Is it possible to earn one lakh or ten lakh / acre / year from farming?


That is normal, we had record of earnings of 5 lakhs in 6 months in one acre crop of Tamato. This record was once in blue moon only.


Dear Hegde,
The crops will meet your expectations in Feature, plan for immediate income generation along with soil purification and upgrading its rich biomass and fertility to grow healthy crops.


Hope I have provided maximum informations, please call me for any clarifications.


Yes we have record of 5 lakhs earning once in while in 6 months from one acre in Tamato crops,
We had this record when we won the market gamble.
This can be common for all crops, beating market is nothing but earning  more from produce.


If we dedicate our self to understand nature, our land and our requirement, than every one can achieve the success.
You can also win, nothing is impossible if we decide to do something. All the best.


Hope I have shared everything, I can guide any one if they may need any thing.


Dear Sir,
We can discuss for further fruitful feature.


Dear Swami,

Thanks for your kind words and excellent online support. You have brought a lot of cheer on many faces. If this is so, then who cares for a JOB, yes your own definition of Just Obey Boss.

Now considering this, can you let us know what would be an ideal cost for land assuming the basic needs.




Dear Murali,
Owning LAND & LIFE PARTNER are ONCE IN LIFE TIME (It may not be true in some cases).
Owning of land depends on our choice, comfort, convenience etc.

However If any one can happy with all or any other reasons, than they cannot compromise with price.
Iam sure that the land we rejected today for a sum may not available for the said price on tomorrow.
Nowadays, the major exploitation is from middlemen. Other wise any one can love to give more than expected to a Farmer if he is honesty.

In feature land may not be available for all even if they have plenty of money because land is deteriorating in the same speed as population is growing.

I can help with my knowledge to find lands any where in country as I have little network within my reach from Himachal to kanyakumari.


Dear Members,
It is just and necessary for all to achieve something good from their efforts in their lands.
The happiness will you get from your achievement cannot be measured with any terms.

As Murali offered to extend ideas to increase productivity in your farm lands, Iam ready to extend my expertise to improve your land productions for income generation. I may be paid for my efforts and services too.

If any one may interested than reach me in the below contacts.


Hi Swamy - did you say all your crops are 100% organic?


No. Mixed with Organic and Chemical, fertilizers. I have tug of war with my brother to have natural farming, But still he is not able to leave love on chemical as he is an Govt Officer addicted with govt. policies. But, he is happy to get invite all of his friends to see the results in our land, I can see his happiness while he explaining about crops to his friends on his own version.


Thank you for being forthright about your expectations, Swamy. If possible, please detail out what members can reach out to you on the forum for and what you would like to offer as a paid service on phone so members can contact you appropriately.
Of course, you can add a post about your services under FarmNest Ads too.


Members can reach me on the forum for and what expertise they would like to implement in their farm.
Paid service is for my personal visit to understand the issues and advising/resolving any issues if required.


Swamiji ko jai ho.  ;D

All the expectant consultants who are leeching the forum should take a leaf from Mr Swami.  We all appreciate your valuable suggestion and your forthright thinking in clearly spelling out your requirements.




You got out a lovely and lip licking topic. A bottle of Whiskey anytime to you Murali. :wink:

Thank you and always Swamy is there with proven results and ideas.

Thank you both.

As you all know nothing can happen without planned hardwork and a bit of luck. I would surely like to visit you Swamy. I am from Hyderabad and people interested can join me, we can plan a date and also anyone else on the way please let me know to visit you as well.



Hi Srinivas,

I think I have more of them in stock, Fresh from CSD canteen  ;D  ;D. Yours any day welcome.

The idea was a lot of IT guys had got a feed back that in agriculture you cannot make that type of money. Now atleast for fence sitters like us, Swamy, AK and other have given positive feedback. That was the reason one can venture out to have 10 Acres.

So earning a lakh / acre / year will not put a strain on you.  :astonished:




I think the main point here is not how much you can make but how much you can make consistently

Having heard experiences ranging from 20000 an acre to 10 lacs an acre, the range seems to be in both the extremes and it depends on a lot of factors ranging from environmental to technical

Previously there was a discussion on the board on what is the best scenario / cropping pattern and income generation models etc and everyone had a view point but on hindsight I think that is what it is opinions for wannabes like us.

experienced farmers will tell you that there is always a different story every year which can make the renumeration vary from one end of the spectrum to another

I personally get a feeling that setting a target is not realistic for wannabes like me, I would rather view it from another angle

i.e. how much money I would require to sustain myself (based on lifestyle choices) & my family each year, this will be the biggest factor in deciding how I would plan about the transition into a full time farmer

and what if everything fails, can I have some kind of backup plan where I could look at going back to what I was doing earlier either part time or full time, this also needs to be looked at during the transition where I know I have some kind of assured income while I am transitioning and it would also help if I have some kind of reserves for emergencies

bottomline is we need money to survive, how much depends on individual choices but current responsibilities, financial strength is a major factor which will decide where we end up eventually

most people are good and helpful, they will help to the best of their abilities during the transition but consistent and assured financial backing during the transition is something that is dependent on oneself only

Murali: you had a question on what is the realistic price for land, there is no clear cut answer to that. keep everything aside, assume you have 1 crore rupees to invest in a project

there are many financial modelling rations like NPV, BCR, IRR that can be used to evaluate the potential rewards and hand in hand you can analyze the risks and build a strategy to mitigate it but all in all it is a gamble

using this case, someone like atul (see hydroponic capsicum cultivation) has very less land holding (and he could have brought it at a premium) but his revenue model seems to be working

so no matter you pay 80000 an acre or 25 lacs an acre, the price of land can translate into rewards based on what value you can draw out of it and to draw out more value you may need more investment, efforts and luck

one of my relatives has some land down south (inheritance), the land value is quiet high in that area but all he is doing is growing grass with minimum investment and selling it as fodder @ reasonable returns and he is happy

now to take the original question again, what is a realistic price of land. if I have the confidence and means to extract an average of 10 lacs as net profit yearly then I would not mind paying lets say 10 lacs an acre ??

there is a dude on one of the other forums, who has around 3.5 acres land holding near kodaikanal (i think), he has a complete polyhouse setup and selling flowers directly to bangalore, mumbai to the big players. he is selling out as he is migrating and asking for 70 lakhs for the whole project, how much do you think he must be earning yearly? he started this pretty early and i think he has made full paisa vasool of everything he has put in till now

if you buy the project from him, what value would you put to the following

  1. cost of the actual land
  2. infrastructure
  3. business (exisiting clients, production chain, future potential, present orderbook etc)

this dude is highly educated, retired army guy

similarly in denkakotai (pardon my spelling) less than 100 kms from bangalore one guy is selling similar around 3.2 acres i think with a 3000 sq mt polyhouse cultivating gerbera, a smaller one cultivating capsicum. typical village guy I had to use a translator to speak to him as I could not understand his tamil / malayalam (normally I do)

he is asking for 9lac an acre and if I had made him an on the spot offer of 6-7 he would have sold, though no visibility on sales, production and orderbook

but the common thing in both these properties is that fully fenced, all infrastructure in place, close proximity to major cities and basically premium location



Dear Swamy,

First of all my congratulations on your great achievement!  Secondly, thank you for sharing details of your yield and income very candidly on this forum!  Thirdly, success stories are the need of the hour, to convince people that hard work and sincere attempts can bring in not just good income, but more than that a wonderful sense of contentment!  And finally, your offer to help interested people with advice and information, a very rare tribe indeed!  Keep it up!

All good wishes to you in everything you do.  I would surely like to pay you a visit sometime, to meet and interact with you and learn the finer points of making agriculture more profitable.

Best regards,



Dear John,
The happiness we get while sharing something with other cannot be earned & valued in any other terms.
Every moment is learning process for me to gain more knowledge to update myself otherwise i will be outdated.
Gaining more knowledge is nothing but simplifying the hurdles to reach my goals.

In fact Iam doing lesser work in my farm than what i was worked in my JOB & enjoying my life with satisfaction.
Wishing interested people also to have great success in their rest of life as knowledge is not some one property,
any one can earn it if they try for their own happiness.