Is early flowering a problem in red lady papaya?

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Red lady papaya plants are in 4th month after planting. They were 45 days old when planted. Now are around 4-5 feet height. Some of them already are flowering. Is it ok for the plant to start flowering this early? Read some where that this might put lot of load of plant. i.e fruits will consume more nutrients than plant growth. Also weight of fruit may break plant.

Please let me know if flowers to be removed Or can continue as it is. How much time it takes from flowering to harvest. What steps to be followed for removing flowers. Till now have not sprayed any stimulants for flowering. Please let me know.


Dear Sri Sai,

Generally, after plantation of Red Lady Papaya, it will take around 4-1/2 months to 5-1/2 months, to start flowering, from the day of planting. After flowering , it will take around 4 to 4-1/2 months, for harvest statge.

TRY TO THIN OUT, ODD SHAPED, MAL FRUITS from the tree. When Fruits are good shaped/sized, does not matter if it is 10 days before. Generally, Red Lady Papaya fruits will be harvested after 8-1-2 months to 9-1/2 months time from the date of planting the seeds.

If the flowering/fruits are seen well before the maturity, they/their size will not be up to the standards.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear G.P.Rao Sir

Thanks for your response. Planted 45 Days old saplings 3 months back. So total age now from seeding is 4 1/2 months. Sir do you think it is early flowering?
As per your response of flowering at 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 months after planting…my plants are flowering almost 1-2 months ahead. Is it better to remove flowers coming now to let plant focus on growth? Please let me know.


Dear Sri Sai,

generally , Red lady papaya, plantations gives fruits almost after 9th month ending , and gives good fruits till 12 to 15 months from start of harvesting, provided the crop is good from germination , to flowering, to good pollination , fruiting, growing and good till harvest.

I suggest you to, Pl show your plants to representatives of Known you seed co, tumkuru, rep by sri Venugopal. On request he or his nominee may come to your farm, on request and they will guide you suitably, after thorough inspection, as the seeds , Red Lady papaya ,are of their company, M/s Known you seed co                             


you can contact the local Horticulture officer and got your plants inspected and their
opinion may be gathered.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,      farmer

hi saimn

Did you use any Plant Growth Regulator along with Fertilization, ?

eg: Gibberellic Acid powder or any other plant hormones/ growth regulator.

Hi Rohit

Nothing till now. I have sprayed some pesticide & also cow urine to control white flies.


Dear Sai,

I also grew red lady papaya couple of years back.

From the pictures you posted, I guess the flowers are male. The female flowers will follow after few days. That is my assumption and please get the same confirmed from experts. I personally feel that you should simply let them be. And give water only as much is required until you see the formation of fruits. Avoid over watering during flowering.  Once the fruits reach 200 gms and above, you should consider increasing the water gradually.
Consider boron(125 gms/100 litres) & zinc sulphate(200 gms/100 litres) spray at this stage only upon consultation.

Few tips: Few farmers in my area give groundnut cake extract through drip (soak the groundnut cake in water, filter and pass in drip). This is done when the plant starts to fruit. And after every harvest (may be weekly or 10 days once), they spray shampoo water. By doing this they feel the fruit will have good appearance, and also avoids fruit flies and other pests which get attracted when papain fluid starts to trickle after plucking.

Good luck

Hi Guru

Thank you. Those are few good tips to follow.

Best Regards