Help to setup a Project on Aquaponics farming

Hi all,

We are planning to setup a aquaponic farming setup in bangalore. We are new to Agriculture and we are novice in hydrophonics and aquaculture. We are currently working on a prototype and we have plans to setup a small Aquaponics farm in outskrits of bangalore.

We would love to here your feedback/suggestions on the following:
[li]As any of the member run/own/tried aquaponics earlier? If so can you share any contact details so that we can catch up.[/li]
[li]How do you foresee the market for organic farming done using Aquaponics?[/li]
[li]What are the economics we need to consider before we setup the farm?[/li]
[li]Does any one have aquaponics farm near/around bangalore?[/li][/ul]

We have just started to get her hand dirty, would really appreciate if you can provide some guideness to us as we are new to Farming.



Dear members,

Any inputs/directions might be really encouraging for us, as we are very new to this domain. Please advice.


the agri method you mentioned is not so popular in India. This is suitable when you dont have enough land and favorable climate. When you have both, why you want to go with unnatural methods?

Israel farmers do this extensively. I dont think it is economical for Indian conditions.

Kindly explain what advantages did you see in aquaphonics?

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Thanks for you reply.

As per the contents/research we have done so far and also based on the our current feasibility (interms of Land, Water, Soil, project budget). We felt Aquaponics would be a suitable & sustainable model depending how well we setup it and manage/run it.

Here are few things (advantages) we found/collected/read on the web and also interacting with few people:

  • Significant reduction in the usage of water (compared to traditional soil methods of growing plants) as all water is recycled through the system and it is not necessary to discard or change any water (under normal conditions).
  • There is no need to use artificial fertilizer to feed the plants. In the perfect system this is probably true though some aquaponics owners add “supplements” such as iron to their system to compensate for non-ideal environments (e.g. high pH systems). Fertilizer in the traditional sense is not used and indeed using fertilizer would likely harm or kill the fish. So there is probably a real cost saving over soil gardening in this area as there is no need  to be improve soil before planting or during plant growth.
  • Significant reduction in land is required to grow the same crops as traditional soil methods. I believe this is true though again I haven’t seen concrete evidence to support this claim. As water and nutrients are constantly provided it should be possible to grow plants close together with the main requirements for spacing being access to light.
  • It’s organic.
  • You grow Fish and also Crop. If we tap into right market, we felt that we can make good revenue out of both Fish and Crop.
  • It can be setup on roof tops/backyards and you can grow crops for family consumption. So this would enable us to understand the system properly and further research on it.
  • We are primarily working professionals and we wanted to explore options in Agriculture. As we stay in Bangalore we thought of setting up a farm (might be a organic/green house) in the outskirts. But i heard and feel that setting up the farm (might be a organic/green house) is bit of costly affair and keep in mind that we are totally newbies we restrained from it.
  • We have a small (2400 sq feet) in the outskirts of bangalore, were we are planning to setup a aquaponic farm, so that we can visit the farm frequently rather then restrict only on weekends.

Here are few things that i could share… As i said we are totally newbies and trying our hands on this for the first time.

  • Nirmal
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Hi Nirmal,

what is the feedback of your experiment with prototype?

I too have a prototype green house in chennai and trying the hydroponics but struggling to  reduce the temperature inside the green house. now i am planning to change the setup according to the chennai condition. i will update you if any progress is made.

Hi Manoj,

We have started to procure the required materials for the setup. Probably we will kick start in a week or two. Regarding your problems with hydrophonics you can seek advice or any ideas from he has doing from quite sometime and can help or provide ideas to handle the temperature problem.


hi Nirmal!

i used to take the tips from mhp gardener. he has uploaded lot of videos in the you tube


You can contact Dr.Manoj in blr, his Ph no is 9447365542, he is my friend and you can refer my name. he will help you in making your own organic grow media. he is doing lot of projects in blr

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Please check my today’s post regarding Aquaponics farming.

Hello Nirmal, 

I live in Bangalore. I have a farm in the outskirts of Karnataka where I do Chemical Free farming. I would be very keen to participate and learn from the Aquaponics adventure.

My email id is and my cell no is 9036012727.

Where in Bangalore are you based ?


Hi ,
we are supporting aquaponics in minnesota - USA ,with Embedded System to monitor it  ,and have practical knowledge,we can support you in establishing it in Bangalore.


Hi ,
we are supporting aquaponics in minnesota - USA ,with Embedded System to monitor it  ,and have practical knowledge,we can support you in establishing it in Bangalore.Do mail us at


Hi Kiran,

I am currently in USA and exploring the option for viable Commercial Aquaponics in India. Can you please share your contact details to talk in details.

Hi Nirmal,

Just wanted to touch base…is any update…?
I am also thinking very mutch similar to your about Aquaponics. I have created small 2 prototype whic i am running for around 1 year and I am very satisfy with grow.


Wonder… How much business u want to do??

I read here many topics… u want to start almost all business … wonder…

Really when u will start , we all this forum looking u to come in india as early as possible & join this group…


He is doing his homework,
Collect(info)-Assymilate-Plan-Verify… then Execute. 

Yes and that how it should be, and as I mention in my post ( … -acreland/) Dairy, Goat, Quill,  Aquaponics and Freshwater prawn. I can do all these on one premises and these all related business and I am going to produce only those which I can sell directly.  I have visited  Acre farm near Chicago where there are selling Fish and Green over more than 1million$ /year.

  The land I have is on road property and worth more than 1.5cr so If I am not able to make more than 3Lakh/month, I would be force to sell it OR start any small industries there. 


When this project will start?

Or this is future planning?


Planning to kick off the project on Jan-2015 with Land development like Boundary wall, Borwell, labor house, leveling of land , pond creation and do some plantation. The Diary will start from Jan-2016. Green house and Aquaponics experiment I am already started here in USA and going very good.


can you please point me to the acre farm near Chicago that you are referring to, I would like to visit it some time, is it ‘Growing Power’ that you are referring to.