How to get farmer status LEGALLY!?

Kohinoor- Can you share what is the approach you take and from where do you help get farmer cert? Also pl share the cost involved so that one can take a decision.

Also do you ensure that the land bought in MH is transferred in our name on this basis?

For those who have not found and read this already on the Net.

PLEASE NOTE this is not my own  experience but an

Very%ing article … which speaks of what happens when you follow the process instead of going thru the usual shortcut proven methods sugegsted by the touts…

A longish post but please bear with me. As per Section 79A&B of the Karnataka Land Reforms Act 1961 any person or his ancestors not owning any agricultural land in his name & who wants to buy agriculture land in Karnataka, the said person’s income should not exceed 2 lakhs per year & the following documents need to be produced:- 1)RTC/Vendor’s Pani 2)Mutation extract 3)Tippani copy 4)Akarband 5)Encumbrance 6) Income certificate 7)The Land is does not come under PTCL, Bhusudarena & Bhusvadena. 8)Affidavit promising land to be used only for agricultural purposes and no other purposes 9) ********** karmika/Agriculturist 10) agreement copy 11)Section 79 A&B endorsements:These are issued by the Tahsildar. 12) AC permission to buy land. As a resident of B’lore & land 's location in Malavalli taluk, to get the above information took me nearly a month with officials in Taluk office of B’lore,Malavalli & Mandya not interested/not knowledgeble to give proper information. Finally after reading about Advocate Sridara Babu’s blog & directly contacting AC’c office in Mandya got the above information. First thing when I went to taluk’s office tout’s adviced me to get a duplicate Khata costing 4,000/- saying that most people wanting buying land do the same & he has done many such cases,to which i refused as it is illegal. With limited knowledge,pressure form the seller as the agreement period is time bound & the permission process going nowhere with no help from officers finally decided to to bribe as it is inevitable. The bribe details below:- Revenue officer Malavalli to get EC,PTCL & Busdarena done within 20 days & his “fees” 5,500/-. Mandya case worker a lady (more a con artist) who seemed to be very understanding very told me “i can understand your pain,the officials here think every Bangalorian is a software engineers earning in lakhs & demand bribe but dont worry i will help you”. And help me she did… 1500/- bribe just to start the process of processing the application. told me to get *revenue sketch(not required only survey sketch required) *then Induvidual sketch(n.a) after getting that *then grama nakasha(required) *Akrabandu(required) *tippani copy -all of the above said documents could have been told to get together but the lady case worker In Mandya DC’s office told me get the docs one after another. This involves travelling from Blore to Malavalli Taluk to collect docs & submitting the same docs to Mandya. This process took me 4 months. Once again took 1,500/- to send the documents to Revenue Inspector. The Surveyour’s who is very difficult to get hold of & the bribe to get Induvidual sketch,akarabandu,tippani copy grama nakasha 8,000/-. Then 3,000 to the revenue officer In Mandya to process the applicitation & send it to special land acquisition officer. Finally got the busvadhena done. Then income certificate in B’lore KG road taluk office 800/-. Family tree -1750/-. After getting all of the above documents submit the docs in Mandya AC’s office who tapal/ sends it to Malavalli’s tasildar’s office. Again after much difficulty located the documents and gave it to the case worker again a lady in Malavalli. Bribe to case worker to send it to revenue official of the respective hobli 1000/-. The revenue official whose job is to check if the documents are in order & write a report stating if the said person is eligible to buy land took over 2 weeks to do the same. Next Rs 2,500 to the shirastedar to process my file. Then the Shrastedar asked the revenue inspector to come to his office where much to my horror the revenue officer asked me to furnish khatha details. If i had khatha in my name why would i approach the AC to give permission to buy land when i could directly register it. When i started to explain the about sec 79a&b(which is not my job, a revenue official is supposed to know the rules) he got angry, took the report back with him & after 2 more weeks sent it to shirestadar in Malavalli stating to know the a)source of funds to buy land b) furnish the details of belonging to a agricltural family which is not required. The shirastedar now has asked me to get the all the documents asked by the revenue officer. In ********** sight i should have listened to the tout paid 4,000 got my property registered than spend more than 25,000 just on the bribe(not including cost & time of travel from B’lore to Mandya,Malavalli etc cost of fencing,plowing,planting) & the permission to buy land is still pending & i’m not sure if i’ll be able to buy land. I started this process in month of october 2011 & now the owner is threatning to cancel the deal as the agreement period was for thee months & i don’t blame him. If he does that i stand to lose all the money i spent on land development,bribe most importantly time. When most people are running away from agriculture i have made foolish attempt to get back into agriculture. Also i request Janaagraha to remove “report an honest offficial from toolkit”.

Hi Gaurav

So, did you get your farmer certificate? Can you please put in touch with the agent who handled this for you? My cel number is 9820053562

Best wishes

Kishore Nair from Navi Mumbai

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Having 7/12 from other state is only enough to get the sale deed registered in MH - not to get the land trf in your name in the revenue register.

The local talathi from tahsil’s office in MH will send a letter to the tahsil from where you have provided the 7/12 certificate and ask them to confirm directly - land will be trf to your name only after the confirmation is received - this is the tough part.

We can organize Farmers Certificate for you. Please contact Mohit on 9167246136 or alternately give your tel no and Mohit wil get in touch with youall you

I re-itereate this for everyones benefit & this is based on teh revenue dept’s understanding of who is a farmer - may vary slightly from state to state.

  • Person not owning land categoriesed as agri land is a non-farmer
  • Not all states restrict purchase of agri land only to farmers (exceptions are TN, Rajastan etc)
  • Non-farmer is he has to buy agri land in a restricted state (like MH, KN, UP etc), he/she has option of buying agri land in non-restricted state and producring a farmer certificate from that state and then produce it tot  the talathi/tehsil of the state where he/she is buying agri land

Having said that, pl note the following -

  • Buying agri land in non-restricted state and getting farmer certificate is only 50% of the solution
  • It does not gurantee your ability to transfer the agri land in restrictired state to your name
  • The local tehsil/talathi will then send your farmer cert to the non-restrictive state for written confirmation directly from that tehsil and land will not be transferred till that is received.

The last point above may sound simple, but is very arduous and money & time consuming. You need to get contacts established at both ends to ensure this ties in - else getting farmer certificate by itself means nothing.

RSRSIN  - many thanks for the very informative reply. What you have mentioned is absolutely correct. So, to get a farmers certificate, it will be best to let the land developer (where one wishes to buy the agri land) handle the back to back arrangement.

Best wishes

Kishore nair +919820053562

Dear freinds,

                      I can help you in this matter. I own lands in Madhya Pradesh and I can help you become a farmer in Maharashtra or Karnataka. Those inerested can mail me on


Dear Friend,
As you all know that the farmer of any state can purchase the agriculture land in Maharashtra. We provide these services from the Rajasthan state where citizen of Our country can purchase the agriculture land. On buying the 1 bigha land in Rajasthan the owner will become the farmer of that state and will be eligible for the farmer’s certificate then on.
I will provide you the following services which are as under.

You need to pay Rs. 80,000/- per person per file which includes all formalities.
To get Registry in favour of you or your said person.
POA stamp and write-up, Documentation cost, Writer cost, Department formalities, Photostats, my travel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses.
To get the documents endorsed by the department.
To get the entry in the gram panchayat.
To get the Jamabandhi ( 7/12), Bhoomi Praman Patra (Farmers Certificate) in your name singed by the Tehsildar.
Along with all documents you will be the owner of land which is 1600 sqm= 1936 sq yards=17424sqft of agriculture land will be owned in your name of one person only.
You need to send me the
1-- 3 pass port size photoes
2-- Id Proof attested by Notary. Bring original one with you.
3-- Residential Proof attested by Notary. Bring original one with you.

You need to come yourself.
If not possible to come in person then Send me the power of attorney for the purchase of land in Rajasthan in the favour of the person whom I suggest.

Feel free for the further communication.
Also let me know how many files you need to do.
Give me the following details;-

Personal details for the farmer status certificate.
Father’s name :- ________________________________
Surname :-______________________________________
Age :-________ Religion :-Caste :-______
Address as per the proof :- ___________________________________________________________________________

PAN CARD NO:-__________________ profession:-_________________________
Payment mode:-  cash/cheque.
Cheque No:-_______________ Bank and Branch:-_____________________
Date of issue:-_____________ Amount:-______________________

Attach the following documents along with the POA or come along with this document.
1— 3 pass port size photoes. 
2—Photo copy of residential address proof (Election card/ driving licence/addhar card/passport) any one from this.
3—PAN CARD photo copy.
You have to deliver  the document on following address or cut and stick on cover
HOLD AT OFFICE call to pick up.
MO:- 09998732033, 09426065076.

Agricultural land ranging from 2 to 22 acres in the range of Rs.2-16 Lakh/acre is available within a radius of 5 kms.of my following property: - (contour map is available on request on Email).
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  1. I own a small, hilly, laterite land measuring 7.5 acres (17º 51’41” N, 73º 9’ 15” E – Earmarked on Wikimapia as RUDRAKSHA FARM, Link:,+Ratnagiri,+Maharashtra&ll=17.8551,73.156047&spn=0.001476,0.001725&t=h&z=19&vpsrc=6) at post Dehen, Tal. Dapoli,Dist. Ratnagiri of Konkan region in Maharashtra State. (Pin code – 415712). Dehen is a small village, 28 km. from Mandangad (A taluka place), on Mandangad-Anjarle Road (State Highway No.103) and 20 km. from Dapoli (Nearest Taluka place).
  2. There are 100, 10 yrs. old mango plants & 25 fruiting cashew nut plants.
  3. My interest is to grow Rudraksha (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) varieties (Total 350 all over the world known in Australia as Blue Berry Ash/Quandong).Pl refer to this link for further details on Rudraksha cultivation:- From Hawaii to India a journey which took 7 years! - Home)
  4. The project includes development of a “Nakshatravan” as well.
  5. The land has a pucca well constructed in RCC measuring 15 feet in diameter and 45 feet depth, kuccha approach road measuring 1100 length & 15 ft. in breadth, 67 KV M.E.S.B. power station in the adjascent farm) & a pucca house mesuring 450 sq. ft. with three rooms & veranda.
  6. The entire land is fenced as per the Government Demarcation, saucer shaped with a flat bottom admeasuring 1 acre at the height of 80 M above sea level, peripheral height(rim) 105 M above sea level with a gradient of about 30 degree.
  7. Konkan season is heavy rains in monsoon (4 months) followed by scarcity of water for 8 months, very hot & humid in summer (Nearest sea shore is at Anjarle, Murud, Karde & Harnai at about 8 km.).
    Prof. Dr. Dileep Wani
    Mamata, 26/72, Sahawas Society, Karvenagar
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Mr Dilip thanks for sharing the info which may be useful to members .

A word of advice, please be careful while sharing so many personal details on public forums, there has been instances of nagging to the members .  We need to be more cautious in this virtual world .

Best regards,



As a land consultant I am very much expert on providing solutions on your all queries regarding farm lands even if it is legal complications.
I can provide ‘legal economic farmer solutions’ also so that property buying in Maharashtra can be a pleasant & hassle free experience for you. Mob-8976495614 As a consultant I can recommend the most preferred property also.

Hi friends,
I need clarification on the issue as many of you have bought land in Maharashtra. My ancestral land is in Uttarakhand and 7/12 are on my fathers name. I have go the certified copies from the tehsil along with names from the village family register. But I have been told here in Maharashtra I would need a certification from tehsildar pointing out I am a farmer and hold the land in that location.
In Uttarakhand there is no such provision of issuing certificates.

Is it still possible to get registration and transfer of land at Talati just by producing the 7/12 and the proof of relationship? Or does one have to go the Rajasthan/MP route. I don’t have strong connection in UK thereforee it is difficult to get work done there by living in Maharasthra. A lawyer at the registrar office mentioned that a certification is required to be able to get the transfer done. That too in Hindi.

Thanks for your time.

As I have explained earlier that I have provided farmer solutions to so many at rs sixty thousand including online satbara of Rajasthan state. I have big land area (Rs one lakh per acre) available at near Mahad just 175 kms away from Navi Mumbai. Pls email me : or call me 8976495614

I can help you or anybody for buying an authorized farming status by buying on your name Farmland with respective govt registry and later make 7/12 hard copy, Farmer Tahasildar Certificate and Sale deed including online 7/12 status on Rajasthan govt website
in minimum fees of Rupees 50000. pls call: 9820102258 email: (

My name is Ashutosh and am from Pune. Could you provide me contact numbers of agents dealing with Beed lands.


Dear Sir / Madame

As you all know that to Purchase an agriculture land in Maharashtra you need to have a Farmer’s Certificate. We provide these services from the M.P state.

We will provide you the following services which are as under.

  1. To get the 7/12, 6/12 & 8A in your Name

  2. Bhoomi Praman Patra (Farmers Certificate) in your name singed by the Tehsildar.

  3. TCC Search Report by Advocate.

  4. Agricultural Land admeasuring 10 gunthas.

  5. Updating your Name online on -

Following Documents are Required for Farmer’s Certificate process

  1. 4 Passport size photos

  2. 2 Copy Photo Id & Address Proof i.e. Aadhar Card, Voter ID or Passport.

For the above mentioned process our fee is 1,30,000/- per person & 75,000/- each for 2 persons.

For more Details kindly contact us.


For, Green Orchard Land Developers

Yusuf. K. Baiwala – 9821637861

Kausar. T. Baiwala – 9322035506

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:pray:Good morning sir ji :pray: Sir & madam namaskar 7/12 Farmer Certificate for buying Agriculture Land, Become a Farmer

Maharashtra, Mumbai,

I provide you Farmer Certificate your name Rajsthan

After become Farmer you can buy any Agriculture Land in Maharashtra.

Minimum Time for become Farmer only 20 days , with online

We Provide you 7/12 Utara (Shetkari Dakhla) Bhumi Pramanpatra Registry

All Documents are legal
Documents Require for Farmer Certificate 4 I.D. Proof 4 Address Proof 4 Passport Size Photo Payments 10000 in Advance

Total : 45000 Pay cheque & Cash

Contact Me adv.shravan singh

Hi, I am writing an article about these problems ( not yet completed) . But here I am publishing the same.

Purchasing Agricultural Land : The Rules and Laws Across Indian States

Various states follow different procedures for the purchase of agricultural land. In certain states only an agriculturist can purchase such land whereas there are no restrictions in other states. All over India, NRIs and foreign citizens can’t purchase agricultural land/plantation property/farm houses. They can, however, inherit agricultural lands. Here providing the information state by state in alphabetical order.

Andhra Pradesh

There are no restrictions for those looking at investing in agricultural land. Anyone can purchase agricultural land here. The maximum ceiling limit of land area as per the Andhra Pradesh Land Reforms Act, 1973 is as follows: The family unit ( Individual, Spouse and 3 Minor Children) can be hold or purchased maximum extent of land is 10 Acres in Class A lands ( irrigated & double crop wet lands) and 54 acres in Class K ( dry and non irrigated lands). Agriculture lands in agency tracts, who is owned by Schedule Tribal (ST)should not be transferable to individuals except ST cooperative societies and its members( again member should be schedule Tribal).

Arunachal Pradesh

In Arunachal Pradesh , sale of land or property to outsiders (non-tribals) is prohibited. Arunachal falls under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution and in all such areas, non-tribals cannot purchase land or property.


There are no restrictions for those looking at investing in agricultural land. Anyone can purchase agricultural land here. The maximum ceiling limit of land area as per the Bihar Land Reforms Act, 1961 is as follows;The family unit ( Individual, Spouse and Minor Children) can be hold or purchased maximum extent of land is 15 Acres in Class I lands ( irrigated lands) and 45 acres in Class VI( hilly and sandy). One who is willing to sell his agriculture land, first he has to inform to co- sharers ( lease holder) or adjacent land owner. If they are not willing to buy with in three months time then he can sell to any one.


Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal)

Additional Land Law of Uttaranchal which came into existence on September 12, 2003. “This law states that outsiders can buy property in the state up to 550 sq mt (5,914 sq ft). If property above this limit is to be acquired, one has to get the District Magistrate’s permission for which one has to file an affidavit with the DM stating that land will be used only for horticulture or agriculture.


Only an agriculturist can purchase agricultural land and if a person holds such land anywhere else in India, he can still be deemed an agriculturist in Maharashtra. The maximum ceiling limit for such land is 54 acres.

Tamil Nadu

There are no restrictions for those looking at investing in agricultural land. The maximum extent of land that can be purchased is 59.95 acres and it can be converted into non-agricultural land by the orders of the district collector, provided that no agricultural activity has been carried out in the said land during the last 10 years (prior to the date of conversion).


Only an agriculturist can purchase agricultural land. A non-agriculturist is a person whose income from any source exceeds Rs. 25 lakh per annum (earlier the limit was Rs.2 lakh per annum). Under Section 109 of Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964, social or industrial organisations can purchase agricultural land with Government approval.


Similar to Tamil Nadu, anyone can purchase agricultural land here. The maximum ceiling limit of land area as per the Kerala Land Reforms Act, 1963 is as follows:

a) In case of an adult unmarried person or a family consisting of a sole surviving member, five standard acres and the ceiling limit shall not be less than six and more than seven-and-a-half acres. b) For a family consisting of two or more but no more than five members, 10 standard acres and the ceiling limit shall not be less than 12 and more than 15 acres. c) If it’s a family consisting of more than five members, 10 standard acres increased by one standard acre for each member in excess of five, and the ceiling limit shall not be less than 12 and more than 20 acres. d) For any other person, other than a joint family, 10 standard acres and the ceiling limit shall not be less than 12 and more than 15 acres.


Agricultural lands can’t be purchased by a non-agriculturist. Earlier, only those residing in the State could invest in agricultural land in Gujarat but in 2012 the Gujarat High Court passed a judgement that allows any agriculturist in the country to purchase such land in the State.


Outsiders cannot buy land here, except to set up industrial units. Only Sikkimese residents are permitted to buy land here. Article 371F of the Constitution of India, which grants special provisions to Sikkim, prohibits sale and purchase of land or property involving outsiders. In addition to this, only tribals can purchase land and property in the tribal areas of the state. The entire north district of Sikkim, for instance, is a tribal area.

Jammu & Kashmir

The law concerning ‘state subjects’ was enforced in J&K on April 20, 1927, to prevent rich foreigners from purchasing land, to protect the interests of the peasantry. The law was later adopted by the state’s democratically elected government. The law continued till 1957 when the new constitution of J&K was introduced and ‘state subject’ was changed to ‘permanent resident’. Permanent Resident Status (PRS) was accorded to those who had been living in the state for at least 10 years before 14 May, 1954. The PRS was permanent and non-discriminatory.

Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan

There are no restrictions in this state. Earlier, under Section 17 of the Imposition of Ceiling on Agricultural Holdings Act, 1973, there were certain ceiling limits on buying agricultural land from the ‘Khatedars’ in Rajasthan. The provisions of this section were amended in 2010 and people from other states can now purchase agricultural land here. One has to, however, apply for conversion within a year from acquisition and commence the proposed non-agricultural use within three years from the date of conversion in Rajasthan.

West Bengal

As per the West Bengal Land Reforms Act, private ownership of agricultural land in the State is capped at 17.5 acres for irrigated areas and 24.5 acres for areas that are only rainfed. In urban areas, private ownership is capped at 7.5 cottahs or one-eighth of an acre. Only tea gardens, mills, workshops, livestock breeding firms, poultry farms, dairies, and townships are exempted from the restrictions of the Land Reforms Act.


Certain areas in the State have been declared ‘controlled areas’ and for those looking at purchasing agricultural land in these areas for non-agricultural purposes, they need to obtain a certificate indicating the change of land use from the Government of Haryana.

Himachal Pradesh

Only an agriculturist belonging to the State can purchase agricultural land here. People from other states require prior permission of the Government of Himachal Pradesh u/s 118 of HP Tenancy and Land Reforms Act. The maximum land ceiling limit in is 160 bighas or 32 acres.