Is it possible to earn one lakh or ten lakh / acre / year from farming?

Hi Guys,

The true idea is to earn a lakh per acre per year. Well thats many of our forum members dream. What to grow to achieve this ?? Any suggestions.on this front by our gurus.

Out there, are many farmers who have done it. Need less to say a host of paper less guys working as consultants promising you it can be done with out any substantial proofs.

Setting aside all the high end stuff like poly house , hydroponics etc etc. which takes a lot of capital investments.

Lets assume the basics here. one has a borewell with sufficient water. Then good electricity (3 phase ) for around 5 hours / day and an honest and a dedicated care taker to look after and above all Rs 2 to 3 lakh as capital for investment ( Seeds, manure, labor, transportation etc etc ) . Acreage for model 5 Acres.

With this as a base can any one suggest for a 5 Acre plot how to take a guaranteed Rs 5 lakh as output  I mean profit. ??

Suggestions and ideas welcome. If it works out . Single malt whiskey from me for the idea.  ;D  ;D




Theoritically: (Coz I have not achieved it, yet)

  1. 40-45 coconut trees per acre - should yield about 4000 nuts - approx 25,000 net income if you harvest tender coconuts
  2. 400 areca trees - should yield about 30 quintals of unprocessed nuts - 45,000/- at 1500/quintal. My farm which has not been tended for about a decade, yields about 13 quintals.
  3. 400 banana plants - i don’t really know the economics of local banana variety, i am assuming that I should make at least 12-15,000/- per acre. I should have the economics later this year.

I have touched 85,000 revenues with these three, if you add pepper, turmeric, ginger you should be able to touch 1 lakh mark.

Like I said, this is purely on paper as I don’t have extensive experience in farming. Let me know your thoughts.

How I came up with the numbers:

  1. I have 100 coconut trees which are highly malnourished. I probably have 10-12 trees which yield nuts. I harvested about 1200 nuts in one year from such severely malnourished trees. About 100 nuts/ tree.

  2. I have one acre of 8 yr old areca trees(not fully grown yet). Again, malnourished. They have yielded about 12-13 quintals of raw betel nuts (unprocessed) in the last two years. My farm yield has actually increased by a quintal this year when neighbouring farms reported a heavy decrease in yield! :slight_smile:

  3. I have had banana planted (local variety) last year, should start yielding later this year. I will have the economics by then.

  4. Though we have experimented with turmeric and ginger, we haven’t gone commercial yet. Will probably do it this year. So no economics available there as well.

I had the record in the recent concluded Papaya crop.
Date of plantation:- 26-Jan-2010.
Total Extent:- 3 Acres,
Total number of Plants:-2400.
Total tenure of crops:- 2 Years concluded in Feb-2012.

Number of  Fruits average per plant:- 150.
Average weight of fruit:- 1 kg 100 grms (Highest weight is 2.8 kg & lowest was 450 grams)
Average Sale rate per KG:- Rs.4/- (Lowest rate Rs.3.25 & Highest is Rs.11/-
Wastage deduction is 5kgs for fruits for each 100kgs.
Expenditure for plant is from beginning to end excluding harvesting charges borne by buyers:- Rs.150/-
90% fruits sold in Farm & 10% supplied to HOPCOMS @ Bangalore.

Total Income is Rs.14,00,000/-
Total Expenditure is Rs.3,60,000/-
Income per Acre if Two Years is Rs.1040000/-
Income per Acare per year Rs.173333/-

Apart from the Papaya, the bonus is Main Mango crop within border and Silver Oak and other fruit crops on Borders.
Few fruits had been sent to friends at Bangalore, Chennai, Hederabad, Mysore, Mangalore etc.
Finally we and our friends i.e. Birds, Monkeys, Cattle, Dogs, Chicken, Sheep and mother earth tasted them.


That is amazing, Swamy.
Is it a bumper crop you got or your normal returns?

Hi Chandra,
It was normal crop for me.
Actually, I missed inter crops horizontally for first six months in it  & other crops vertically after 6 months .
I supposed to had micro sprinkler for further more productivity instead of Drip.
Other benifits i.e milk yield out of grass collected from papaya plot is not mentioned.
If the above mentioned activities could have done, than I could get yielding up to 3 years.
Our main enemy is Water. But, our District has got very good soil  in which we grow PANCHA RATHNA’S i.e Silk,Milk,Mango,Gold,Vegetables and still continuing and sending about 100 lorry loads of vegetable per day to Madrass, AP & Andaman & Nicobar. Some extent is going to Bangalore too.

As I early mentioned in other thread, I could make further more if I did my own marketing like how my brothers son who is high school boy done Papaya and other vegetables business. I was also missed market for Papaine/Latex & dried leaves of papaya as they are also useful for preparation of medicine.

As per my calculation it is normal, others who planted the same verity was ended up within one year for mis management.
Still Iam trying to learn further more to achieve further more productivity.

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Hi Swamy,

Thats  very very interesting. People like you with your success stories are true inspiration to us.

I am amazed that by papaya you are able to get 1.73l / Acres. Thats way way ahead of what I had asked. Do inspire us with more such success stories.



Hi Swamy,

do you use fertilizers, or mix of natural/organic / npk?


Hi Murali,
My thread of Agric Tourism is for this reason.
Male will not mature if he may not travel and study the world.
Unless and until no one can get maturity if they may not try to see the world.
This is not enough for me, I wanted to achieve further more, hence my continues tour
is still going on to everywhere where to gain knowledge and efforts to show that what best I can.

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HI Swamy

To assist others also in their endeavours, could you kindly post the management/orchard practice that you had done?


Swamy, you should post a detailed papaya package or practices you follow and how you market, preferably as a dedicated topic.

Another interesting topic: … s-of-land/

and a reply to my question would be greatly appreciated

Hi Swamy,

Some five of us had met this 21. So we will plan and make a visit to your farm.



I am game.  Let me know when would it be.

To earn 1 lakh/acre is possible depending on the place i.e.location of the farm.I have experiace the high price of vegetables in Delhi,Bangalore,Mangalore and in Mumbai too.In these places track gardeners should get even more than lakh.Any  body interested mail me for advice at

Dear Ghosh,

This post has been read 361 times. means many are interested. Lot of we guys are still “fence sitters” to be honest. Only Mr Swamy has been kind enough to show us some light at the end of the tunnel.

If you have the technology, ideas, or proven methods kindly share it with all the forum members.  You would be treated like a “Pied Piper” and like rats, enmass we all will follow you  ;D  ;D

Sorry please dont take it personally, If you are a consultant or wanting to share info only on payment basis, Spell it out on this forum, like your charges, your consultancy rates, etc etc. So that every one on this forum will be benefited. Also how you would achieve it.

Sure if you can assure one lakh / acre / year, many will share their profits with you. It should be a proven concept. No polyhouse or other prohibitive high end stuff where you invest a minimum of 30 to 40 lakh to see a lakh at the end of year. 



Mr.Murali it seems you are in vicinity of bangalore and  i assure you to keep success rate 95 % ,if  not more


Hi Murali,

I guess you could earn 1 lac/acre.

Depending on the geographical location, plant either coconut/arecanut.


You should be able to plant around 50 coconut plants in one acre easily.
Grow pepper vines by trailing them onto the coconut trees (I guess coconut trees need to be older than 20 years or so).
Intercrop Banana/Casava/Elephant Foot Yam/Cocoa etc.
You should be able to plant minimum around 750 banana plants (as intercrop).

The economics will work out to be:

50 tress X 100 nuts per year * 5 Rs each = Rs 25000
2 Kg of pepper X 50 X 250 Rs (this is at the low end) = Rs 25000
675 bunches of bananas (considering 75 of them fell prey to climate/pest etc) X 250 Rs = Rs. 168750

Total = Rs. 218750

Note: Pepper will take abt 7-8 years to achieve the max yield potential.
You can also intercrop Nutmeg and Cocoa.

I am planning to implement this sometime next year. Hopefully I will be able to give the exact numbers then. :wink:


Hi Swamy,
    this is really impressive . Please share details . I will follow up on this with you .


[b]Hi friends,

I am an organic farmer from Yavatmal District of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state. My region once  famous for cotton now a days defamed for farmer suicides.
I am in a process of searching sustainable solution to overcome this problem.
I have planted eucalyptus clones on 90 acres (50 acres irrigated + 40 acres non-irrigated) out of 135 acres of my family holding situated at village Ghui, Taluka Ner,District Yavatmal.

This thread tempted me to approach for seeking help and guidance on profit sharing basis 50-50  to set up a sustainable small demo farm at Ghui with guaranteed profit target of INR 1Lakh per acre per-annum for which we can discuss the details on skype (orgagro), yahoo messenger ( or phone 919423089706 / 917232245567 / 917232288724.

If materialized we can set up a blog posting day to day updates of facts and figures related to setting up a new profitable venture from the scratch.

I appeal all experts / achievers / success trackers to come forward to set up a path finder project in this region.

Awaiting favorable positive response.

Thanks and regards

Anant Joglekar
9423089706 [/b]


Is there any rubber growers here.  When i visited one of my friends farm, he assured me that he has around 1.5 L from 1 acre.  My plan is to go for around 1100 plants ( 5 acres ) of rubber.    Would i meet these target? ( i know i have to wait 6-7 yrs).

Will timber plants like Melia Dubia, teak, Gmelina arborea, Silver Oak  in combination fetch the target, i plan to have it in rest of my farm.  And there is always place for fruit and vegetable of all variety for our consumption.

How about medicinal plants?.