Growing capsicum in polyhouse - my experience



First, please search for the experience of a member from Vizag with polyhouse in a coastal area. i believe we had some discussion on the forum before.


Hi Viks

Salute to your passion ,effort and “Zonoon” for farming using technology.

Could you please share your farm location and contact No. so that I can plan a visit as a learning session.



Where is viks, I mean Vivek?


Hello Vivek,

What is the average rainfall in your place?
and how many liters of water can you harvest annually?

Thank you


Dear Vivek,

Am Kulkarni from Mumbai and want to visit your Green House setup. I am a beginner in farming and want to do Hydroponics.

Want to setup green house or shadenet house near Mumbai and grow vegetables.

Do you mind helping me please?



hello viks ji
could you give me link to study to microbes and their function


I think Viks had moved on from farming.


please suggest me
this is proffitable or not ?


What is latest position of your crop ? How much yield per sqm ?


it is not advised doing multi cropping, diffrent crops have diffrent requirements and you will have to fertigate diffrently. this will mean operating valves of each drip line for diffrent fertilizer.
you will endup over pressurizing the entire drip system because of half the pipes will be shutoff.
Also it not be commercially advisable.


yes i think so
he have a lot experience and always share with us . it give us better idea to understand


Where is Mr viks…


Hello, what is the status of ur Polyhouse project?


was sondering the exact same thing, please come back with updates, been thinking to geow capsicum in polyhouse as well so thanks for all the tips i found here.


Hi Soori,

Did you start poly house farming in VSKP? How is it going? Even I am planning to set up on but before that I am researching and gathering information. Please let me know if your status on poly house set up, how is it going? any challenges?

I am from kakinada.

Please if you can provide your mobile number that would be of great help whether I can start this set up around coastal areas.

Appreciate your help in this regard.