How to border my land india / africa

I have 1 hectare in africa and I have read articles and advice on this site about teak plantation .

My question is how to you all border / separate your land ( enclose it ) . In europe or us they put fence posts or wood and barbed wire or they do stone walls

In Africa or india how do you enclose or separate your land from neighbour’s land and what spacings , materials , costs . My land is in africa

Hello Liberte
I am Kumar Khandekar from India , i am a horticulture consultant
You have 1 hector land and you want to separate it from adjoining person land,
Before suggesting please let me know what kind of crop you will doing ? Or what is the crop existed right now ? , let me know then we will proceed for next step
Kumar Khandekar

Mostly our land separated with soil bund. We are also planting trees and shrubs on bund which helps to identify borders. Now a days farmers are using cement pole with barbed wire fencing.

Stone posts and knitted ms wire fencing with top-middle-bottom barbed wire line support is the best in my experience. Choose pole height, height of fencing and thickness of wire and mesh size (3" or 4" diamond) based on local requirements.

Thankyou everyone.