Farm Fencing



Hello ,

This is Narendra . I need  suggestion from our fellow senior members regarding farm fencing . I have considered all options for my 2 acre farm for fencing .

Cement poles with barbed wire
Iron Angular poles with mesh fencing .

considering cost factor and life time Can our members suggest me which is best suited .



Dear Sri Narendra,

Either cast or order cement poles of 7.5 ft height to 9 ft height as per your need/requirement, with standard sizes of width and breadth. See that 2 inch nails and required holes are provide at a gap of 1 ft.

Dig pits to a depth of 1.5 ft, only pole size, and at a distance of 8 ft, all around the land boarder. See that the cement poles will be kept in the pits and fix them in soil, tight properly. Give support both sides for every 8 the pole.

Use 12/14 swg GI barbed wire of an ISI brand in 6 to 8 lines with 2 criss cross lines and give a tight binding with GI wire.       
Iron M.S Angles of height 7.5 ft to 9 ft to be concreted in the soil pits at a distance of 8 ft all around your Land boarder and a wire mesh of your choice size to be tied to the poles with GI wire, to the pole height.

Both are good and in the both , most of the farmers use only RCC/stone pillars with 12/14 swg barbed wire, as it is at lesser cost. 

With best wishes,    g.p.Rao,    farmer


Hi Sir,

Thanks for your valuable feedback . Today I enquired in the market for concrete poles . The pole consists of 6mm iron .
Each pole is costing me Rs. 290 with transportation to my site . I require around 165 poles . It comes around  Rs. 48,000 . And digging poles is Rs. 30 per pit and 165 poles it comes Rs.5000.  And barbed wire including installation it comes around Rs.15000.And miscellaneous charges comes around Rs.5000 . It comes to total Rs. 71,000.

But for M.S angle it is costing me around 260 per 8 ft pole . mesh is costing around Rs.15,000 . Labour charges are 5000 including digging pits and installation.
Here total charges are Rs.61,600.

This was my observation sir.

kindly comment sir .



Dear Sri Narendra, 

If the MS Angle poles with mesh costing you rs 61,600/_, as you said and if the above materials are of standard sizes, please go a head sir and I appreciate you for your skills. 

Up to my experience a standard size of mesh it self costs you around a lakh of rs above for 2 acres and the required length will be around 1200 ft long and a height of 6 ft and above, which comes to around 7200 sq ft. Your calculation is rs 15,000/_. If it is correct, pl go a head with Ms structure and mesh of std sizes, as it is very much more secure than GI barbed wire.

In GI barbed wire fencing, Dogs, cats, fox and similar animals can not be controlled, where as in mesh fencing except snakes or small creatures, no problems with said animals. Hence, at the cost said by you ,MS flat poles with mesh is good.

With best wishes,  g.p.Rao,    farmer


Hello sir

I forgot to mention it is chain link fencing . It is costing Rs.52 per kg.

I have attached a pic taken by me from the farmer who has done and i went to have a look at it  .

I have attached the picture for reference .



Dear Sri Narendra,

Good sir. Avail the opportunity. Farmer needs only economics on the investment and safety/control on un wanted animals/thieves etc.

With best wishes,  g.p.Rao,    farmer


Yes sir,

Though chain link is expensive , i am preferring it due to overall positive points compared to barbed wire .
Today I got one quotation per sqft at Rs.8 for 4 inch and 10 mm gauge .

For barbed wire it is Rs. 52 per kg .

Thanks for your feedback .



You from Vizayanagaram @ east coast.
Rethink to have metal poles which will not give long life service as they are rust prone.



Thanks for the message . Yeah you are right sir. The metal angles come with  zinc coating  on the metal . I hope this may help . When I checked the cement poles are 300 .

So j went through the option of metal pipes which are better and easy to install .


Hello Narendra,
I have gone through your post and also the many replies and suggestions. Firstly, you can use RCC cement poles for chain link fencing as well as MS 35mm angles; MS angles would need a double coat of red oxide paint while the portion that goes for concrete grouting would do with a coat of tar/ bitumen paint.
The chain link can be of 8 or 10 guage thickness as 12 or 14 would be too thin and any cow can damage it easily. Moreover, it is difficult to ensure 100% quality of galvanising unless you get it from TATA steel or JINDAL steel since all local manufacturers adulterate with alumunium nuggets and therefor prone to rusting. The best option would be to buy chain link and apply 2 coats of red oxide paint before fixing. TATA steel chain link is around 80,000/T while other would be available at 50,000/T taking into consideration basic steel price as 35,000/T.



Hello Everyone,

I have got my 15 acr of land with 4000 running foot installed with chainlink fence 
Cost of 80 rolls 50 feet length 3.3 X 3.3 10 gauge 5 feet hight for 1.73lac including transport 35 km from manufacturer
18 k for installing to existing stones around 570 some of the stone poles had to be straightened before installing the fence. total cost 1.93lac, i think stone cost is around 260rs each for 8 feet not sure might have come down after demonetization lol :wink:
hope this helped.



Dear Sri Sriram, 

Can I know the manufacturer of your chain link and his contact details if possible. Pl inform us ,so that we want to purchase chain link of different sizes.

With best wishes,    g.p.Rao,  farmer


Hello g.p.rao sir,

His name is balreddy +(91)-9948011155, 9505982255  Plot No 1075, IDA Phase II, Cherlapalli, Rangareddy - 501301, IDA Cherlapally,Near CIPET College.

Please give my reference.


Dear Friends,

After the wired/mesh fencing is done, for additional security, I think it is better to go with plants like Gachhakaya / Vakkaya etc along this fence for the natural fencing so that this natural fencing comes handy/useful when the artificial fencing of poles & wires/mesh start falling/failing/breaking/… also this natural trees based fencing gives additional income and it also adds value to the nature. This is my opinion based on my practical knowledge with chain-link fencing.



Hi Raj,

could you tell me the place i can buy them and how much does it cost ? thanks



Dear Narendra,
Please let me know where did you taken quotations for iron angular poles and mesh fencing.
Whether they will come to farm and install the same.
Do we get the skilled labour to install l mesh fencing or wire fencing in vizianagaram.

As I am planning to put fencing to my 30 acres farm and pls advise.



Hello Sir,

please give your number . I will call you .

Thanks and Regards


Hi Sriram,

We’ve purchased few Vakkaya plants from a nursery (I think the name is Ankur Nursery) in Sangareddy.



I’ve quickly checked. Yes, it is Ankur Nursery and his name is Sridhar and his contact number is 9440927397. You can give my reference.



Dear Sir,

Thanks for your reply . I have asked in my location for the chain link mesh  . it is 54,000 per ton for 3 inch gap and 10 gauge . For the 35 mm,  6 inch  angles of 17 feet it is rs.40 000.

Thanks and regards