How to get farmer status LEGALLY!?

My name is Jestin George, 38 years old, and a salaried person working in Mumbai. I am a permanent resident of Mumbai.
I want to buy 1 or 2 acres agricultural land in Maharashtra “LEGALLY” for setting up a second home and growing trees, fruits and vegetables PURELY as hobby farming and not for sale.

No one from my father or mother’s side are farmers. I might have relatives who are farmers but i cannot expect them to help me.

My question is: What is the procedure to get farmer status LEGALLY?

i dont mind if the procedure is lengthy. i only want to ensure that it is PERFECTLY LEGAL IN ALL RESPECTS.

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Hi There

I went through a similar hurdle while I was trying to buy agri land here in Mah.

The problem; To buy agri land in Mah. you MUST have existing farm land in your name or you must show proof of being related to a farmer or show proof of being an agri worker on a farm. Impossible situation
The solution; In neighbouring states like T.Nadu / M.Pradesh you can buy agril land without any problem. Get a 7/12 extract in your name stating you own this agri land. Takes about a month for the talaati to issue this document to you. Next come to Mah. and show this 7/12 extract to the talaati here and you can legally buy the land.

To my knowledge there is no other way to buy agri land in Mah.

Best of luck
Gaurav Mehta



Interesting solution, adding to your reputation for your post.

I understand this rule exists in Karnataka too?

Kya karey? the Mah gov has got useless revenue laws. However my solution is correct and what I mean is that we have to go out of State to buy land there and then come back here to buy the original land we wanted to buy in the first place!!


Thanks for your advice all!

Now my next task is to hunt for sellers/ agents in other states…

Any ideas or numbers will be welcome from our veteran members.

thanks in advance…


Hi, The ideal solution is given by Mr. Mehta. However, I have been told that one can buy agriculture land in
BEED dist of Maharashtra with out the usual restriction of having to be a farmer. Thereafter, on the basis of
such a purchase & with the proof of 7/12 extract & a certificate from the Thasildar, one can purchase & transfer
land in other districts in Maharashtra. This is a legal way of doing it. There are agents in Thane dist. who manage
this Beed affair without you having to go over there. Please let me have your Email ID & I will elaborate on this.
I personally got transfered in my name a part of our family’s ancestral property(.70 acre) in TNadu & used it for
getting SALE PERMISSION issued to the Seller & Buyer of a Tenanted Property- property covered by Bombay Tenancy
& Agriculture Land Act- Sec 32 G & 43. The property stands transfered in my name.


There is the other evergreen way from beneath the table, to illegally become legal agri land owner B-)
By the way, these laws are just politicians old tricks to stop landowners from getting a good price for their land(as there wont be many new/ignorant buyers who happily/readily/unknowingly pay more just to get hold of a plot of land.
Then eventually its the local politician or his chamchas who will bag the deal at their determined rates.
These ever smiling crocs/crooks in white also have prior knowledge(much before the general public) of govt laying new roads/or projects coming up in the area.Armed with this info they lap up land at dirt cheap prices from ignorant landlocked owners. But once the road/project is declared, prices shoot skyhigh.
Why only Mah govt,even GOI is not concerned about ammending old truncated defunct unreasonable laws.
These rotten laws facilitate legal land grabbing.
If some farmer has migrated and isnt paying attention to his lands its waterloo for him.
Some old laws permit his immediate neighbour to gobble up the plot of land only on the basis of an application to the talati/mamledar saying that the land was lying un attended/unused for a long time and that the person has migrated and that he has been looking after the plot.
Even if you are grazing your cattle in your neighbours plot you can put in an application to grab the p[ot.
After greasing the palms of the officers the plot is legally gobbled.
When in fact that land grabber shud be charged for trespassing.

Then there was a great visionary mr vinobha bhave who facilitated another official land grab in the name of bhoodan movement.
Daan is never by force,has to be from the heart.
Land was forcibly taken away(by a govt order) from landowners and given to landless people,if the govt was so worried it could have given away part of govt lands lying waste-why privately owned lands?
Has any politician ever lost land in any project-NO.
Did any politician loose land in the Bhoodan land grab-NO.
Has any politician lost land to his scheeming neighbour -NO.
Why only us?
In the US of A people own thousands of acres of land, here we cant even dream of it -the only way is benami ownership.
Thats the way thousands of acre of prime agri/horti land is held by politicos in various districts in mah.
It happens only in india.
Rafiq Yusuf

Dear Mr George, Pl purchase a piece of Agricultural land in  AP bordering MS, and you can get farmer status. Later you can buy land at your will in MS and sell the land in AP. Agricultural Dry (Rainfed) lands are available  @ one lakh or even below per acre,all over AP, especially in my native Prakasam dt.

Good Luck

with regards


Its Easy. I have 5 acres and more in Manta in Jalna Dist of Maharastra. I can sell u part of which and you have to return the same after your work is done. Everything is official and clear. You may call me on 09769586733 or mail me on

Very kind of you to help out.
What do we pay you per acre and how much for your services.
Rafiq yusuf

The reply by Mehta is correct. One needs to  buy atleast 16 guntas (0.40  acre or 40 cents) of land in states like tamil nadu or mp who do not have this silly rule. Only Maharashtra and Karnataka have this rule in all of India, I think.

Get the patta issued in your name, (make sure to get a valid English transalation also done to reduce registration time when you buy land in Maharashtra), then go ahead and buy.

If you dont mind, pls keep us informed where you purchased and at what rate.

My grandfather had agricultural land in MH, co-owned by his brothers. subsequently this land was t/f in the name of their sons. The sons sold of this land say in 1995.
Does this give my mother (daughter of my grandfather)a farmer status? If yes, what should be done? If no why?

Punjab, Harayana & Rajasthan too don’t have this farmer condition to own lands. Anyone can buy agri land here and become a farmer.

However, Punjab & Haryana are not much use for someone who just wants farmer status. I don’t think anyone can buy land in Haryana below 5 Lakhs an acre and below 10 lakhs an acre anywhere in Punjab. Transfer & Re-transfer (back) stamp duty on top of it too, unless you are buying the land for investment purpose too.

Rajasthan is more feasible as arid land around 50000 an acre is available there.

One would have to pay agent fee, landowner fee (unless one actually buys that land), palm grease to de-frictionlize the appropriate govt. officers (what would Anna ji say  :-[) plus two ways stamp duty on cost per acre.


Hi Gaurav,
    one question .
Is there any hurdle in terms of timeframe once we get more than 16 gunthas of land in AP,MP or TN ?

I mean to say are there any rules that  after buying such agri land in other states I could buy in MS after some weeks of moths ?


As far as I know, there is no waiting period or qualification holding period. Just make sure to get the documents of AP/MP/TN in English also  as you will waste quite a bit of time in translation headaches. The land department in maharashtra will thru govt channels officially verify your holdings in AP/MP/TN and this will take a couple or few months.

Also, please note once you get farmland in MS, there are restrictions on the size of farmhouse and sheds that you can construct.

The options stated above are possible, however pl note it is not as easy as it used to be earlier. The talathis have become more stringent and have been asked to get confirmation from the registrar of the place from where you purchased land prior to transferring the MH land in your name.

This process takes as long as one can imagine, so the right lawyer who does this for bread/butter is key to this option.

How do I get my documents translated from Tamil to English. I mean who does it or who should I approach? Kindly reply.

Dear rsrs_in

Do you know any  lawyer or consultant who can help in getting farmers certificate.

The one i used is not contactable any more - but will share if i am able to establish contact with him or others.

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