Integrated Farming Project for Consistent Income - request for suggestions

Hi All,
I am planning to start a integrated Project with consistent profit expectation, requested put your thoughts so that It will help me to over come the hurdles.

I have 6 acres of land with 2 bore-wells in Tumkur District, Karnataka.
Currently growing traditional crops like paddy, Groundnut etc.
already 100 coconut trees in 3 acres might yield in another 2 years if maintained properly.

Planned Project

  1. 8 to 10 gunta (1/4 of an acres ) farm Pond (Krushi Honda) at elevated place
        this will be divided in to 5 parts to accommodate 1000 fishes in each pond, size will be vary depends on fish age for ex: starting one will be very small just to accommodate 1000 fingers of fish which is moved to next bigger pond in a month so on . the Idea is we should get 800-900 Kg  fishes every month through out the year.

  2. On top  the fish pond constructing 4 small desi chicken or Swarnadhara chicken sheds  with 300 capacity: Idea is to get 400 to 500 hens per month. these will be let free in the whole 6 acres to graze.

  3. Near to pond cow shed to accommodate 4 cows. to get  60-80 lts of milk every day. 3.5 acres where already coconut plantation  is there, plant 2000 banana preferably yellaki , Pepper and coffee.

Idea is to get 500 Kg banana per week.

5.Pomegranate Plantation in 2.5 acres along with Papaya as Inter crop and in another 1/2 acres of Co2 fodder.

  1. Melia Dubia (Hebbevu) along with other timber/fodder trees on the borders of the form.

  2. One beautiful farms house for me and two sheds one for storage and other for servants

Expected out put per week:

  1. 75 Nati Chickens

  2. 200 eggs

  3. 200 Kg fish

  4. 300 - 500 Kg banana ( this wil be maintained after the first crop)

  5. 300 lts of Milk

  6. Papaya pomegranate, Pepper,Coffee etc will be the yearly yield may be after 2 to 3 years.

Approach is fully organic with manure from Cow. chickens and mulching.

so seniors/expert please guide me how can i approach it.

I will update  progress report in this thread.

though Unnecessary I am putting bit of my introduction.
Born and bought in village I mean agri family. worked in IT for 10 years ( 2 years of abroad). recent quit to start a business.
as I am very keen to agri a year back purchased 3 acre of land which is adjacent to my ancestral land.

Thanks in Advance

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good luck,

U need to think on green fodder for your 4-5 cows ,which will be 80-100kg s per day .


Very good decision Ganesh,

What is the reason behind moving from IT to mother nature ( agriculture ), the project detail is well planned and looking good. First thing first, you need detailed costings to establish your dream project and you ready to make your hands dirty and spend with rest of your life in field with people who need different kind of language ( if and but) and lay down approach.


there are many reasons…Seriously wanted to try something different in agriculture as and wanted to spent rest of the time with my family is the main one.


you might also consider preparing your own FYM (farm yard manure) or since u already plan to have cows you could consider readying your own vermicompost. One more thing instead of having 4 cows may you can have 3 cows and 1 bull, we started with 3 cows and 1 bull (still in their calf stage when we got them to our farm) ) now we have 4 cows (2 calves born this year) and expecting one more soon,think abt it and all the best…

Hi ,

Do plant some long term timber . Sandal wood, poplar , neem .

First two  will be good for commercial value and Neem will provide good shade and pure air .


Well Done Hearty Congratulations and all the Best in entering into Mother Earth’s fold. No doubt initially you may feel Fatigue, teething Troubles, but ultimate result is in-explainable Bliss and Happy. One way  feeling of serving to the society and other way unbelievable Income . I am suggesting you to go for one "Vermi compost Pit to better use of Farm waste while getting organic Manure. I am suggesting you to go for “Yogik Khethi” . The farming method is following Organic and Natural Farming while getting the Power of Almighty through yoga to your  Farming. This has a Proven performance and showing Miracles in Gujarat,Maharashtra,Rajastan etc. states.
I f you are interested I will send you the full details of this Farming.

Thank you With Best Wishes,
for vasudha Green Farming,

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wonderful venture I think we are the same breed of IT professionals who are quitting their job to start theirs own venture. I have also started the same business but in Uttar Pradesh. let’s share our experience in the field and get benefitted.

May be you are planning chicken sheds like shown below picture. I had seen this in GKVK, this was first developed by Dr.Rudraradhya of agriculture dept. He has expressed concern on scalablity of this.

I have checked with locals they said, in winter chickens get cold. also infants less than 1 month old also needs brooding, you cannot keep them directly here. that means you need a secondary shed for brooding.

I am not poultry expert, you will have to validate these points yourself. try to go with plan A,B,C(if planA doent work you should have plan B ready)

Swarnadhara: I have heard it consumes lot of food. At present Eggs are sold at 12rs/piece and 18rs for a day old chick. Now all the eggs are going for hatcheries, when saturation happenes eggs will go for consumers. native and giriraja eggs are sold at 6/-(10/-retail).
If this happens swarnadhara will be one more EMU.

Giriraja is better in this respect. Laying rate of swarnadhara is 180/year and giriraja is 280/year.

So stall feeding is not economical at all for these two verieties. then scalability also an issues(if stall feeding is not possible).

Summary: Try everything with baby steps for trying new things.

Going for multi crop is always advisable. Try to include some greens and vegetables also for daily income in High raised bed would be very useful, which can be made in the coconut and banana.
Some flowers such as Marigold will certinly help.
CO4 is more palatable than CO2. in the feeds also we can intercrop with multicut chola, velvet beans, mulberry etc., to have whole some feed for the cows. high yield cows need more attention, better to start with lesser yield.

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Congratulations on your career decision.

Along with your planned activities:

  1. you should plan for a vegetable patch since you are so close to Bangalore. The city folks will die for fresh organic vegetables.
    2.  Build a small 10 Gunta green house if space allows. Use that area for growing things that can not grow outdoors due to outside weather. For example coriander, leafy vegetables during peak monsoon.  Broccoli during summer. 
  2. Plan your farm house such that you can rent it (entirely or parts of it) for weekends/long weekends to small groups. That is additional income and customers are walking up to your shop.

How do you plan to market your produce? Anything you can do to cut the middlemen and  reach the end customer directly will boost the earnings. You have huge market right next door. I would be happy to share my thoughts.

Good luck.

I went your path about 2 years ago after ~20 years in IT.  I am starting with land in western ghats that is taking more time to build infra.


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Then you have lot to share. Why dont you think of jotting down all your experince and make a write up and put it on [color=blue]farmnest wiki[/color]

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Dear Buddies.

yes please share your experience so far. After 16 years in corporate, I am also in your path, and my experience so far with land purchased shared so far.

Regarding integrated farming, would like to share that demand for organic foods are increasing but we can not just focus on local market demand. to keep better price realisation, it is always need local as well as export market. Japan and US have huge potential for organic products. But a small farmer or small acerage can not do that. Recently a Japanese firm was in requirement of Pineapple in huge qtty with min cultivation of 1000 acere.

So there is market for all farm products thing is that right marketing and right combination of supply. Any big customer need continues supply. 

One other thought coconut price is getting costlier now. 2 yrs back it was just 3 now whole sellers pay rs. 10/- and people are getting aware of cocount products.  Kerala cocounut plantations need min 60% replacement due to over age, So the demand is going in increase.  One acre land can hold 60-70 cocount and can produce min 120 cocount per year/tree . means 1 acere can produce Rs 75K. In between cocount tress we can cultivate some other crops too even CO4 for fodder.

Members requested to share to optomize income from any type of crop combinations .

rajan mathew

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Hi All
i am from Telecom Background
I had purchased a 62 Acres of land in Madhugiri 95 KM from Bangalore 3 years back
I have started construction and development of farm from last 1 year, which includes
1.  Milk Dairy (Housing facility for 100 cows ( 98% completed) and we have 6 Acers of Green fodder and 160 tons of dry fodder in stock
2.  Housing facility for 1000 Sheep’s Under construction (we have 200 sheep’s and counting)the housing facility is still under construction, we have agasea, COFS26 and Alfalfa crop for feed and fodder
3.  12000 Chicken breeding Facility under construction
4.  We have 40000 Fish breeding facility (we have 10000 fishes at present)
5.  4000Silk worm facility (under construction)
6.  We have 20 Acres with drip irrigation for Vegetables (under development)
7.  We have 20 Acres for grains + 8 Acers for fruit (under development)
I had done a 12 years of research in India, Europe, Russia, Africa and American in animal husbandry Horticulture and agriculture and taken several trainings
Practically the ground realities are different from theory and from class rooms
I have undergone all kind of headache, pain and difficulties (but difficulties don’t know I am a die-hard man)
It is said that the more risk Then more reward, agriculture and animal husbandry is the only business where you can maximize your profit upto 200% (you need to do it rightly and timely)
I know what kind of dreams plans and vision all the newbies have
I am here to help anyone who wants to do this amazing human food producing business
You can expect help on land selection, crop selection, livestock selection or any help in agricultural field from me free of cost
I am want to help just because I have undergone all kinds of pains and difficulties and I know how it hurts
Anyone want to visit can call me or search on Google “R & K Farm Madhugiri Karnataka”
Or copy and paste the link in your browser … ebf31697af

Thanks and Regards

Ibrahim Khan
R & K Farm
Dadagondanahalli, Madhugiri, Tumkur Karnataka 572124, India
Mobile 9900998788


Mr. Khan,

Looks you have taken enough hardships and reached to this stage with experience. I always believe learning from others and imparting knowledge for betterment will make this world a great place to live.

I would want to see your business models and seek some support for my ventures. Will this weekend work for you to meet at your place?


Any one interested is welcome any time
Please Note My farm is still under development and construction
you will have a first hand under construction farm experience only
just give me a call in advance to prepare some food and snacks
Thanks and Regards

Ibrahim Khan
R & K Farm
Dadagondanahalli, Madhugiri, Tumkur Karnataka 572124, India
Mobile 9900998788

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We are in a similar phase of life like you Ganesh.

We have now got 8.5 acres of land near T.narsipura ( very close to Mysore ) and have now started the infra work ( housing and fencing ).

We wish to walk the Palekar way ( modifying to suit our needs ). We have planned to have an array of fruits and vegetables in our farm so as to fulfill the requirements of 100 households.

We wish to plan a Farm to fork model as this evade middlemen ( but yes we know its too much of hard to execute this model ).

We too have dug a pond in our field which is 50ft(L) * 50ft(W) * 6ft ( depth ).

We also had ideas of integrated farming but have now stalled it as we cant manage everything together at one shot ( sounds an uphill task to me, as I from a non - agri background ).

As I saw in this thread there are quite a few from a similar background ( IT to AGRI ), I feel we all must meet or atleast skype to exchange our views as this would help us reduce our risks and making the journey less troublesome.

Sri request you to take the lead  :smiley:.


Ibrahim Bhai,
    I will be interested to visit your farm during may 1st week and will inform in well advance . I have got around 18 acres of land  in my native couple of years ago and some basic infrastructure development is going on as of now . Me too faced lot of hurdles so its going slow paced as of now .
It will be great opportunity to visit farm which is under development .

Thanks & regards,

Dear Ibrahimbhai,

Thank you so much for your kindness and willingness to share your experience with new bies. In this time such good people doing that is also for free is very very rare, We first of all thanks God to send such wonderful person to this earth.

Now I will be traveling from Ahmedabad to Kerala by road in first week of May 2014 with family . earlier I was planned to stop at Banglore for over night stay and continues on next day morning. Seen that your farm is just 1 hours journey from Tumkur, I would like to stop and stay at Tumkur so can visit your farm along with family and gain from your rich experience to make clear for sight to our dreams to set up farm in Tamilandu. Could you please advise whether it would be convenient to visit your farm on 5th may after noon hours. ?

rajan mathew


Nice to see your plan and thanks  a lot to other members here to share their experience and views. As I read in some blogs having some Marigold and Tulsi plants in the farm will help you to control the pests to some extent.

I can proudly say that I’m also joining your community ( IT to Agri), few weeks ago bought some 20 acre land near Ongole, AP, starting the cultivation from this month as the mansoon is late this year. I’ll be visiting the farm on weekends from Bangalore and my brother will manage it for an year or two till I quit IT.

Last week I got the Govt Agricultural officer visited my farm and next week the  Medicinal plantation consultant is visiting for their views on my plans.

I’m planning to start with Reg-gram as main crop and some varieties of short term Medicinal plants as intercrop and finally 500-1000 wind breakers on borders this year. I make the farm house next year with few cows and also from next year onwards I’ll increase 10% (till it reaches 50% of land) every year to some long term Medicinal plants and Fruit plantation.

There are two reasons why I’m not making any big plans this year. First not having much budget after buying the land and second not having clarity on what should be my farm after 5 or 10 years. By next year I’ll have some farming experience and  also try to learn from others experience, I’ll finalize what I wanted to be ( by copying from others and making necessary changes as per my need as we do it in IT :slight_smile: ).

Wishing you and other friends all the best and looking forward to share each others source code ( experience ) to make the project (farming) success.


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