Honest information-Hydroponics viable business in india?


In india, how viable the hydroponics(soil less) business ? I am hearing from the forums and google,  people who have invested in commercial scale on hydroponics india project, showing horrible losses and  tougher  break through in operational cost… Reason they mentioned fruits/ vegatables/flowers grown on hydroponics production cost is costlier than retail market price… Given the example, strawberry projects which is failure in bangalore reason. 

I would like to know, how true this information which i have found in the forums and google? i feels this info, mockery to discourage the newbie entering to hydroponics business… Appreciate if anybody share honest information  on  hydroponic ROI? And how much subsidy will government  offers…


I see many interested in Hydroponics and also see few Feeling bad for others interested on Hydroponics,

Most of them who have made loss on hydroponics are one who used consultants and had to pay huge sum for nutrients ,Which made there production cost more than marketable price,

Unwanted auto system which increased there initial investment cost.

Many where Investors and not Farmers.

Imagine when a nutrient cost is Rs200 per 1000 litters consultants sell at Rs.600 .why will it not increase production cost?

There is no where some one have said they have lost money because of low production yield by using Hydroponics method.

Its been only Cost of Production .You have the reason in the Top.

Subsidy for what? Poly house or Project Subsidy?

one can be sarcastic or commenting on any method only after researching on them personally .

Again i say Do it your self and you will find the difference .

If you have your own Nutrient recipe then it is profitable…

[quote]Just a small calculation :  Capsicum Crop = 210 days average , 210 litters of Nutrients for a full crop cycle . @Rs.200 Per 1000 litter will cost Rs 42/-  If further buy Nutrients from Right Source you can reduce it to Rs.150 per 1000 litter of Nutrient. which will cost you Rs.31.
And also If you calculate Nutrient cost based on EC Measurement it will work out to be 27/- per plant per crop cycle.
Is this expensive???

Good luck


where is the Hydroponic project got failure? Find the inputs from him how he done and can analyze the why went like that.
i am seeing many projects other than india are successfully running, why con’t we in india? as Gautham said Consultants Squeezing theire blood with nutrient cost, i heared few projects in Pune, Mumbai as well.
So called consultants, training institutes has to answer it why hydroponic become failure???


Thank you Bhayya for bringing out  GOOD issue for clearing the Doubts of our Forum Members as well to the enthusiasts  in Hydroponic Soil Less Farming.The following are the Main Reasons for the Failure and Losses :

  1. The Knowledge of this Hydroponic is kept in the Hands of Some Farmers coming to this Field early and are keeping the secrets in their Hands. Even in the Training sessions also they are not properly explaining the Technology and only explainimg the Advantages and Income out of it and encouraging the Consultants who are Grabbing the advantage out of it.
  2. Almost all the Consultants and enthusiasts are going for Costly GREEN HOUSE/POLY HOUSE are being used for this system of Hydroponic. Actually this Green House / Poly House are required to the Climates whre it was brought like US,UK etc. But the Tropical Climate like India Shade-net Farming which is lesser by 1/3 rd Cost of Poly House even less cost would be sufficient for Hydroponic in India. But the % Sade is vary from various places in India North- South- North East Regions.
  3. Because the Ingredients like Shade-Net/Grow Bags etc. are being brought from Abroad , the Capital Cost  Establishment becomes more . There is no support from Govt. and Financial Institutions. Govt is supporting poly Houses in Giving Subsidy but are discouraging the Shade-net thinking that it is like the Shade net for Nurseries being used by several Farmers.The Universities should impart Technical know how to the enthusiasts taking into consideration of the Climatic conditions of various Regions of India.No doubt Poly Houses are necessary where the Developmental activities of New verities are taking up and researches are being made there Lab conditions with Climatic Controls are necessary , those Techniques are being adopted for Hydroponic also. But only reduction of heat through Shade-net is sufficient for this  HYDROPONIC FARMING.
  4. Hydroponic can be made profitable only on introduction of Exotic Vegetable and Fruits . These seeds are not available In India and are need to be Imported  which is a Great Task.
  5. All aware that Ground water Tables are receding Day by Day thereby the yield of Bore-wells as well as open wells coming down this Hydroponic Farming is only be the Solution which requires only 1/10 of water when compared to the Existing Soil Farming even on Drip/Sprinkler. But initially Govt. Should support in Imparting Technical know how and to take steps in                                    developing  Organic inputs by allowing heavy subsidy.
  6. In view of the increasing of the Cost of Cultivation in Soil based Farming , thi is only the solution without Labor Component  as well as to avoid soil born diseases which are increasing day by day.
  7. If we  are going into the details there are several Advantages of Hydroponic Farming as of now the circumstances Prevailing.
  8. There is an every need and is need of the Hour in taking steps by Govt. in bring out the Infrastructure as well inputs to the reach of enthusiasts.
  9. As has already been  said above this is a Boon to our Country particularly in the event of reduction of Ground Water as well as surface waters too.Finally we can attribute 110 Reasons for the necessity of Hydroponic for the Prevailing Indian Conditions of Farming.

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Hydroponics is a science, in which, if the grower is careful, can be rewarding and fruitful.

I have been growing lettuce in water for the last three years, I had bought the Nutrients on a trip abroad, but today , its readily available in India. My results have been satisfying, as during the winter, in Chandigarh, we never have to buy any from the market.

There are many good books on the subject. Regarding Nutrients, these can be made at home, using Lab. grade chemicals, and this is very cost effective. Care has be taken as the quality of the water is very important - ph, conductivity , temp etc.

Now, on the roof of my house, I have made a 60 sq mts net house. I am still making this, as I have plants, Cucumber,Brinjal,Okra, Capcicum, beans and a host of other herbs - with the sole purpose of providing enough food for the family. How successful I will be, time will tell, but the Cucumbers are fruiting.

The inert medium I am using is Cocopeat. In a day I will be installing the drip irrigation system, and a fogging system.

With care, hydroponics can be rewarding and FUN.

Best Regards

Jaspal Singh Anand

In fact the way the plants are growing, I am confidant of getting a good crop. The plants are healthy.


Thank you Bhayya,

Thank you Very Much for your Posting on Hydroponic. I am also a Motivator of Hydroponic .Now I am doing it.I am a roof Garden Grower since a long time.Kindly enlighten us the Procedure for preparing Hydroponic Nutrients at the Lab/Home. I am facing Problem in getting Nutrients in my Place, Hyderabad. I want to Prepare for myself.Kindly help along with the suggested Literature in  English/Telugu (If available).
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I think hydroponics is viable in the area where the availability of soil is nill and due to which land costs are extremely low

Hydroponics is a great and only option for such lands. 

What do you guys think about it. ????




Thanks for the interest shown.

I have grown vegetables in a mixture of 50% cocopeat, 30%perlite and 20 % vermi Khad. The plants grow well, have a good growth of flowers, but the fruiting is not too good.

Now I use 70% cocopeat and 30% perlite, and dose these plants with Nutrients sourced from ‘General Hydroponics’ , a Dutch company, who have a dealer in India, called SBI. The Nutrients are expensive, but buying in bulk does reduce the cost somewhat. There is another company - Radongrow. Again somewhat pricey, - but as said , I am trying out different mediums, - like pure Cocopeat, a mixture of Cocopeat and Perlite. There are many inert mediums, that are more cost effective - and all can try out whatever is readily available .locally , and to be cost effective.

I did make my own Nutrients a few years back. This involved making 6 stock solutions and making the Nutrient solution mixing the six different solns. Now, as I am doing this in a larger manner, I am trying out Commercial Nutrients to see how things grow. We have very hot summers and cold winters.

Pl feel free to call.

Best Regards

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Thank You Sir,
Thank you Very much Jaspal Singh Sab  for your Valuable Postings on
your Experience on Hydroponics.

In your earlier Postings you have informed that the Nutrients for
Hydroponic are being Prepared on your Own. My Friend is having a Lab.
I want to get it prepared for my Own. Kindly inform us the ingredients
and Proportion of the Chemicals for the Preparation of Nutrients for
the Hydroponic Crops sir.

for Vasudha Green Farms,


Thank you for the reply Jaspal.  Quite impressive info and really appreciated for sharing…  Appreciate from your experience, if you could share some details on ROI figure’s???    I have searched a lot to know the  minimum ball park figures on ROI, but no info and nobody wants share this info. Give us some hint please? 


Thank you Mr. Goutam sab for your description on the losses sustained by the Investors on Hydroponic. a sou said the Main reason is  the expectations of the Investors on the Income on an overnight. It is unlike other Farmings special Care and personal attention is needed. The investors are thinking as could be done from any where by having an automation.But it is a wrong notion. One could gain a lot on having experience over it  being it is a New concept.

With your simple reply you have Provided an elaborated causes  for the Failures in Hydroponic.Thanks a lot.

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sir which crop would be most economic for hydroponic farming in india. you happen to mention exotic vegetables and fruits, but how will they cope with the indian tropical climate?? for example lettuce, favourable temp is between 20 to 25 dec c, which is hard to provide without an air con unit…


Thank you sir, for your interest on our Services.!

Thank you Brother John for your Confidence on our Services.!

We are clearing your Doubts as follows:

*Q i) which crop would be most economic for hydroponic *
farming in india ?

*Any crop can be Grown under Hydroponic Method in a *
*Poly House with Climate Controls.The very purpose of *
*Hydroponic is to provide balanced Nutrients to the Plants *
*in turn can get a Nutrient Rich Food to those who are in *
health concious.

  • Q ii) Happen to mention exotic vegetables and fruits, *
  •     but how will they cope with the indian tropical climate?*

*For this more than half of the Answer was covered in *
*Answer for the Q( i ). The Main purpose of Hydroponic *
*is to provide comfortable condition to the plant what *
*they need like water, Fertigation, light etc in required *
*quantity to provide in a Comfortable way . *

*Q iii) for example lettuce, favourable temp is between 20 to 25 which is
hard to provide without an air con unit…? *

*Comfortable condition to the plant right from water, Fertigation
(Nutrients) , light, Temperature etc. etc what they need in a comfortable
manner to the Plant. It may not be out of place to mention that, as per
my analysis the Indian Climate is most suitable for Hydroponic Farming in
Poly House. Most of the Exotic Vegetables are growing in India for Home
market as well as for Export markets. . It may not be out of place to
mention that in view of the severe Drought conditions prevailing Globally,
hence * there is no other go except Hydroponics Farming in FUTURE.

*T**hese details may suffice to clear your Doubts *
Thank you With regards,
MANNE.SN http://MANNE.SN.,B.Com.,LLB.,
for Vasudha Green Farms,
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Can farming be done in a commercial shed? I have a commercial shed that is about 225 sq mt with min height 5.5m and maximum height 7.5 m. I live in western Vidarbha where the temperatures are extremely hot during summers and vegetable prices soar sky high during late summers and initial monsoon. I wish to have a commercial project and make it exemplary for people of my city to emulate. Would appreciate your response here or by email on vivekkumardalmia@gmail.com.

The reason I wish to do in my shed is to reduce the initial capital cost. Please advice.

Vivek Dalmia


It is not possiable to make Farming either Soil Farming or Hydroponic Farming in Shed. Poly House / Shade Net / Insect Net Houses are essential for Farming.


There is no other go except Hydroponic Farming in view of the severe Drought Conditions and Labour Problems prevailing Globally.


because farming business is not cut or paste . thats why failed .


nothing problem in farming business only need proper management . land owners or investors not work as market properly.



Can you please give me some ideas of nutrients that we can make on our own? guide on books and chemicals available to so that i can make on my own and use. Even i feel the same, the consultants don’t educate us fully and make us to buy nutrients from themselves rendering us to spend more on that.

I am starting with hydroponic based vegetable growing in hoop house which is not that costlier. if you can help in percentage of shade net would be of great help.



Hello Vertical,

Am doing some study and research for commercial hydroponics near to bangalore.

I do understand that to be commericially successful, i have to avoid the middle men as much as possible.
Could you please give me some material to study further like how to prepare own nutrients, ph maintenance, ppm maintenance.

Also some information like type of green house to be used in bangalore weather.

Also can you please point out from where i can buy the NFT system.

Please help me out in any way possible. i just want to start my passion of farming.
mail: dini84@gmail.com