Hyderabad Farmnest Members' Meet 2014

All the Farmnest members from Hyderabad,
How about organizing a Hyderabad based members’ meet like the one which was organised sometime in 2012.
It would be great to flock together and exchange ideas and experiences.
We can do it around end-May/early-June and choose any of our member’s farm for the venue.
Your views please!!!

OK… OK… probably most of us are busy between our work, farm and family…
Probably, many would not have even seen this post…
No issues… have a humble suggestion…
Can we prepare a database of the HFMs, i.e. Hyderabad Farmnest Members, with names, contact nos, mail IDs,etc
This would help, besides through our posts in farmnest.com, also to directy communicate with the Group…

Probably today we don’t see much value in such a Group… but I strongly believe we would benefit immensely by sharing our knowledge and experiences, trials and tribulations…

Farming as a hobby is a rarity and those who pursue it are rarer… no harm if we can leand each other a supporting hand… 


“Calling for a meet” was indeed discussed with another HFM (copying your terminology  :slight_smile: ) during December but it didn’t go forward.
Saw this post 2 days back, typed a reply - then lost power and internet - lost the post.

Well, I think - once we gather and get acquainted, building the HFM db will be much simpler.

Anyways… let’s see when this plan materializes and we meet the fellow members.

I am relatively new to this field and this type of meeting or group would certainly helpful to exchange the ideas and knowledge. Please count me in and we can start with few people and post the progress to motivate other members.

I am in the process of procuring the land for my Integrated farming, right now I can effort some time for this group. Probably I can volunteer to start collecting the contact information from Interested members.


Count me as well, i will be in Hyderabad.

Thanks Guys,

I think three is a crowd and the more the merrier… :wink:

Anyways, rather than waiting for a large group to give their consent and agree on a possible date, time and venue, which by itself is a huge exercise, why not set a date sometime around say between middle to end of April and whoever is available let’s meet.

Venue could be the same one as 2012, i.e. NTR Garden. Other suggestions welcome…


Guys have some agenda for the meet.
1.Knowledge/experince sharing/exchange sessions.
2. Invite any expirienced farmer and have a small session of seminar.
3. Make game like identifying the seeds plants
4. Showcase your farm/terrace garden with pictures.

If anybody has surplus seeds they can share it with others.

PS: If you can avoid kids with you, you can make use of the time efficiently.

Thanks Sekhar for volunteering to gather the contact info.

Fully agree with you Sekhar that we should first kickstart the group and periodical get-togethers, however small the gathering may be. Eventually we may plan for a larger formal gathering after a few months.

We should form a farm enthusiasts’ group in Hyderabad and than systemetically work towards harnessing the collective knowldege, ideas, resource sharing/pulling, so on and so forth…

Dear All
I am new to this group but have been following for quite sometimes, Please count me in. I have been on lookout to start farming venture from quite sometimes and doing rounds of several villages around hyd, if anyone is interested in a joint purchase  of land for bigger farming you are most welcome. I would also request to share or suggest places for some good acquisition of land around 10-15 acres to start with.
looking forward for the meet
email : mantu121999@gmail.com
Mob : 09923389179

Good points; the last one was open ended but having some clear topics or sessions is the way to go.
Count me in, but I am going to be tentative for many weeks to come.

I have created a Hyderabad group in the forum that you can access and join from the forum profile - you might try and see if it is useful.

Thanks Chandra,

I tried to join the group from Modify Profile–> Group Membership; after I Join the group I am not able to come to regular Forum. Please let us know how to join this group with out loosing exiting privileges.


How about April 2nd weekend @ NTR Garden? Since we have only few interested people we can easily coordinate time and Date.

Let me know if this date works for you!!



I am also new this field and pretty much in same situation; I am trying to acquire some land for Integrated forming. See if we can meet on 2nd weekend of April and share our experiences. you can send me private message if you want to meet or discuss prior to meeting.


So, let’s fix April 13 (2nd Sunday) as the date for first rendezvous of HFMs; how about 9 am or earlier - since it would be pretty arm outdoor. Another interesting venue could be the Botanical Garden at Kondapur. We can actually take a tour and identify some trees and understand their suitability to the climatic conditions here. What do you say guys?

Your views please???
Also, Sekhar, for your database please note my coordinates below and would request others also to share theirs.

Subrat Das
Mob: 7799550001
Email: subrat_das@hotmail.com

Thanks Chandra… for creating the Hyderabad group, but unable to find where it is located.
Can you please spell out the location and some common FAQs for the benefit of the interested members.

i am fine for any day either april 12th or april 13th. Just let me know the venue

Thanks for your response sekhar, Can you share your contacts to take our discussion further

hi guys,

right now i am staying in US. but belongs to a small village near Vijayawada. i am  interested in farming as well :wink:. please count me in also.


Good to see this thread rolling - really! :slight_smile:
I’m in - however tentative if it’s going to be 13th or 20th of April. :-\

Anybody figured out how to make use of the Hyd group Chandra has advised?

Few thoughts on the Group…

Unlike an annual meet at some venue, the Group would facilitate regular exchanges of ideas, discussions on local issues and opportunities, get togethers, farm visits and talks by prominent agrculturists, so on and so forth. Like spelt out by some members earlier, to really benefit from an association of like minded enthusiasts we need to have a proper platform and rgular interactions.

Friends, I am sure together we can create immense value addition at individual as well as collective level, e.g. we can take up some collective sourcing, negotiations of plants, input materials, infrastructural elements, product marketing, etc etc…  the list is endless…

So, we should form the Group and start with our first meet on April 13th/20th to discuss further details.