Intensive cultivation of organic moringa ( ICOM ) for leaf biomass

I have experimented with 8 lac moringa plants in one hectare field . Dr.Foidl experimented 10 lac moringa plants in one hectare in Nicaragua .seeds were sown at 10 CMS × 10 CMS in Dr.foidl ’ s field and nearly 30% mortality was noticed during second year .so I analysed the causes and reduced the numbers by 20% to sow 8 lac moringa seeds by allowing space for walkway through the field for effective cultivation . Field was ploughed 45 CMS deep and soil were pulverized to fine tilth and
100 MT of well decomposed farmyard manure was worked out in soil during last ploughing . And before sowing , 5 MT of bio-fortified manure was broadcast over the bed .Aim of ICOM is to produce 500 MT of fresh leaves in about 9 harvest @ 35-40 days cycle .Upon drying and processing this gives out 50 MT of dry leaf powder .One MT of certified organic moringa leaf powder sells @ $ 15 -20 thousand in international market .For 50 MT it is $ 0.75-1.0 million .The INR value is Rs.5-7 crore per ha per year .
A good drainage , organic manure ,and liquid nutrients , neem and bio-pesticide spray for preventing insect pest and diseases are scrupulously followed for obtaining huge biomass . Global demand for moringa products is $ 10 bn in 2025 !
Before upscaling this project , I tried this in small area of 25 cents and succeeded in obtaining luxurious growth and yield of biomass


Will ODC 3 or PKM1/2 Suit for Leaves ?

For better nutrient value and yield ODC 3 is best

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Thanks --Pit Size shd be small for this kind of numbers

I also thought cd try 50 Cents --Shd it be Drip Irrigated ?


‍For leaf production ,no need for pitting just you can sow seeds in the soil .
As the name implies ,intensive cultivation aims for huge biomass generation and it is around 65000-70000 litres of water required per hectare a day .
Usually in normal cultivation at least 10-20 % leaves would go waste due to yellowing and over-maturing of leaves on account of insufficient water and uneven distribution of plant nutrients across the field .
When you aim for overseas market , besides being a certified organic product , it is the colour , fineness of leaf powder and nutrient value that fetch you premium price .
The suitability of ODC 3 moringa for leaf production is determined by its fast growth rate , comparatively high leaf nutrients , color of leaves . High level of amino acid in ODC 3 is responsible for more palatability and easy digestibility .
You can commence production in small area like one acre or one hectare initially .

Hi, I am ready to do moringa cultivation is it there buy back guarantee?
If so happy.

This is one Mr.Deepchan Mumbai …He was asking for organic moringa leaf .Why don’t you cal this gentleman …
As for me I am just writing articles on Agriculture for the benefit of general farming community during my flip hours . And I never been directly involved in any kind of business .Anyway you can search further for more info

Tku…I will go through


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Please Provide your contact details
We have requirment obc moringa powder ,

Price ?
Organic certificate

Thank you sir … Actually I did this model project for my friend outside the country . It is certified by ecocert and already moved into export market . Here I posted this for the notice of members as a case study .Due to covid 19 pandemic , I really feel more relaxed to write something for the benefit of farmers who are interested in moringa farming and would like to continue writing until I get back into my regular work schedule .

This person is producing moringa leaf powder from 200 acres of CULTIVATION in Davanegere , Karnataka and has asked me to connect him to the buyers of moringa leaf powder …Better pl call this man for your requirement .

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Dear Ramu sir
Can I get your farm location and contact number please

I am not owning any farm sir .I am with Agriculture department . I just guide our farmers with our expertise on the selection of right variety and production methods and post success stories online . I can arrange for a field visit after COVID 19 restriction is lifted .Just 3 months back , group of farmers from Hubli ,Karnataka visited ODC 3 moringa field and took lot of photos in the field .I think one Mr.Kiran from Hubli called me for arranging for his fellow farmers to visit ODC 3 moringa field .
I am being shifted every three years ,sometime in one year from one place to other .
Anyway I will find a way to help you if you desire to visit the field after covid issue is cleared off .

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Cuban president Fidel Castro hailed and acclaimed the uniqueness of drumstick grown in Tamilnadu . The Cuban medical team headed by Dr.Campa huergo ,Head of Cuban Findlay research institute was sent by Fidel Castro to India to study about moringa plants . This team first visited Tamilnadu and learned that the native moringa variety growing in the foothills of westernghat was known to possess amazing pharmaceutical properties and health value due to high level of amino acids present in native moringa .Dr.Campa took moringa seeds to Cuba and Fidel Castro planted it in his farm and confessed his stomach ache believed to be cancer was completely cured after he ate moringa leaves regularly . TN Moringa is grown everywhere in Cuba and Cuban medical research says Indian moringa significantly enhanced immunity that saved people of Haiti island from Malaria .Traditional moringa variety always carries the taste , aroma ,flavour , food and pharmaceutical properties . Even though other countries grow moringa ,it is south Indian moringa that is preferred much by overseas buyers for its high nutritional and pharmaceutical value . This is one of the reasons how Cuban people developed immunity against COVID 19 .!


Will you pl share yr Number and I like to call you if you can talk for sometime


Sir, do you have information about the approximate cost per acre.

Cost depends upon the intensity of cultivation
Land preparation -5 ploughing
Farmyard manure - 40 MT
Labour for bund cleaning ,bed formation - 10. MEN
Biofert - 10 lit
VAM - 40 kgs
Neemcake - 200 kgs
Trichoderma viride - 5 kgs
Beaveria bassiana - 5 kgs
Pseudomonas - 150 kgs for foliar spray
Panchagavya - 100 lit
Neem oil - 50 lit
Labour for planting
Men - 6
Women - 50
Labour for weeding - 40
Drip irrigation or micro sprinkler
Harvest - 100 women , 5 men
Labour for spraying and irrigation
Overhead cost
Since cost of labour and materials vary place to place , you can work out your cost as per prevailing rate . And kindly see that this is an intensive organic production method and does not require any synthetic fertilizers or chemical insecticide and weedicide
Only labour be hired for weeding .
First harvest commences in about 60 days after sowing and subsequent harvest is made at 40 days cycle .
Staggered sowing is essential in order to make harvest at right time and optimum maturity and one time sowing will cause part of the plantation over mature if and when left unharvested in due time .
Further the moringa crop once sown continue to stand in the field for over 5 years with continuous production of biomass , deep ploughing , fortification of soil with enriched organic manure is most essential precondition for the establishment of healthy ICOM .

Kindly call this number +919986656155
For your requirement .One Mr.Reddy from Davanegere Karnataka is having moringa leaf powder for sale

We spoke this Morng