases. If at all found any problem need to spray AGNI-ASTRA/ NEEM-ASRA/BRAHMa-ASTRA etc. to be Sprayed when warranted. Generally if a team of farmers going for Organic Farming  in cluster of land the Pests diseases problem will not there.Moreover Certification for the Production is easy for the on the above system in a block by Agencies /Govts.

It may not be out of Place to mention that there is no other go except to go for Organic Farming to Protect the Health of the Mankind/Animals/Birds as well as to the Mother Earth and Mother Environment. I am humbly requesting all our Forum Members to Propagate the Slogan [color=green][font=arial]“PLANT A TREE AND MOTIVATE TWO”  [color=red][font=comic sans ms]Kindly correct me if any mistakes or adverse in my Posting[/font][/color]

for Vasudha Green Farms,,


Dear Dr Chandra , Dear forum Farmer Friends,

In 2006-2007, i have planted Gerbera in one acre green House, in my land, sy no 283,at Karenahalli village, Doddaballapur taluk, Bengaluru Rural Dist, Karnataka. I want to share my experience of my above said gerbera crop.

In those days, i know that KF Bioplants,pune were the leaders in Gerbera Plants, variety wise and market wise. We ordered 25,000 tissue plants of gerbera, red, white, yellow,orange/Saffron colours. They informed to fumigate my farm beds with formalin, to get a good and problem less crop. I could convince them saying that i want to go with organic bed preparation, with the help of Sri Ramesh Shivanapura of Devanahalli, and for discussions we both went to pune and discussed with their Vice president sri Kishore Rajahams sir, and convinced him and his team.

We prepared the 1 acre green house beds with 5 truck loads of Sheeep/Goat fym, 2 tonnes of oiled neem cake, 4 tonnes of Vermi compost, 2 tonnes of Stera meal, 1 ton of Rock Phospate, mixed all the above well,watered required, cured for 8 days, then added 15 kgs of  Trichederma Viride, 15 kgs of Pseudomonas florescence, 5 kgs of paceilomysis, 15 kgs of jaggery diluted in 200 ltrs of  water and applied to beds finally before plantation.

The application of above said biopesticides were repeated thrice, once in a year.

Honestly telling you all, that i had a successful crop,good yield of quality good size gerbera flowers with very good keeping quality. It may not be out of place to mention that Sri Negi sir,Vice chairman of NHM visited our farm along with Our state Horticulture officials and appreciated our  procedure, with out fumigation of the beds.

Here you all know very well that fumigation will kill all useful and harmful Bacteria/Fungas, and beds will be sterilised. In our above said process, Introduced Isolated helpful above said bacteria/fungas, will kill, and go on kill, all the harmful bacteria/fungas in the beds.

Hope you will appreciate the above said,( live and let live ) process, and get benefited by using this system.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer


Dear Dr Chandra Sir , and Dear all Forum Farmer Friends,

To be honest both Organic and Natural farming methods are practicable, provided:

A. Organic farming:  In India, in all the areas more or less ,Fym of cow and sheep/goat, are available. Like wise, poultry manure, horse manure and pig mannures are also available. Vermicompost is available and even we can prepare in our farms, with little effort.

Very good/high yields, will be on par with Inorganic/Global GAP produces.

Now in all most all areas in India, Bio pesticides are available. We can produce organic vegetables, organic fruits ,organic pulses etc and in present, marketing of organic produces, (Certified) is not difficult. International and national Certifying agencies also available in all capitals or nearby.

Even the prices for our Organic (produce )  vegetables/fruits/pulses is encouraging.( of course limited markets yet ).

By producing organic in our land, we can enrich our soils very well. Water requirement also less comparatively.

Over all Organic farming is profitable.

Natural farming:  very good, healthy, &tasty  produce we can have, our land will be well enriched.

Diseases will be very less, and crop risks are  minimal.

Yields will be very less ,when compared with any other high yield practices.

In the present scenario, where lands cost is four fold, labour  daily wages are more, (workmanship less) , it is very difficult to the farmers to maintain Natural farming.

In Natural farming the taste of the produce will be very good, healthy produce and eco friendly produce , but quality of the produce in appearance, quantity of the produce in per area is less.

Natural farming is very good for the environment, for the neighbours, for the people living, ground water quality is good and water requirement for crop is less, hence saving ground waters, good for all most all the birds and animals living nearby.

But is Natural farming is profitable to the respective farmer? Hope billion dollar question. Is it not necessary for the Govt of India and all state govts, to take some optimistic decision on Natural farming, by giving good incentives, benefits, liberal subsidies to needy Natural farmers.

Hope the best sirs.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer


Thank you Rao Garu,

We cannot compare the Open Farming with Controlled Farming . The efforts made by you in Controlled Farming is not possible in Open Farming and is also Expensive. I made severe efforts in Farm for TWO years and now it was stabilised after TWO Years. Now I am finding it is effortless in adopting Organic farming. Any way I am appreciating for your dedicated Work in Farming.
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Dear Sri Manner.s.n,

I was a certified farmer for Organic farming of Banana crop in open farming only sir.

Though,I am not an organic farmer now,  as  far as soil is concerned, I apply only organic pesticides, bio cultures and ,of course I use water soluble fertilisers for my all crops , either in open farming or in controlled farming.

Though it is costing me more, the results are satisfactory and pests are less comparatively. In Chrysanthemum crop, I am  following organic methods up to the soil and getting good results.

With best wishes ,  g.p.rao,    farmer


{My understanding is earthworms and microbes are active and mine in the top soil alone. Do you disagree that the churning is limited even if he lower layers have adequate nutrients?}

Actually this is not true. There are different kind of earthworms and each dwell in different layers of the soil and sub soil. Some are top soil dwellers, some middle and some deep. Each do their work.

another side of the discussion about earthworms and their work…
Earthworms-3.pdf (254 KB)



Thanks for the information


Go for Zero Budget Natual Farming ZBNF designed by Mr. Subash Palekar.
don’t go for vermicompost bAsed Organic , harmful for environment and health.




Thank You Sir Mr.  BAJPAI  Bhayya, how you can conclude that Vermi Compost  Based  Organic  Farming is  harmful for environment and health. Can you Provide any supporting Material for that.

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Excellent reply , Natural path is the best option , I have started and very happy , Follow ZBNF model , proven will work , sure.