Fresh lemons available in Nizamabad

Our farm has produced lot of lemons for the first time, we are having 300 Trees. What’s the best place to sell them, it’s first time harvest and no idea. Heard i can’t sell it in nearby mandi or even in Nizamabad. Any leads or suggestions please?

Need some advice on Lemon Tree Plantation–I am planning to plant around 160 Trees–Desi Variety

Any suggestion on variety, How many years it takes to yield etc --Thanks

We took Balaji Variety from Nellore to Nizamabad. 4 years will be completed by august this year and now we are seeing first harvest on most of the trees and upto now there was no proper crop. 3 and half years to see first harvest and waiting for next year harvest. Where to sell these lemons in Nizamabad? I thought I could see in mandi, but seems they won’t take these fruits.

Better you can export to Dubai or any gulf region

Can try to do, any experience with the process or suggestions to export, any little guidence?

Mail me your contact number or mail id