Is Organic Farming / Natural Farming practical?



“During the course of their journey, the duo discovered that organic farmers were not a minority. “There are so many of them out there, but they are not aware of each other’s existence and experience. If only they all came together and shared techniques, the world will be a better place,” says Deepan.” … 321934.ece


came across this org CSA that’s providing the farmers for various aspects of sustainable agriculture
including marketing support … 930736.ece

About CSA video (only in Telugu; no subtitles)

#283 … 896768.ece

I like this model. I think many farmers out there never used chemicals and fertilizers since birth, never gave into commercial crops, they continued to farm the right way on private pieces of land for personal use, then sold privately to friends and neighbors themselves. This model from the article supports this idea of personally selling their own food to others.


Thank u Jasmine for the wonderful videos about Dharanis working :slight_smile:


Prash, you are so sweet, thanks.

Since you are going to visit Bhaskar Save farm thought you would like this. I love his thoughts on water, just use drip irrigation.

Mr.Save’ discovered that any farming methods has only five basic principal and nature help us in all.

  1. Tilling : The armies of insects like earthworms and ants, by their tunneling action, till the soil efficiently. In fact, they are better than tractors because, tractors eat oil and disturb the soil and environment too. After the initial tilling, earth worms ants and small insects in the soil do the tilling. Earthworms dig deep holes in the land and comes out for excreta. These excreta contain Manganese, Nitrogen etc., which are required for the growth of the plants & trees. Ants built a network in the soil. Through these holes and network air passes into the soil and during the rainy season water is easily percolated deep down to the root level through these hole. This will help to increase the level of water in the ground.

  2. Manure : By the ‘Buffet System’ for the soil, only nutrient used in farm is dead leaves, cow dung and organic waste matter from the other houses in the village. The farmers best friends earthworms convert this organic waste into inorganic manure. When nature provide these earthworms and manure free of cost, why should we show our foolishness by purchasing chemical & fertilizers?

  3. Water : Most farmers tend to over use water, suffocating the roots and watering near the trunk makes the roots consequently weak. In ‘ The Platform and Trench System of Irrigation’ and ‘Croton Indicator Plant’, in which irrigation is done 12 feet away from the trees, thus water requirement gets reduced to 80%. This OFS will help to increase the water level in tube wells without any expenses and efforts.

  4. Crop protection : Uses natural biological pest control. For Instant, Neem, Curry Patta, Tulasi and Cow Urine solution are insects repellent. Red Ants, Spiders and Frogs would kill, eat more than their weight of insects in a day. Owls hunt rats and many birds play there duty. In fact all the ‘Holly Books’ says that ‘We all are soldiers and not the owners of the earth and our main duty is to protect the earth’, so ‘Live & Let Live Others’. So in nature cycles, why to commit sins by using poisonous pesticides? For such sins and interferes of God’s natural cycles one have to face the consequences.

  5. Weeds and Grass : farmers think of weeds as nuisance and enemy, in fact they are nature’s blessing. Plants roots have the unique ability to convert atmospheric nitrogen into vital nutrients which benefits other plants too. Beside they ‘Clothe’ the earth, aiding the growth of soil enhancing bacteria and stop the water evaporation. So do not uproot them, only cut and feed to the animals, to get OFS material, milk and strength for the OX for transport. … 6z6-GD2POY


Dear Whiteclover,

Thank you, for sharing the information about CSA, the work they have done & are doing seems to be beyond human.

Pesticides are the root cause of most of the problems in Agriculture, decreasing or stopping their usage may not go well with the manufacturers & the dealers selling them but it is the need of the hour. Do you know that every dealer has a minimum of 50% margin on most of the pesticides. This is where they are making a boat load of money, whereas on fertilizers they are making just about 10% or even less.

Infact these dealers practice very dubious tactics to get more business, when an innocent farmer approaches them and requests a pesticide, the dealer gives him one that is relatively cheap but will give him the maximum profit although that may not be the right one for the particular problem. The farmer tries it out and comes back to the same dealer complaining to him that it has not worked. Now this dealer acts very clever and points the finger at the farmer itself saying “You did not describe the problem exactly” or “You did not tell me that it was so severe”. He makes him believe that there is a wonderful pesticide that is very powerful and will wipeout the pest, but it is costly, the farmer succumbs as he cannot leave his crop at the mercy of this pest as he has already invested considerably.
I have met so many farmers that have spent close to Rs. 5,000 per acre on just pesticides. If we can stop this madness it will solve 50% of the problems in Agriculture. This is the very reason I have pointed out in my earlier posts also that fighting against Chemical Pesticides is more of an urgent need as compared to Fertilizers.



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Agree with your views.
I was pretty impressed with their ( work/achievements too & a bit surprised that I didn’t come across them until now.

On a side note, it’s unfortunate that Jasmine chose to leave. Has been a very very active participant & valuable contributor.


Maybe our forum is turning out to be a threat to the corporates!!


I hope Jasmine rethinks her / his decision about leaving the forum, his/her posts were quite educative and I had learned about few organisations & people that I have not know earlier. I feel it was a hasty decision to leave the forum and we are going to miss his / her views in this forum.




Swamy, cowherd

I am new to the farming, i have chosen to do the natural farming because it is environment friendly.

i have decided to do natural farming without using any kind of chemicals. i have patience to fail n number of times, but never follow chemical farming.

i need guidance from u guys.

my agricultural land is about 7 acres, it was left plane  for last 8 years.  now i am planning to grow ragi, jowar and the cow grass on it. after seeing the postings of swamy,cowherd, i really got inspired to be a farmer.

my questions to u  is,

  1. since it is a plane land how do i begin with.

  2. how do i sow the seed

  3. do i need to do beejamrutha for the above said seeds.

  4. should i do the transplantation

  5. what kind of fertilizers i can use before and after the seed is sown.

please advice me. if i have to do anything more please let me know.

thanks for chandra for the initiation of the topic.




Hello mr Swamy,

i am inspired by the postings made by u and mr cowherd.
i want to follow natural farming. i need ur suggestions and help as i am new to the field. I have a land of about 7 acres in mysore. it is a dry land, it is been left as it is for past 8 years. after reading all the postings in farmnest i feel i have to go in for farming(natural farming). i have a patience to follow step by step process what ever it takes , but i want it to do only natural farming. i have few questions for u regarding the crops i am going to grow.

  1. since it is a dry land how do i start with, should i have to put any kind of natural manure before we sow the seeds
    2.should i do beejamrutha for ragi and jowar. i need to do mulching.
    4.should i do the transplantation for ragi and jowar.
  2. we r basically intending to grow rain fed crops, is it ok to grow ragi and jowar.

ur answers means a lot to me since i am seriously want to get into natural farming.



Great discussions! Thanks a lot everyone. Sometime the posts had an aggressive tone but Mods did a good work. At times the discussion veered off-topic and was a debate between Natural/ZB farming and Chemical farming. It would be good if anyone who has practiced both can share their experiences. It would be great to find out if for the same crop in the same farm - yield, quality, pests, revenue, profit, input costs, water usage, etc. went up or down.


Indeed it is a very good post.Now the situation is like that,with this much post, nobody will understand the real meaning of Natural/organic farming difference.
I appreciate for your time.
Thanks once again.


Hello Anath Sir,
You will definitely get success. No-doubt on that and you will be inspiration for any body else.
Wishing all the best.


Dear Chandraji and Cowherd ji

We have lands in Rajasthan at two different locations separated by 60 kms. One location is fully desert and another is semi-desert. We depend upon rain god only for the crops at both the locations.

This Semi-desert land has unique quality. It swells when it rains and when it is wet.
Heavy Animals, like cows, feet sink into soil by say 4" to over 6" and water absorption takes longer time than the desert land. We have very salty water some 50 to 100 ft. below the ground level. Pachpadra Salt lake and Luni river are just 15 km away from our land. Climate is very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

We never use chemical fertiliser for improving the crops. How to improve seasonal crops here with your Organic farming. Farmers clean the land with ploughing disc well in advance and the land remain uncovered for months in summer heat. They even burn the whatever bushes they cut to clean the land.

Your guidance will be of immense help to local farmers.

With Best Regards
Tejaram Choudhary


Dear cowherd,

I HAVE THE SAME OPINION AS MR.DEEPAK. Toady i am reading this subject the credit goes to the discussion had between yourself and Mr.Chandra. I would also like to be intouch with your goodself my email id is Kindly give me suggestions regarding intercropping in Jumblin plants & Gauva Plants which are just 3 months old.