How to sale milk


I am from Faridabad, planning to start a Dairy farm with 100 buffalo. Any expert here please guide me how to or where i can sale milk to big dairies like mother dairy, Amul. what is their process to collect milk from small dairies.

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Hi Rakesh.
Rather than selling in dairies you should consider selling your milk by yourself in your town and the nearby towns.
If you are planning to start with 100 buffaloes then purchase your buffaloes in three stages viz.
First at the start, take 35 buffaloes then after 4 months from first purchase again take 35 buffaloes and after 8 months from first purchase take remaining 30 buffaloes.
Reason behind this is that you will get consistent milk supply from your buffaloes throughout the year.
Buffaloes lactation or milking period tends to be less than cow but considering the more demand and better pricing buffaloes are profitable.
For marketing just register a dairy firm, give it a good name according to your location.
Then establish small counter based shops in the towns you wish to supply your milk.
For primary advertising you can advertise in local newspaper and you can also do a free one time door-step delivery to your target costumers.
This is a best method i have learned from my experience.
I own 60 murrah buffaloes and 40 hf cows.
I have myself did the marketing this way and today i get a rate of rs60 for buffalo milk and rs 45 for cow milk.
And mostly important, never compromise with your quality.

Best luck for your dairy establishment.

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Yes, Co operative societies buy milk at cheap price. .
I think it is not a viable option.

Hi I would like to give some advice
Please stop using Genetically Modified animals like Jersey, HF etc… first of all these are not cow but Genetically modified animals who face host of problems just to stay alive and the milk they give A1 is main reason for spreading all kinds of diseases like diebeties to hypertension. These animals are very expensive even to maintain. Buffalo are better than jersey and HF and Indian breed cows are better than Buffalo… Brazil is one country who are flexing their Gir breed cow quality.

I would suggest you to take Gir Cow for A2 milk. Why?.. because the quality and medicinal value of Cow milk is much better than buffalo, this is a fact you can use while marketing. You can even say in your facebook post “people can add water to buffalo milk but not to cow milk”. Moreover you can stress that you are having A2 milk which is better quality than A1 milk of jersey cow. People are becoming aware of this fact. You can make Ghee from Cow milk and the quality and value of A2 Ghee is very high. People are willing to pay up to Rs 3,000 for 1 Kg A2 Ghee.

Gir Cow will need less water than a buffalo, also it is a much better, cleaner animal to look at than a buffalo. It is also a very domesticated and social animal.

The biggest benefit of a gir cow is that even if it eats fertiliser and such poison sprayed on grass it doesnt pass this in the milk.

The biggest secret of milk is - never SELL MILK. Convert it to curd… churn it… and then you get 2 products - buttermilk & curds and from this curd you can create the 3rd and most valuable product Ghee. You can claim the fact that the chemical process of MAKING GHEE FROM CURD is different from making ghee from butter . This process is not replicated in commercial industries and they prefer to make ghee from butter.

You will need 8 Ltr milk to make 1 Kg Ghee. Once it is converted to Ghee its longevity increases and can be stored for years on end. Like Wine the older it becomes the better the Ghee gets. It become easy to transport and distribute. A family requires 3 to 5 Kg ghee to cook food if used regularly. This would take away the pressure on you to sell the milk immediately, distribute it immediately especially below market value. Selling Milk instead of Ghee is like selling gold at silver prices. Thus you will require less number of clients, and you will need to sell less number to times.

You must use social media to reach more people and get more requests for delivery.

From which city you operate your dairy.

I do not operate any Diary business, Nor do I sell any services, Nor am I a Vet… you may take the information, analyze it, either throw it in garbage or use it if you find useful…

A person’s success and failure do not grantee the other person doing the same business in the same area similarly has to succeed. The reason of WHY you do a business or activity should be always greater than just the profit. That will bring perfection in what you do and profits will follow.

BuddingFarmer Sir,
[Mod edit: no personal attacks allowed]

Dear budding farmer, pls let me know one fact that,where did you get this word G M cows. As far as my knowledge goes those breeds exist in Europe as your native breeds such as gir etc… etc… exists in india.
Every race / breed has it,s own advantages and disadvantages.since we are pretty much obsessed with our own child,we can never call others children dirty ones.
I request people not to misguide others on dairyfarming ,when they don’t have hands on experience on dairying…

Which one of the below you consider misleading?

The whole essence of my post for those who are interested in Diary Business is the below six points:

  1. Dont use “Exotic Breed” as there are a number of problems with these breed. No need for fogers or “cow-cooling” systems.

  2. Use Buffalo OR Desi Cow.

  3. Cow is always better than Buffalo. Because of the value of cow ghee made from curd. It is only by this method people are willing to pay a fair price for the ghee.

  4. Dont sell milk (especially at Rs 20 to companies) but convert it to Ghee (by converting it to curds first). Compression ratio is very high 1:35. Expenses of distribution and storing come down heavily. There is no expiry date for ghee. No need for expensive coldstorage that consume exessive electricity.

  5. Try to be self sufficient in Water & Electricity by using clean energy and water harvesting methods.

  6. Use social media to reach out to customers and advertise (all free).

Dear budding farmer,
What I mean to say was, dairy is a special subject. I repeat again, that without hands on experience pls don’t arrive at economical figures & operational difficulties… these vary from place to place and state to state. How can anyone generalise things on entire country/world basis. This was what happened when certain consultants, who have only theoretical knowledge did to so many youngsters.they have miserably failed on the ground.
Love for desi cow is fine. In the name of desi cow calling other breeds useless is ridiculous.
If the so called economics of desi cow are so perfect,why so many projects around my place have shut shop. A big dairy with an establishment worth more than 10 Crores, who door delivers desi cow milk at the rate of rs 100/ltr is not able to achieve their expenses,let alone making profit.
The benefits of desi cow milk are one in the forum is debating on that.when it comes to calling other breed ,s milk poisonous is definitely not acceptable.
You have not answered my question " from where did you get the word GM cows?" This small thing itself shows that you have not done your exercise properly before arriving to a conclusion.
Dear friend, when you expect others to accept whatever you say, you should be able to digest the others version also.instead, you are in no mood to entertain any of the thoughts that fellow members expressed.
Lastly, if the milk of other breeds is poisonous, why the entire world has not vanished by this time.if that happens india will be the only country which can occupy the entire world and we would have lived happily ever after…
Thanks and good luck my friend…_____prathap.

1-Has anybody ever produced 1 kG of Ghee from eight liters of desi cow milk?
2-Are Breed like Jersey & HF genetically modified?
3-In which place of India cost of one KG of Desi cow ghee is Rs3000/-?
4-How can one get curd again after churning it?
5-Why ghee produced from curd is superior to ghee produced from butter taken out from milk?
6- What is wrong with buffalo? Does it yield a1 milk? India has the best buffalo breeds of the world.Indian buffalo breeds are popular throughout the world like exotic cow breeds in our country. Cause of denouncing buffalo was not understood.
A person giving advice to others must have bare minimum knowledge/experience on the subject.
It is highly dangerous to post advice without basic knowledge /experience .
From above points everybody can understand who is misleading?

@ buffallo… you say “The benefits of desi cow milk are enormous” which is also equivalent to “benefits of desi cow milk are better than exotic”

Exotic Breed milk is unhealthy and linked to many disease… (and since I have not personally done published research papers some of you will say I should not talk about it)…but I have quoted people who have done researches on that have proved it. Then also people who are lactose intolerant have not experienced similar discomfort with A2 milk.

One FarmNest member Khannae has honestly commented here … airy-farm/
that “My place is very hot in summer it will go up to 45degree to 47degreee in summer. you may have to install foggers/cooling systems and other cow comfort machines,
parlour milking machines cost a fortune, manure cleaning machines also too costly project cost will shoot up greatly, subsidies are difficult to get–they are like cash back after few years-no immideate benifits”. We need more people like him who can say that Exotic-breed diary is expensive.

This is all true facts of going in for exotic breed which is the trend. In India Exotic breed should only have been recommended… if at all… near hill stations and cooler climates. AND never for climates above 40 degree Centigrade. Today you see all and sundry having jersey as if they are in Switzerland… if this is not the height of silliness then what is it? And to top it all this exotic breed has so many problems and their milk A1 has been found to lead to problems. We are blindly following the whiteman’s “earth is flat” theory when we know geography as “bhu-gol”.

the Government have clearly recommended local breeds on its website… hope people belonging to that particular govt office also start recommending the same:
(see second last paragraph of this link) : … eding.aspx
“National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding has focus on development and conservation of indigenous breeds. The cattle and buffalo genetic resources of India are represented by 34 indigenous breeds of cattle including Rathi, Gir, Kankrej, Tharparkar, Sahiwal, Deoni, Hallikar, Khillar Hariana etc. and 11 breeds of buffaloes including Murrah, Jaffarabadi, Mehsani, Surti etc.
Indigenous animals are sturdy, endowed with quality of heat tolerance, resistance to diseases and have ability to thrive under extreme nutritional stress. Global warming is likely to increase incidences of animal diseases particularly viral and protozoan diseases in crossbred animals. Therefore, there is a need to take programmes for development and conservation of indigenous breeds.”

It is saying very clearly “dont buy Exotic breed as diplomatically as possible” but encouraging people to buy for Local breed (both cow and buffalo) instead of exotic breed…

What is A2 milk?
Goat Milk is A2
Buffalo milk is A2
Desi Milk is A2
Some (not all) of even the exotic breed are A2… as it has been cross bred with A2 cow.

There is noting wrong with Buffalo… but there is a slight difference in the quality of their fat as is in their body and temperament …The Ghee of a Cow is in liquid form at body temperature. The Ghee of a Buffalo is still slightly solid. This ghee is preferred from lighting the lamps, to making food. That possibly alters the digestion process and medical application. Also the dung & urine of Desi Cow is important in biogas, agriculture, and as pesticide. This way there is little wastage and optimum use.

But why are we discussing ghee here?
Because it is the easiest and cheapest way to store milk for a very long time. There is no special equipment required for that. Even the fuel can be sourced from biogas which is made from cowdung. Its cheaper AND easier than Investing money in cold storage and then spend more money while using it. This is especially important for a beginner or small scale diary farmer. Else if he cannot find enough clients he will be forced to sell the hard earned Milk at the cost of Mineral water to bigger Diary companies (around Rs20/-). If he try to sell the volume of milk himself it will be difficult if people are not lining up at his house. Then he will have to employ delivery people +vehicle+fuel which again will lessen his income. If people are not happy with my method and very happy to sell milk at Rs 20 then good for them.

Who will pay higher amount? Today one cannot expect to sell above the existing market prices due to prices set by bigger companies… by using methods similar to bigger companies. This unique opportunity that there exist a way to make ghee that is not very convenient to large companies focusing on profit from sale of milk. This ghee and its by product butter milk is useful for treatment of many things from ENT problems to Malaria as per Ayurveda.

There are many uses of Ghee:
Many Uses of Ghee :

For Body Massage-Abhyanga. Apply ghee all over the body, rubbing into head, chest, limbs, joints and orifices. This will bypass the digestive system and allow the qualities of Ghee to penetrate directly into the deeper tissues. It is said that 60% of what is placed on the skin is absorbed into the body. We literally “eat” what we put on our skin. Western science has discovered that massaging the skin creates endorphins or peptides, which enhance the body’s immune system. Peptides are thought to be the vehicle that the mind and body use to communicate with each other, a literal chemistry of emotion. According to the Charak Samhita, regular Abhyanga slows the aging process.
Ghee is used in Purvakarma, (early Panchakarma) where a small amount of Ghee is taken first thing in the morning by the practitioner to oleate the internal organs and “dissolve” the ama or toxic wastes in the tissues, allowing them to be carried to the digestive tract for elimination.
Ghee is used as a carrier or “yogavahi” for herbs and bhasmas because of its supreme penetrating qualities and thus ability to carry these substances deep into the dhatus or tissues.
One or two teaspoons first thing in the morning followed immediately with hot water will promptly produce a bowel movement. It will also warm the body quickly. Two spoonfuls of Ghee in warm (non-homogenized) milk before bedtime is soothing to the nerves and lubricates the intestines and facilitates a bowel movement in the morning.
Ghee is excellent for cooking and sautéing or stir-frying. Ghee has one of the highest flash points of all oils and is very difficult to burn. In India, it is said that food is incomplete without the use of Ghee.
Ghee is excellent for a gargle-gandush, to improve the health of the teeth and gums.
Ghee can be used as a bath oil. Take two tablespoons of Ghee and mix with several drops of an essential oil of your choice.
Ghee is excellent for scrapes and both chemical and heat or fire burns. Ghee can be used in the eyes for tiredness or fatigue.
Ghee is an exquisite facial moisturizer.
In India it is said that if a few drops of ghee are placed in the nostrils then nosebleed can be checked. If this is done twice in a day, then headache can be relieved.

Q 4-How can one get curd again after churning it? Where have I said so??!!??. I said make curd from milk and make ghee from curd.

@ Basanta it is not 1:8 but 1:35… hope you will not demand me to surrender my educational qualification due to that error. The whole idea is to reduce the volume of milk for storage and sale at a more convenient/manageable pace.

The reason of using cow ghee over buffalo ghee is you can get higher price for properly made cow ghee due to the importance and practice of Ayurveda in India. Mind you this way to sell can only be practiced in subcontinent as many of us understand this fact. The connoisseurs of ghee (people who know the medicinal properties and use such ghee) are willing to pay for their better health. Patanjali is able to sell ghee at Rs 450 (when the market price is much less) because it is Desi Ghee made from Indian cows. If you can prove the way you make it and post regular pictures and videos as regular farm visits are not convenient either for diary farmer or for clients then anyone can get order for good medicinal ghee. But trust and honesty has to be maintained. Facebook and youtube videos can help a lot in this. That is why a new beginer can start on a 1 acre farm with 2 desi cow… so as the demand increase he has room to expand without major capital investment. Also one cannot run both Desi & Exotic cow farms business people will think that they are being tricked to buy ghee from exotic breed instead of desi cow. Currently in India there is no certification of milk or milk products stating “sourced from desi cows” or A2 milk. Certification of this is a must… especially for the benefit of small scale diary farmers…

GM Breed:
Professor Keith Woodford in his book … lwellnessc has said “All milk was once A2, until a genetic mutation occurred some thousands of years ago in some European cattle”. He has further claimed that it is not just about the health issues surrounding A1 milk, but also about how scientific evidence can be molded and withheld by vested interests, and how consumer choices are influenced by the interests of corporate business.

Its entertaining to see that people who do not know the difference and properties between Buffalo ghee and Cow ghee feel themselves authorized to decide who comments what on this forum!

My knowledge/experience on commenting on Diary Business is as competent or incompetent as a Vet who practices veterinary medicine by treating disease, disorder, and injury in animals. When I see a person doing business the wrong/unsustainable way and I feel I know a easier/better way I will advise and it is my right. I will talk on any subject on the surface of the earth, above it and below it… at my convenience… and in the appropriate section on this website… and any other website that I frequent… any attempts to gag me are futile…

Please understand the meaning of scientific words before posting .To prove Hf & jersey as GM animals example of Genetic Mutation has been given. Genetic mutation and GM animals are totally different. I have previously mentioned that I am rearing Red Sindhi Cows. I am not against Indian cow breeds .I am totally against propagation of wrong information and ideas . Same wrong information/ideas are posted again and again in different boards of this forum which is highly irritating. Copying matter from other websites and posting it without understanding its real meaning does not make one learned? One need some knowledge on the subject in which he/she is giving advice. Please see what type of misleading information is getting propagated in this forum.
1-“You will need 8 Ltr milk to make 1 Kg Ghee”
“you can turn 1ltr of milk into 125gm of ghee”
(two different postings)
Are both above postings type mistake or intentional?
2-“People are willing to pay up to Rs 3,000 for 1 Kg A2 Ghee."
3-“Please stop using Genetically Modified animals like Jersey, HF etc.”
These are not Genetically modified animals? These are exotic animals. More than 99% hump less animals in our country which we think exotic are actually crossbred/graded animals. They contain some amount of blood from Indian cattle.
4-“Convert it to curd… churn it… and then you get 2 products - buttermilk & curds”
How could one get curd again after churning? Butter fat has to taken out of either from milk or from curd for making ghee.
5-“Indian breed cows are better than Buffalo.”
Both cows and buffalo have their own merit & demerit and it also varies from bred to breed.
Buffalo milk contains higher total solids than cow milk, which makes it thicker. Buffalo milk has 100% more fat content than cow’s milk. Self-life of buffalo milk is more in comparison to cows. Indian buffaloes are popular throughout the world. India is largest producer of milk in the world and major credit goes to buffalo.Most of the successful dairy farm of India are buffalo dairy farms. It is totally unfair to say -“Indian breed cows are better than Buffalo.”
Most of the Indian cattle are nondescript type. They don’t yield more than one liter of milk/day.Per capita requirement of milk is about 200ml/day.80 % Indian diets are protein deficient and 91 per cent of the vegetarians has been found to have a higher protein deficiency
Can we provide milk to your population from indigenous cows alone without milk from buffalo/exotic/crossbred? Please think.
Please don’t post irreverent reply again and again.

Coming to Milk – Indian cows give less milk and their lactation stops after 3 months of getting conceived…So hybrid and western cows will normally give good milk for 2 or 3 birth cycle after which most of them are sent for slaughter.

Where as Indian cows will give birth 10 to 15 calf in her life cycle. In this way they produce more milk than western cows. (also note the point that if more people get into desi cow diary farming meat industry will suffer).

With buffalo milk one cannot sell above the price at which bigger companies are selling package milk. Are you happy with the price of milk you are getting? Do you think it is fair? What if the milk companies set lower prices tomorrow? What will one do with so much milk? How can people allow themselves to be exposed to the mercy of companies?

To get higher price one has to specialize or repackage. Since milk is perishable one cannot even hord it so making it to ghee was suggested. With cow ghee one can cite its Ayurvedic properties… wonder if buffalo ghee has any benefits OVER cow ghee, dung and urine. People are willing to pay more if they are aware of the quality and benefits and there are many. Once people’s health improve people will start to buy at the correct price that is due.

As for higher price if one export it it will get that price. As one small diary it is not possible but prehaps people can come together to form some cooperative. Organic Mandya is one such kind.

But at least ghee is one option they can store instead of spending money for coldstorage and One should at least get Rs 40 for milk or Rs40 x 35 = Rs 1,400 for ghee. Anything below this is completely unjustified. When more and more people stop selling milk to the companies… they will have to buy at higher. How can price of water and milk be same? That means people can afford higher price. 10 yrs ago if I told people will buy water at Rs 20 per ltr… you will ask where? The prices one charges should be reflective of how much it cost him… for different people the production price of milk is different… based on that they can and should price their profit… but only if they have unique product in the market. tomorrow if Amul brings out such a product even this opportunity will be lost. But commercial/industrial based companies dont care so much as they make huge profit because they get milk at water price.

I am reminded of the story of andher nagri chowpat raja story where everything in the market is same price… which in this case milk and water… this is because more people are aiming for “higher milk yield cows”… more milk means try to dispose them quickly or invest in storage… also the cow has to be disposed off after some time. This is a viscious cycle the diary industry has trapped itself. The only Industry I see that benefits from diary is the meat industry as they keep getting cattle regularly. Diary Industry has become some kind of a back office for meat Industry.

There is no way to get these companies to increase the milk buying prices…

as for the 3 products - there are infact 3 products from the whole process- curd, buttermilk and ghee. As from the curd one can take the required amount of curd for churning and the rest one may sell or use as curds.

After the churning one is left with makhan & buttermilk. This butter milk can be sold or distributed freely as this a very healthy drink. According to Ayurveda people who drink this regularly will not get Jaundice. Best for Jaundice.

Dear sir,
Now I got, you are a budding farmer cum veterinarian.
Vets are best at treatment (I believe so…)rather than business propositions.
No one ever said to stop advising,it is painful to see misleading and conflicting statements.
One need not know the difference between types and varieties of ghee to enjoy ghee as it is.(it’s as simple as that.)
As a vet had you known the present state of dairy industry, you would not have come to such rosy financial figures.
Dear doctor, the entire world is scratching it’s head over adulteration in milk.could you pls throw some light on that to educate people,rather than fighting on useless things.
Thanks doctor for reminding us that,we are living in bhu-gol … not on the flat surface…
Anyways…thanks and gn doctor…____prathap.

Dear Mr.Prathap
The person who does not understand difference between Genetically Modified animal and genetic mutation can never be a person with science background. Therefore I am sure he is not a vet. The person is pretending to be an expert by copying information from other websites posting it without understanding its real meaning . The person even doses not know the life span of our desi cow. He is ignorant that Cost of one GM cow is crores of rupees. There is not even a single GM cow in our country. All reply posted by the person to my questions are incorrect.

You could be right basanta…I think all the other forum members have realised the fact early, and kept themselves away already.
There was a saying-- never argue with your boss and wife,because that will take you nowhere. Now we shall add some other category to that list.
I think the best way is ignore …
Thanks&good luck.____prathap.

Aha!.. lets keep the personal attacks on one side and continue with the discussion…

I am not a vet and since you brought it up… those looking for Diary Business are adviced to BE VERY CAREFUL of Who ALL benefit if you buy a Exotic breed:

  1. The Vet: Because it DIRECTLY affects his income. Make no mistake about that fact. An unhealthy animal is great for them. A Diary Farmer’s pain is their Gain.

  2. Another group to be weary of is those trying to sell you their exotic breed. They try to sell you how high their milk yield per day is and hide the milk yield over the lifetime of the animal. Exotics anyhow have short life before being sold off.

  3. The Pharmaceuticals companies that sell medicines to their favourite animal - the Exotic Breed. Lesser the desi breed is good for their financial health.

  4. Slaughter house - who are impatiently waiting for your cow who you are hardpressed to sell to them as it is not profitable to keep it a very long time. They are aware that you will take care and nurture a cow, give it medications, make it healthy and finally sell it to them. Without the diary industry it would have been expensive for them to rear cattle themselves, pay for labour, medicines, vet fees, pay for thousands of kgs of fodders and water for a single animal before it is slaughtered.

If you purchase a desi breed the above 4 will see their income nosedive as you will be keeping it a very long time.

There are many diariy doing good business with desi cows. Google Search “A2 milk dairy India” all interested people are requested to study these and even visit their farms as most of them have a open door policy.

To increase the selling price of milk and milk products only the desi milk way is the way out… as currently in the market it is a “rare product” and people are aware of its value and quality.

Nobody in this forum is interested in personal attack. Posting of wrong information mingled with impracticable ideas leading to personal attack. To justify posting of exorbitant price of desi ghee a link to organic farming facebook page has been posted. Our Self proclaimed expert thinks that Deshi cow milk is same as organic milk. He/She is ignorant of the fact that exotic cows like Jersey & HF be used for organic milk production. He is also unaware that one needs 2-3 years prier preparation to start a organic farm & it can’t be started immediately. I totally agree with you Mr.Prathap, It is better to ignore. Henceforth I shall not post any reply to this type posting.