How to sale milk

just argument for the sake of argument is not good… hindi its called “tark” and “ku-tark”…

I gave the link as they have FB Page and OnlineMart.

The place Mandya is around 40kms from Mysore. People should visit him as he too is has an open door policy…

Madhuchandan is a software engineer returned from US and  is making farmers rich… the difference is that they started a Co-Operative Society and they also started a physical retail outlet & also online Shop to sell their stuff.  They are making delivery to other states of India using couriers. Its success is a great idea to study and learn from.

I was pointing to the fact such a thing can be formed with Local milk producers. They can even Organise themselves to  certify the milk as “Sourced from Desi Cow”. If 270 small scale diary farmers come together (just like these organic farmers did) they could even have the facility for community cold storage, community cold storage vehicles even for the A1 milk.

When Madhu came to the village the farmers were committing suicide. For sugarcane they were getting only Rs1,500 per ton from companies and that too delayed payments. Today Madhu pays them double Rs 3,501 per ton (the highest rate in India). You will ask how they are getting "exorbitant price "?

I will quote from their website “The first step was to start Mandya Organic Farmers Cooperative Society. Besides 270 farmers, the society has Ayurveda doctors and agriculture scientists, who are passionate about bringing major changes in the agriculture sector”.

And yes… Madhuchandan too believes in the goodness of A2 milk… we have discussed this :slight_smile:

All the things I have written about… have been backed up by links, authors and quotes… these are not my own made-up-story…

And I will personally advice people coming into Diary business not to come looking for PROFITS… if profits are required then selling packaged water is easier, cheaper and much more profitable… and even need 1/10th  the space required for diaryfarming… just the area of the cowshed will do… and then the price for selling both is around same (if milk is sold to companies).

Exotic-Breed cows are a “honey-trap”… the more profits you want… or the more greedy you are… the harder you will fall for this… and there is no coming back… you will get trapped in this viscous cycle… the more cows you have the faster the wheel will move… as the more milk you will have the more helpless you are… and will have to sell to companies (if you cannot invest a huge amount in all kinds of machinery).

But if you can invest in the machinery… then why would you need the headaches of the diary farmer?.. one can get the milk from the diary farmers cheaply…

The truth is that the maximum effort is taken by the diary farmer and he gets the least profit… There is profit (if you have enough space to grow fodder & get water)… I am not denying it… but still there is a lot of pain, helplessness… and utter injustice…

Benefits of Grass fed Milk: … e&dbid=130
CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a type of fat associated with a wide variety of health benefits, including immune and inflammatory system support, improved bone mass, improved blood sugar regulation, reduced body fat, reduced risk of heart attack, and maintenance of lean body mass. According to recent studies, you’ll find yourself getting at least 75 milligrams of CLA from an 8-ounce serving of grass-fed cow’s milk.

Benefits of Grass fed Beef: … q-20058059
    Less total fat
    More heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids
    More conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat that’s thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks

Grass-Fed vs Grain-Fed whats the difference: … -fed-beef/
    More antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E

…Swami Vivekanand while speaking once on yoga said that perfect yogi is in unison with the nature and contributes to the balance of the nature.

The people asked him, “Is there any such yogi on this earth?

Taking a deep breath he said it is present before you pointing towards a cow but you should have insight or foresight to see.

He said that the cow is the perfect yogi on this earth or when yogi becomes perfect he behaves like a cow. Cow is able to vibrate its whole body from toes to head at a time in the same way as perfect Yogi makes himself to command of each and every part and parcel of the body. Both have power to control, command their own sensations and inert themselves and those who are able to unite, balance, control and command himself can command, control, balance and can affect the entire creation.

Full story of Madhuchandan & OrganicMandya is given below, which a lot of you might have already read : … 151118.htm

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