Growing capsicum in polyhouse - my experience



I am planning to set up a polyhouse. we are looking for some polyhouses to visit around Mumbai . can you suggest few whom we can visit? we need to seek guidance in this field



Hi All,

I’m a vegetable farmer and was going thru this looong post… All I can say is WOW!  :sunglasses:  :sunglasses:  :sunglasses: I’m impressed with the amount of effort and information posted by various farmers on this. Kudos!!!

JUST because of this post, Im going to be a regular on Farmnest and hope to share and learn as we all grow together and reap the fruits of our harvests!!!  :slight_smile:  :slight_smile:  :slight_smile:



Hi Vivek,

Firstly, I can’t thank you enough for all the great detailed info you have posted on the forum…I’m speechless with the effort you have taken to execute your project and help others too in their endeavours. You Sir have made a new fan… I would very much like to meet you and see your farm and share experiences. Kindly do suggest a suitable time/date… I’m based in Mumbai and planning to visit Pune next week… Hope we can work something out!

Looking forward to your reply…

Thanks & Best Regards,



I’m setting up a polyhouse in 4 acres land, about 16000 sqr mtr. Anyone did this in recent time? Looking for latest price? Any specification and quote reference would really help.

Vivek : Do you have any details? Can you help?




Finally, with zero background in agriculture and zero knowledge I did color capsicum in polyhouse…I can’t say I succeeded 100% but I did my best…


I just found out this great place for aspiring farmers to get motivation and guidance.
I am also interested in setting up a polyhouse.
I have visited couple of polyhouses and also met some consultants but I guess learning from others experiences is the best way to learn.
I have 5acres of land and i have already sent soil and water samples for testing.
It would be a great pleasure to get some great knowledge from the members here.
please share your first year experiences of the ph.


I have started a polyhouse(construction just started). I want to grow color capsicum in that. Can you please suggest the varieties of capsicum grown in India, and where can I get the best quality seeds.
Gaurav Sachdeva


Thank you Gourav Sab Pl. Contact Rizvani Seed or Indo American.
These seeds can have at your nearest Town.
MANNE.SN,for Vasudha Green Farms,,
9133498366 / 7416446789


Thank you Gourav Sab Pl. Contact Rizvani Seed or Indo American.
These seeds can have at your nearest Town.
MANNE.SN,for Vasudha Green Farms,,
9133498366 / 7416446789


Sir I will strongly recommend you to go for Orchid cultivation in your region. As the coastal climate perfectly suits them than any other region of country.


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Hi all,

I would like to thank Mr. Vivek (viks) for sharing his knowledge and difficulties he has faced, by reading your post my interest in cultivating Capsicum has been growing day by day.
I am software engg by profession and would like to do farming which I was interested from long time. After reading most of your post here I decided to register and be part of this knowledgeable group.
Idea of cultivating capsicum just striked me and I started searching for information about it on Internet and I came across your post and eventually to this forum.
thanks for educating everyone.

can you and other members in this forum help me know any farms around Mumbai wherein I can personally meet you guys and know more about polyhouse, Shednet and other techniques of farming. This will help me deciding which product I should start with from which I can learn.
I have 5 acres of land in Badlapur (Near Mumbai).

Please guide. 



Hi Vivek,
Is it possible to have a chat with you?




Hi Farmnest contributors,
Thank you for your valuable information about Polyhouse farming. I have come across articles about PolyHouse facilities in Karnataka, UP, Kerala, Hyderabad (Nalgonda districts) but not a whole lot in Andhra pradesh. We are from Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh and would like to find out if Vijayawada, AP is a good place for Polyhouse farming.

Weather details of the city:

  1. Summer temperatures can go upto 45-47 (Peak summer: 2 months, regular summer - 4 - 6 months)
  2. Winter temperatures can range anywhere between 20 - 30

What am looking for:
[li]Does vijayawada soil support Polyhouse farming[/li]
[li]Does Vijayawada climate support PH farming[/li]
[li]Who should we contact for more details about Polyhouse farming? [/li][/ul]

Any assistance that you could provide will be helpful in making a decision to setup PolyHouse in Vijayawada or find alternative place/ cities for Polyhouse.



Thank you Venu.

Finally, finally i found someone who is doing it in Vijayawada. We are planning to start in Vijayawada and would like to hear and understand the logistics of setting up PH in and around Vijayawada area. Looking forward to hear from you.



Hi Venu,

Nice to see people are interested in PH cultivation in East Godavari Dist where everything is excess  Water, Temperatures and Humidity. I am one among you who had tough time to take a decision as many of the experts in Horticulture where pessimistic about PH in East Godavari. But I took it up as challenge and I have already started to build them in 2 acres (of course with Subsidy). My site is around 40 KM from Rajamundry on NH5 towards Vizag.  There are some recommendations that you need to follow when you are doing PH in high temperatures and Humidity. This is my two cents of advice that I am implementing in my polyhouse.

  1. Instead of putting insect net on the sides, it is better to use shadenet which is made up of mono-filament fibre.
  2. Instead of using normal shadenet on top (under the poly film), use Aluminet which will reduce the temperature by 4 to 5 degrees inside PH as it reflects some heat from top. This could be expensive when compared to shadenet
  3. Use of Air Circulation fans to reduce the effect of humidity to an extend. 

Also, points 1 and 2 are already approved by Govt of AP as standard where PH is located in high humidity regions.

Also if you want to go with smaller budget first to try out on your own then it is better try out the Walk-in Tunnel type PH with 4m height and about 8m (span) with 50m length. You can put polysheet on top and shadenet/Insect net on the sides. You can also put self propelling exhaust fans (that we see these days on top of the industrial sheds). This way you can control the humidity well. It also cost less about 8 to 10 lakhs.

Also the structure and material used would depend on what kind of crops are you going to grow in. Are you looking for vegetables. As I could see you are planning for Colored Capsicum. Also plan your market well. As this is the most crucial of them all as many of the PH farmers are still struggling with market. It is not so easy as we think.

You can PM and then we can discuss it over a call.



Hello All

I am new to this forum. Thanks a lot for sharing such a valuable information which is really helpful. Esp Mr. Vivek. Hats off to your detailed information and replying to all the concerns here on the group.

I am planning to start exotic veg plantation in Solapur Dist. (Maharashtra)… But I am a bit reluctant spending so much on Polyhouse set up. So initially I would prefer cultivation of these vegetables in open sun. I want to know which are the exotic veg grown in Poly House and which can be grown in open sun? Also does this affect the production?



Hi Viks, i was unable to send you a message.
Can i make a friend with you, I am the beginner in capsicum plantation, wish can learn more from you.



Hello All
I am new to this forum.
I am Jitesh here from Mumbai, born and brought up in mumbai , working in MNC company for past 10 years now. recently my entire family has shifted to our native place , which is near Maharashtra and Gujurat border (Nargol,
which is very near to costal area. )
We have 1.5 acres of land at native place,hence now iam planing to setup polyhouse.
I have gone through all the post on this topic on this Forum. Thanks a lot for sharing such a valuable information which is really helpful. Esp Mr. Vivek.

So Can you guys Guide me with the below Points.

  1. What shall be my first and formost step?
  2. Can any one provide me more details on susidy for gujarat state.
  3. Where i can get more details about polyhouse like material , cost, type ?
  4. What shall i start with ? Flowers, fruits,vegetable ???


jitesh Baria


Where’s viks by the way. Am more interested to find him now. Why so inactive now. Is everything fine?